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UFC 108 – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva Play By Play

We’ll see how low UFC buy rates can get. At the very least, with low expectations, if this show is any good at all, I think most fans will be happy.

1. Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos

Dos Santos came out to Gonna Fly Now from Rocky.

Yvel absolutely didn’t look comfortable in there for whatever reason. In boxing, the back and forth can sometimes look like a dance. This was no dance. Neither guy seemed to be able to get off crisp shots, but Dos Santos was staying within himself while Yvel was lunging a bit. Then Dos Santos slipped under a punch and unleashed a left hook of doom. Either he didn’t connect perfectly, or Yvel has a head of granite. But he was able to follow him to the ground and finish him.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos by way of 1st round TKO

2. Duane Ludwig vs. Jim Miller

Joe Rogan just said Bang was 188 pounds two weeks ago. He lost 32 pounds to make the weigh in. Holy cow.

They were trading early on just feeling each other out. Ludwig was able to land a right hand early on. Miller caught him with a short right that put Ludwig down. He immediately went into side control and then the mount. As he was trying to get up, Ludwig left his arm free and Miller latched on and got the arm bar.

Winner: Jim Miller by way of 1st round submission

3. Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon

Lauzon threw a nice left and put Miller down. Miller looked a bit loopy. Lauzon was throwing left hands that were landing, but he looked like he was getting a bit tired too. They went to the ground and Miller locked in what Joe Rogan called an inverted triangle, and then worked a kimura on his back and tapped Lauzon.

Winner: Cole Miller by way of 1st round submission

4. Sam Stout vs. Joe Lauzon

Stout was cut early and Lauzon took him down quickly. Lauzon grabbed his arm and started rolling on the ground with it and I winced at every roll. Lauzon was on his back and Stout was in his guard for a good minute and finally Stout let him up. When they got up, Lauzon looked tired and Stout was winning nearly every trade. Joe won the early part of the round, but Stout dominated on the feet to end the round.

Stout just missed kicking Lauzon’s head off as Lauzon went low. Stout is throwing a left uppercut to the liver and following it up with a right kick. Lauzon is just trying to get close to take him down. He shot in and Stout sprawled and that was the only way Lauzon could get it to the ground, but he couldn’t move Stout from his back. I wish we could see the punch stats for this round. I don’t expect anyone to give Stout a 10-8 round, but I bet if we saw the punch/kick stats, it’d be easier to give that score.

Lauzon came out to bang. Stout sprawled on a take down attempt and threw a right hand from his knees that landed. That was sweet. Lauzon looks extremely frustrated. Lauzon got a take down with about 2 minutes left in the round. Lauzon went for a guillotine and got it, but Stout just stood up out of it. Stout was going to for the knockout late in the round. Even though it turned out to be one-sided, this was a really good fight.

Winner: Sam Stout by unanimous decision

One judge did give Stout a 10-8 round in there among all the 30-27s.

5. Martin Kampmann vs. Jacob Volkmann

It’s Mann vs. Mann.

Volkmann came out swinging and was looking pretty aggressive until Kampmann knocked him to his knees with a short right. Then he stayed outside and started lunging his shots. Volkmann had Kampmann going backwards and walked right into another shot that put him down. He pulled guard and then Kampmann got up and started landing big shots until he sunk in a guillotine for the submission.

Winner: Martin Kampmann by 1st round submission

6. Paul Daley vs. Dustin Hazelett

Daley came in at a pound over and has to give up some of his purse.

Hazelett opened up the fight with a rolling something or other. At ever faint by Daley, Hazelett is raising up his front leg, giving away his defense. Holy cow. They both threw right hands that missed at the same time (think the end of Rocky 3) and they both immediately countered with left hooks. Daley threw the hell out of his and Hazelett’s was shorter. Hazelett was the one who ended up on his butt. Daley followed it up on the ground, but you could’ve stopped the fight there.

Winner: Paul Daley by way of 1st round TKO

While GSP has Dan Hardy and probably Josh Koscheck waiting in the wings, Daley might be the guy who would put up the best fight.

7. Mark Munoz vs. Ryan Jensen

Munoz looks huge at 185. Jensen was game for the first minute or so, but Munoz was just too big and strong. Munoz locked him up in a clinch and Jensen surprisingly tried to take him down, but Munoz took him down easily. He then started unloading from the top. Jensen turned on his stomach and tapped out.

Winner: Mark Munoz by way of 1st round submission due to strikes

8. Thiago Silva vs. Rashad Evans

Evans came out moving his head and working for the take down, which hasn’t been his style in a while. Silva’s punches seem more stiff, but Evans seems to have a more varied game plan early on. Evans is the one pressing the action and landing the more impressive shots, but Silva is hitting him with some big counter shots too.

