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Boxing Prospects: Ashley Sexton

Ashley Sexton
9-0 (5 KO’s)

I have been following this guy’s progress for a while now. The thing that instantly stood out about him was his power. Sexton (22) is a real hitter for a Flyweight. He has a charisma about him that coupled with his fan friendly style could make him a good ticket seller.

This is his bout from Friday night’s card in Essex. His opponent Usman Ahmed represented something of a step up in quality of opposition. Sexton had mainly been matched up with your typical journeyman types up to this point. Ahmed recently challenged for the British title; losing to Chris Edwards by decision, and was yet to be stopped in his pro career. I don’t expect that too many people will remember this fight by the time award season roles around again, but this should go down as an early contender for knockout of the year. An absolutely devastating shot.

It’s expected now that Sexton will fight for the British title in his next fight, and he’s definitely ready for that sort of level. There isn’t a great wealth of quality flyweights in Britain, or Europe for that matter. So match making could become tricky as he starts to move up the ranks. That’s all ahead of him, but he is still a young pro with only a handful of fights. There is no reason to hurry him along just yet. He’s certainly one to watch out for though.

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6 thoughts on “Boxing Prospects: Ashley Sexton

  1. Sweet! By the way, the show from last night didn’t record on my DVR. For whatever reason, it stalled at a few minutes in and never recorded again. I did see the results. Chris Mannix from SI was tweeting them live and I couldn’t stay away from them.

  2. Yeah, and it’s a damn shame that it will probably only be viewed by a small portion of fight fans. Two fantastic undefeated champions, both tremendous punchers, this is the real deal.

  3. So does that mean they’ll be on a small PPV show? What stops them from getting second billing on a big show?

  4. I have the feeling they will do it on a small ppv. I hope that HBO put up the money and just have it main event a TV show. I think this is one that could capture peoples attention if they go all out on the marketing. There will be loads of hype for it on a smaller scale, so there is a good platform to build off of. They just need for it to reverberate out to the more casual fans.

    I would love to see it as second from top on a Mayweather or Pacquiao card, but I’m not sure anyone will want to cough up the money to make that happen. The old mindset that the main event is all that people pay to see is still very much in effect with most of these promoters.

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