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UFC 108 Preview – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva

We will definitely see what the low barometer is for a UFC show these days. There aren’t any title matches on this show nor are there any shots for number one contendership. You have some possibly fun fights, but even the main event is a semi-main event match at best.

The FGB crew was able to put some thoughts together on this card as the new year rung in.

Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos

Duan: Yvel by 1st round TKO
Alan: Yvel by 1st round TKO
Jim: Yvel by 1st round TKO
GG: Dos Santos by 2nd round TKO

Duan says:

Gilbert is not going to be a major factor in the UFC heavyweight division. This opportunity has come too late. He is so one dimensional that I just can’t imagine him ever stringing together a run of wins. What he can do though, is have some entertaining wars and possibly cause an upset or two a long the way. This is a good fight for him. Dos Santos will trade with him, and he may just find that he is outgunned. Gilbert has insane knockout power, and one shot is all it will take.

I really hope this one delivers the type of knock down, drag out brawl we expected from Dos Santos and Cro Cop.

Alan says:

I’m looking at this with a simple approach. Dos Santos is a VERY good striker who thinks he’s a great striker. Yvel is a great striker. So Dose Santos will think he can stand and very quickly he’ll find out he made the wrong move.

Jim says:

I haven’t been impressed with Dos Santos. My money says that Yvel comes out and puts so many knots on Dos Santos that he’ll think he’s a pine tree.

GG says:

I’ve only seen Yvel a few times, but know his story. Because of how late he was called into the game, I think he’s going to be out of shape and looking for that one punch knockout in the first round. Even if he had a full training camp, that’d probably still be his strategy. I think Dos Santos knows this and is going to make him work hard. I think he wings it at a winded Yvel in the second round and takes him out.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley

Duan: Daley by 1st round TKO
Alan: Daley by 1st round TKO
Jim: Daley by 2nd round TKO
GG: Daley by 2nd round TKO

Duan says:

I don’t think Hazelett is physically strong enough to take Daley out of his comfort zone. He will be forced to stand with him. That’s a fight he’s going to lose every time.

Alan says:

Daley’s sprawl is awesome and Hazelett is not a big strong wrestler type by any means. He’ll look to get in close and try for trips but I think he gets KTFO’d before he succeeds in that regard. Daley is lethal.

Jim says:

It’s no secret that Hazelett wants this on the ground, and if he can get it there I believe he could win this fight. However, that’s a big if. Daley’s power will be too much for him to overcome and ultimately he’ll end up unconscious and wondering what hit him.

GG says:

I’ve seen Daley a few times and even once live and have always been impressed with him (even in losing to Jake Shields). He just seems so much stronger, though if Hazelett can get it to the ground, Daley has shown that he can be beaten there. But how can you not like Daley, especially after saying that he has a bunch of girls in all kinds of different countries and cities. I think he overwhelms him in the second.

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva

Duan: Silva by 2nd round TKO
Alan: Evans by decision
Jim: Evans by 3rd round TKO
GG: Evans by 3rd round TKO

Duan says:

An Evans/Silva match up would make for an intriguing semi-main, but it’s just not enough to carry a show on its own. Rashad has never truly convinced me that he belongs amongst the best 205 pound fighters on the planet. Silva will find that big shot first, and stop him within two.

Alan says:

This won’t be easy for Rashad. He’s not the pinpoint technical striker that is the kryptonite of wild guys like Silva (see Machida/Silva). He’s the better wrestler but Thiago’s ground game is very good and he’ll be dangerous down there. But I think Rashad can do enough to win at least two of the rounds and grind out a tough decision in what could be a very good fight.

Jim says:

Both guys got handed their ass by Machida, but I think that Evans has a bit of an edge here. He’s got a pretty solid chin and I think that he’ll be able to take it into the later rounds and finish a gassed Silva.

GG says:

I’m with Cactus Jim here. I have a feeling that for at least the first round, this fight is going to be terribly boring. Both guys will wait for the other guy to make a move and it’ll be a stalemate. But I like that Evans has quicker hands and though Machida showed that his striking is overrated, I think his mentality after being beaten by Machida is the right mentality. He needed to get bigger and stronger. I do think Silva is as real of a deal as you can be without being a title contender. This is dangerous for Evans, but I think he pulls it out late in a close fight.

There you go. We’ll be back tomorrow night with live UFC 108 play by play.

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5 thoughts on “UFC 108 Preview – Rashad Evans Vs. Thiago Silva

  1. Other than wrestlers, who is going to test him on the ground except for Mir? Nog isn’t going to fight him.

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