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TNA makes a MAJOR power play against WWE

An argument can be made between he, John Cena, and Rey Mysterio as to whom is the biggest star of the past two years in the WWE. Without question though, this man has sold more merchandise than anybody per numbers, and perhaps more tickets (although that’s harder to gauge).

Jeff Hardy has signed with TNA.

So what happens now that TNA has the biggest star of the past 2 years along with the biggest star of all time – Hulk Hogan?

More on this on this week’s FGB Radio.

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3 thoughts on “TNA makes a MAJOR power play against WWE

  1. I don’t buy that he sells more tickets or merchandise than Cena, but to me, he’s the biggest star on TNA now. He needs to be in with Angle/Styles now. They can’t mess with him being with the X division guys.

    Also, where was Joe?

  2. Ok, I haven’t gotten that far yet. I think I have about 45 minutes left to watch on TNA. I’m guessing that he’s seen as kind of an afterthought right now.

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