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Brock Is Back

Brock gives the entire story of what his issues were late last year and calls his recover, “a miracle”.

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12 thoughts on “Brock Is Back

  1. Brock definitely does not like doing media work does he? Seemed like he was reading every word he said except for the “I am STILL the Heavyweight Champion” exclamation.

    What I liked most about this was UFC being on Sportscenter and being treated like a major story. In a sport that is constantly working for credibility and legitimacy, this helps. Though I wish Dana would wear a damn tie.

    I also very much look forward to the July rematch between Lesnar and Mir. A match I said would happen even before Lesnar-Mir II. And it will happen. Mir will beat Carwin. Easily.

  2. Not sure he beats Carwin. Carwin need to be a Brock clone because Brock already gave him the blue print in how to beat him. I’m not sure Mir has evolved enough. You can beat a one trick striker, but a wrestler is much more work.

  3. Oh he will beat Carwin. Don’t you worry about that.

    TKO in round one. Bank on it.

    Or I’ll be wrong. That is possible too. But I feel like putting my prediction WAY out there.

  4. Definitely put it way out there.

    But what has he changed? Have you seen Carwin throw a punch? Does Mir want to box with this guy?

  5. You are asking me to be rationale in my explanation when you know I am a Mir homer.

    I’ll dial it up though…

    Have you seen Mir? The guy is like 20 pounds bigger and jacked! He is probably stronger than Brock has ever been! He knocked Kongo on his backside, and Kongo has the best standup of any HW EVER! He chocked out Kongo who has never been submitted!

    And he is 20 pounds bigger!!!

    …that was just stupid.

  6. Hahahahaha.

    I think it’s a bad style match-up for Mir. I think a much better match-up for him would’ve been Big Nog or Dos Santos. Maybe he can overwhelm Carwin a bit since he’s been on the big stage before. And Carwin does get hit, so there might be something there. I just see Carwin implementing Brock’s game plan.

    But it is definitely an intriguing fight.

  7. I actually really want to know what Carwin’s gameplan is too. Because though he is a wrestler by nature, he prefers to stand and bang. If he does decide to stand and swing, maybe that plays into Mir’s game because he has put a renewed focus on his stand up too while working with Team Sityodtong.

    I also want to see how Mir works off his back with his increased bulk. A major problem against Lesnar was an inability to maneuver with his mass on top of him. Doesn’t matter what belt you are, if you can’t create space you can’t submit people off your back.

  8. Yep, Carwin definitely likes to stand up and bang. I just hope Mir doesn’t fall too in love with his boxing. You can’t just become a good boxer in a short time. You can see flaws in other people’s stand-up, but to just turn into a boxer is a bad move. I still think he had odd footwork and leads with his head.

  9. Fundamentally, it seems like both of their boxing styles would be easy to figure out. You’d think that Shane turns it into a wrestling match with a stalemate on the feet. But we’ll see!

  10. If it stays on the feet, Carwin will put his fist through Mir’s head. The ground will be interesting seeing Carwin’s wrestling vs Mir’s judo.

  11. I agree with you. I still don’t see how Mir ends up on top. Maybe he pulls the same thing he did with Lesnar from the bottom, but you have to think that he’s studied both Brock fights in figuring out his strategy.

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