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WEC 46 Live Play By Play – Jamie Varner Vs. Ben Henderson Plus The Return Of Urijah Faber

I am live at WEC 46 and will be live blogging this show. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit of arena sound for a later edition of FGB Radio and some photos that we can post online as well.

I drove out here to Sacramento mainly to see Urijah Faber in his hometown, but the main event between Jamie Varner and Ben Henderson should be dynamite as well.

Cactus Jim is here as well, but he’s sitting in the front row.

1. Will Campuzano vs. Ox Wheeler

Sacramento is not full, but there are already a lot of folks here so far.

Very entertaining first round. Campuzano threw at least 5 flying knees. Wheeler’s strategy was to try to get to the ground so he’d try to catch his leg and take him down and leg lock him. Wasn’t working. Campuzano won the first.

Wheeler is taking a beating. Campuzano is lighting him up standing and Wheeler has zero stand-up defense. Wheeler pulled Campuzano into a guillotine but couldn’t hang on. Close to a 10-8 round if not for the guillotine.

Give Wheeler credit for lasting, but he took major punishment. His face is going to look like raw hamburger meat tomorrow. 30 more seconds and it might’ve been stopped.

Winner: Will Campuzano by way of unanimous decision.

2. George Roop vs. Eddie Wineland

I didn’t know Roop was here. He’s fighting here at 135 after fighting at 155 in the UFC.

Roop is using his long legs to keep Wineland at bay. Wineland landed a right hand which was the best of the round. Nothing else happened of note.

The second round looks like a sparring exhibition. Roop has the reach advantage but he won’t take any chances. Neither would Wineland. Terrible round full of mixed punches and the crowd is booing.

Third round was a tad more active but still a bad round. Wineland put Roop down again but Roop was right back up. Neither guy deserves the decision, but I’d give it to Wineland. He was punching uphill and put Roop down twice.

Winner: Eddie Wineland by way of unanimous decision.

From Cactus Jim:

Pretty much everything the first fight was not. Bad.

3. Bryan Caraway vs. Mark Hominick

Caraway was on top for the entire round and then left his arm for the taking and Hominick tapped him out from his back.

Winner: Mark Hominick by way of 1st round submission

4. Clint Godfrey vs. Waggney Fabiano

The first round was mostly Fabiano working for the mount and Godfrey trying to stop Fabiano from getting the mount. Fabiano also landed a couple shots on the ground.

Fabiano had two reversals from his guard to the top position which were sweet. Godfrey is strong. Fabiano had him in the little brother position and Godfrey powered out of it and scooped him to his back. Fabiano’s round for working towards the mount even though he didn’t do anything.

Another round of much of the same. Fabiano worked for the mount and Godfrey was valiantly fight for him not to get it. Boring fight.

Winner: Waggney Fabiano by way of unanimous decision

Out of the fights that went to decision, one of them was awesome and the other two weren’t so much.

5. Akitoshi Tamura vs. Charlie Valencia

This crowd loves them some Charlie Valencia. Tamura kicked him in the ball bag early and then Valencia got angry. Tamura was working for a triangle and Valencia power bombed him. Pop of the night so far. Valencia threw some punches from the top to end the round.

Tamura rode his back for 3 1/2 minutes working for the rear naked. He had Valencia’s body figure four’d with his legs. Valencia fell forward near the end of the round, but Tamura couldn’t get the choke in deep enough.

They stood toe to toe for the last round. Valencia got the better of most of it as he put him down once. Tamura landed a nice kick, but couldn’t follow it up.

Winner: Charlie Valencia by way of split decision

Live card is up now.

6. Deividas Taurosevicius vs. Mackens Semerzier

Because I don’t want to break my fingers typing these guys’ last names, we’ll call them Tauro and Mac for the fight.

Tauro’s wrestling was too much for Mac in the first. He had two big takedowns and was shooting quickly. Mac had one nice punch, but that was it.

Tauro overwhelmed him again. He didn’t let Mac breathe. Two easy rounds for Tauro.

There was an awesome ground clinic. Mac had a hammerlock and Tauro rolled through to grab Mac’s ankle. Tauro was trying to goad him into his guard. Mac was trying to throw bombs while standing to Tauro on his back. Mac had a guillotine from his back but Tauro popped out of it. Great round.

Winner: Deividas Taurosevicius by way of unanimous decision

7. Anthony Morrison vs. Mike Brown

Brown didn’t let him do anything. He took him down, little brother’d him, then moved to the rear naked choke. If only Brown could avoid getting kicked in the head by Aldo. But he looked great.

Winner: Mike Brown by way of 1st round submission

From Cactus Jim:

I thought he (Brown) turned the crowd and then they remembered to boo him.

8. Kamal Shalorus vs. Dave Jansen

For whatever reason, Shalorus came out to “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx. Maybe he wants to make Jansen drunk and do bad things to him? I mean…

Shalorus is throwing some terrifying overhand rights. These guys are throwing the leather.

Shalorus will have issues with a striker who has fast hands and can get in and out. But Jansen isn’t that guy. Give Jansen credit for hanging in there but he’s getting hit with big shots.

Sloppy round but much of the same. Jansen had a few nice shots, but Shalorus still won the round.

Winner: Kamal Shalorus by unanimous decision

Shalorus sounds just like the Iron Sheik.

9. Raphael Assuncao vs. Urijah Faber

Faber is over in Sacramento like few others in their hometown.

He looked a little excited and was caught a couple times rushing in. He got better later in the round but I’ll slightly give the round to Assuncao.

This was a Urijah round. Got him down, worked the ground and pound, worked for a choke, and then when back on the feet, he put him down with a short overhand right. I have the fight tied at one round.

This was the perfect finish for Sacramento. Faber took him down and then when they were back on their feet, he hit him with that lead right again and he went down. I don’t think Faber threw a left hand all night. Then he submitted him with a rear naked choke, allowing Sacramento to lose their minds.

Winner: Urijah Faber by way of 3rd round submission

10. Ben Henderson vs. Jamie Varner

Varner had a great round. There’s no cage rust to be found. He started off with a huge slam and then Henderson went into gumby mode. Varner got a standing guillotine, and then a knee that buckled Henderson while keeping the guillotine. Henderson tried to rush him, but was taken down for it.

Round two was pretty close. They didn’t keep up the pace, but there were some decent moments. Henderson used his kicks while Varner had the upper hand with the hands. Varner had a Sid Vicious-like power bomb takedown. He just threw him. If I were scoring, I’d score it even.

Um, wow. After another close round, Henderson sunk in a standing guillotine and Varner tapped quickly. I didn’t expect him to tap.

Winner: Ben Henderson by way of 3rd round submission

Henderson cut a wacky promo. This sets up a rematch with the Cowboy.

Varner cut a heel promo saying that he came to fight and Ben came to grapple. He needs to go all the way with this heel stuff.

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  1. Well, this was the one to miss. It was decent, but other than the Faber pop, I don’t think I would’ve been bothered missing anything.

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