Silva started to land his right hand, but he couldn’t stop the take down. While it’s a less exciting style for Rashad, it’s a winning style for him. Even though Silva landed the better shots, Rashad probably gets the round because of the take downs.

For whatever reason, Silva tried to mimic Anderson Silva’s fighting style with the shimmy shaking and the hands down. Silva blasted Evans and had him reeling against the cage. While he was nailing Rashad with heavy shots, he got tired. He even put his hands at his side to catch his breath. Rashad shot in at the end of the round to control him and last the round. The only thing Silva can hope is that the referees score this one a 10-8 round. The shot that put Rashad down was a right cross.

Neither guy put on any kind of performance that leads me to believe they could touch Machida, even after Shogun made him look human.

Winner: Rashad Evans by way of unanimous decision

Rashad called out Rampage at the end, but it wasn’t anything disrespectful.

The card felt a little like a blown up Fight Night card, but because of the quick stoppages, it was pretty entertaining. The main event kind of soured the overall feel of the night, but it was still a solid night of fighting.

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9 thoughts on “UFC 108 – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva Play By Play

  1. I can’t see Daley being much of a threat unless he seriously works his ground game. GSP won’t stand and trade with him very long.

  2. But everyone in that division is pretty one dimensional. Hardy’s a striker. Koscheck is a wrestler who thinks he’s a striker. I think Daley’s striking is just as good as Kos’ wrestling, and better than Hardy’s striking.

  3. I think Daley is in that same group, I just don’t think any of them have anything to offer GSP.

  4. I agree. But if you have an underdog, you’d rather have an underdog with a strong striking game than anything else, because anyone can get caught.

    You’re not taking GSP down. But as has been shown in the past, you can hit him if you get close enough.

  5. Was a reason ever given for Daley missing weight? He isn’t the biggest WW ever so that surprised me somewhat.

  6. Happy New Year Guys!!! and to all of the fightblog team!!

    First off, overall, I enjoyed this show more-so than the last 2 or 3 easily, UFC delivered bigtime at 108 for me..

    Yvel/Dos Santos:
    I was a HUGE Yvel mark before this, and I still am, but Dos Santos is something special, him training at BlackHouse is gonna be nothing but great for his future. WATCH. THIS. SPACE.

    Dont really rate either guy at the moment, Miller is exciting to watch but still needs a few big name wins, Ludwig just was’nt in fighting shape (took fight on 2 weeks notice), and even though he ended up getting a shot on the main card, he kinda still fell victim to the UFC 108 curse… …

    FIGHT.OF.THE.NIGHT.PERIOD. great back and forth action in rounds 1 and 2, then Stout just showing his will to win in round 3, round 3 was the decision maker for me….ohh and those nasty body shots Stout landed throughout….nasty!!

    MY BOY Daley!!! BANG and another body hits the floor!! Seriously should be the next guy to challenge GSP, although I would love for him to take Kos’s head off in a next contender match. I will say there was no excuse for him to not make weight, even though he shedded the 2 pounds on the next attempt he should of came in on weight first time round. I told all my friends that only watch the UFC that Daley was the ‘hidden gem’ of british MMA…..Boy o Boy do they love him now

    The only fight all night to maybes ‘water down’ the event a little…As soon as I saw what Rashad’s gameplan was, you knew it was gonna be a boring/slow fight, and it was….for rounds 1 and 2…. then Thiago got MAD!! haha I loved the the ‘Anderson-like mocking’ and that left-right combo was nasty, Rashad was 1 lucky guy to get out of that. Memo to Rashad: Dont go back to the full-on wrestling gameplan…please!!! Show us some SUGAR baby!!

    Overall I’d give it a 8.5/10….bigger names/title fights would of bumped it up, but what it lacked in names/titles it made up for in exciting finishes.

  7. Hey Shielsy,

    Happy New Year to you as well.

    I have to admit that I went in with low expectations on purpose and I did enjoy the show too. I didn’t like the main event as much because I thought it was a bit predictable what was going to happen once I saw what Rashad was doing. But he did dictate where the fight was going.

    The next two months are going to be interesting. There’s nothing really big until March, but they do have a chance to have cards like these; entertaining cards where we go in with lowered expectations.


  8. Silva started to land his right hand, but he couldn’t stop the take down. While it’s a less exciting style for Rashad, it’s a winning style for him. Even though Silva landed the better shots, Rashad probably gets the round because of the take downs. although I would love for him to take Kos’s head off in a next contender match. I will say there was no excuse for him to not make weight, even though he shedded the 2 pounds on the next attempt he should of came in on weight first time round.

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