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Latest Boxing News – Mayweather/Pacquiao, Jones Jr./Hopkins, And Jermain Taylor

You can’t really have boxing news without the latest on the proposed Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao super fight. We’ve heard that the fight is completely off and both are moving onto different opponents. Pacquiao is looking at fighting Joshua Clottey while Mayweather has a few guys who are all smaller than him that have been rumored.

I find it truly interesting now that mainstream media is kind of coming around to what this story is really about. It’s about a man saying no to increased drug testing. If a baseball player had refused something like this, he’d be public enemy number one. But because it was Pacquiao, he was given some leeway because he’s a “good guy”. Yes, Mayweather was slimy in his dealings, but we’re talking about someone who is trying to make something more fair. And he’s he bad guy.

Brian Kenny and Bill Simmons were on ESPN Radio and talked about Mark McGwire finally coming out and telling the truth about his steroid usage. Well, probably not the full truth. After that segment, they both started to talk about the fight and both were on Mayweather’s side though Simmons did think that Mayweather’s heart was never really into it. I think that in a few years, people are going to look back on this story and wonder why Pacquiao was the good guy and Mayweather the bad guy in this scenario, including those who have already voted in our poll on the site.

You can listen to the interview here and it’s near the very end of the 33 minutes.

Because of the shenanigans of promising us filet mignon and now trying to give us flank steak, I have gone on record and said that if Mayweather and Pacquiao’s next fights are not against each other and are on PPV, I’m skipping. I’ll still watch them if they’re on HBO, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case.

It looks like the on again and off again Roy Jones Jr. vs. Bernard Hopkins looks to be on for mid-April and on PPV. Just two months after UFC fans will be able to watch 47-year old Randy Couture fight 45-year old Mark Coleman in a cage, boxing fans will be able to see 45-year old Bernard Hopkins fight 41-year old Roy Jones Jr. Who is the most shot fighter out of the four of those guys? Has to be either Coleman or Jones Jr., though at least Coleman won his last fight. Can’t say the same thing about Jones Jr. The fight is scheduled to be at light heavyweight.

Finally, Jermain Taylor pulled out of the Super Six World Boxing Classic after his devastation loss to Arthur Abraham and was scheduled to face Andre Ward next. As for who’s next, Dan Rafael says a soon to happen bout may decide that.

Taylor’s replacement is likely to be the winner of a fight between Sakio Bika (28-3-2, 19 KOs), champion of the 2007 “Contender” tournament, and Allan Green (29-1, 20 KOs). Their handlers are working to finalize a fight between the two for Feb. 5 on Showtime’s “ShoBox” series.

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10 thoughts on “Latest Boxing News – Mayweather/Pacquiao, Jones Jr./Hopkins, And Jermain Taylor

  1. Has Mayweather asked for extra drug testing before any of his past fights? And will he ask before future fights? If its No, he and his camp used the extra testing simply as a way to avoid this fight.

  2. That might be all good, but when we look back on this issue in five years, the standout thing isn’t that Mayweather asked, it will be that Pacquiao said no. Drugs in sports will only get bigger, not smaller. I’m not Nostradaumus, but the huge point in all of his is Pac’s refusal to give the fans a clean fight.

  3. Did I just read that the NSAC took a random sample from both men last month that came back totally clean? WTF? To me that might put the heat for this whole debacle right back on Mayweather again.

  4. Random sample when both guys are not training? What does that prove? Who is going to take anything when not training?

  5. Does an elite fighter ever NOT train? I mean you can train to stay in shape, or you can train to peak at the right time, but I can’t see any elite boxer or fighter not working out on an almost daily basis. It probably doesn’t prove anything though – other than both guys can pass a random test, which might make a few people wonder why Mayweather thinks extra scrutiny is necessary.

  6. Mayweather has fought once all year. Pac twice. I don’t imagine they’re training heavy at all. You can’t put your body through all that they do all year long. Won’t have a long career.

    It will make the Mayweather haters think that. Look at the poll on my site. They think Pac is the good guy. But 5 years from now, I think that sentiment will be reversed.

  7. You said as much on the last AMP, and I tend to agree, but in the short term it does give Pacquiao something to hang his hat on. I’d have to think they were at least lightly training given the possibility they’d each be fighting in 3 months – gotta start tuning up at some point.

  8. They might’ve been beginning their training, but they’d have been idiots to fail a test when the PED talk was hot and heavy. It was so predictable that a “random” test was coming.

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