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According To Many, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Is Off

We all now know the story, but if for whatever reason, you have no idea about what was going on between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., you can read about it here, here, and here in pieces that tell the story but also feature my thoughts and analysis.

Just this evening, I’ve read two stories (here and here) suggesting that the fight is now off according to Bob Arum after an attempt at mediation.

Earlier in the negotiations I was willing to see both sides and in fact, before Pacquiao started talking lawsuit, I was actually on Manny’s side. But to me, a lawsuit was a slap in the face to fans who simply want to believe that their favorite athletes are clean (many of them are not). Manny wasn’t willing to prove he was clean. He wanted to sue for character defamation because he thought people were ruining his good name. Well, you know how to clear up your name?

To me, this is what holds boxing back from it’s rightful spot as one of the major marquee sports in America. When the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts, or the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers play for the ultimate right of being labeled the best, they play the game. In this case, Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather have allowed whatever differences they have become bigger than the sport of boxing itself. And it’s sad.

The way the UFC is currently structured would never allow this to happen. Because Dana White is the sole decision maker in the company, there are no outside promoters to “protect” their athletes and butt heads with other promoters. Now, if a fighter simply didn’t want a fight because of this type of reason, I’m sure you could have a similar situation. But White wouldn’t allow talks to get that far to where fans would think that it was already a done deal. He’ll tell us that Fedor was coming or that he was near done with a deal with HBO, but he wouldn’t allow a fight to be promoted that was this big and then not happen.

That’s the part that really irks me. I’ll live if I don’t ever see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao face off against each other. But the fact that they let this thing become reality to many people, only to pull it off the shelf like they’ve done is pretty bothersome.

At this point, and it might simply be because of the disappointment right now, I don’t really want to see either guy fight their next fight. Pacquiao is supposed to be courting Yuri Foreman while Mayweather’s people may want Paulie Malignaggi. Each fight would’ve at least been somewhat interesting before this. But now? I don’t know that I’ll watch either.

And that might be my own show of dismay. Maybe I’ll just not watch their next fights. But boxing goes on. And this happens more often than should. And if I were to guess, this fight will still happen at a later date. I’m just not sure I’ll be as excited to see it.

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40 thoughts on “According To Many, Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Is Off

  1. I wanted to keep hope alive myself but I gave up on this fight happening before you did my friend. To me the lawsuit was the icing on the cake that had already been baked. Maybe they can revisit this in a year or two when cooler heads prevail, but neither fighter will be in their prime at that point, and it’s a damn shame. I’m already shifting my focus to Mayweather fighting Malinaggi.

  2. I’ve said all along that I won’t believe that this fight is happening until they get in the ring, so it’s not that I was sold that it was happening. It was more that I never thought they’d build up the match so huge and let it fall.

    I would imagine that if they do it in a year or two, both guys will still be in their prime. I just don’t know that the fight will be as big.

    I think I’m skipping both fights unless they are on HBO, and they very well might be on HBO. But if they’re on PPV, I’m not giving them any money.

  3. I totally sympathize GG. They’ve ruined a lot of goodwill and taken a lot of money off their own plates given that neither side is willing to play ball and work this out. I think the editorial I just wrote (which I hyperlinked in this reply) echoes your sentiments about the fact MMA can make big fights happen where boxing cannot.

  4. Well we all now know that Pac Man most definitely is on some type of Performance Enhancing Drug. Just look at how a Mega fight was in the making until Drug testing became the issue for

    Manny. If you ask me, the Boxing Commissions all over the United States are to blame as well as Pac Man. Like Miguel Cotto said,

    “My recommendation to all boxing authorities in the world is to implement it across the board. I would agree to it without hesitation or reservations. It is the only way to ensure that the

    outcome of a bout is the strict result of conditioning and ability. To magnify your talent with drugs is repulsive.”

    Pacquiao is one of the greatest fighters in the annals of boxing and it is sad that he is enabling his reputation to be needlessly soiled.

    Like Cotto correctly wondered of Pacquiao, “Why in the world would he require restrictions or conditions for the tests?”

    In my opinion, I hope the Boxing commission listens to Cotto and many others who just want fair bouts. This way no one can run or hide from an elite drug test like Manny Pac Man did.

    In closing, I feel Manny Pacquiao is damaged goods and will never be respected in the sports world or Boxing community. Period

  5. To be fair to the commissions, they are working harder to be more stringent (ie, California), but if you get too stringent, the fights won’t come to your city and you’ll lose out on possible revenue. So they’re kind of in between a rock and a hard place on that.

    The latest to come out is that Mayweather is saying that he wanted the last drug test at least 14 days before the fight and Pac wouldn’t budge off 24. If true, that’s very telling for Pac.

  6. It’s true according to Mayweather’s people. Not sure we’ll ever know the deal, but that’s May’s people speaking.

  7. If you don’t hear this being disputed by Manny’s team than what do you think??? Of course it’s true. TOO Much time has pasted and not a word from Manny or his team on this issue, why??? Because

    Floyd Jr. stuck to his guns and would not accept anything less than what Ricky Hatton got which was Blood testing 14 days from the fight not 24 days which is enough time to get rid of P.E.D.’s from your system.

    Cheaters never prosper for long. The truth always gets out in the open, one way or the other. Manny is finished and he did it to himself. Funny how all who cheated on Cotto are being

    discovered. Really makes people think about your actions in life doesn’t it. Any way I’m done with Manny and HGH, I gave him a chance and he blew it with me as far as I’m concerned. Pac

    Man’s actions speak volumes of the type of person he really is.
    Maybe now Floyd Jr. will give Cotto a fight now that he has no one to face or take a tune up fight before fighting Cotto who

    knows??? I hope Cotto gets his chance with Floyd Jr. At least I know Cotto doesn’t hide from any Drug tests. I’m Done Peace out all.

  8. I wouldn’t say that the time frame (14 vs. 24) is a sure shot way to make sure that any fighter is clean. What it is, is an interference run to hope to scare a fighter away from using for fear of being caught, or to interrupt a cycle. There are tons of different steroids and the way they exit your body are all different.

  9. Hey I’m back GG, it has to do with fairness and principle, Manny took a blood test 14 days before he fought Hatton. Why can’t he do the same for Floyd Jr.??????????????????????? I smell a cheating rat don’t you???????? and it smells like it’s from the Philippines. That’s all I have to say.

  10. I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just telling you what the 14 day rule really is. It’s just running interference and trying to scare away someone from getting caught.

    If someone is truly taking, he will not get caught unless he’s an idiot. That’s why you don’t see very many failures even though many of these guys aren’t clean.

  11. Your right, but the commission needs to impose Blood testing not just urine. Boxing must be a fair sport in regards to the fighters that are in the ring. It’s enough that we get these terrible

    decisions in many boxing matches that we also have to worry about people like Manny who refuse taking Drug tests. Also GG, like you said, many boxers don’t get caught but are on P.E.D.’s my

    thought process is then why is Manny so dam scared of taking a Drug test 14 days before a fight if he knew he could get away with it??? Because he won’t get away with it, there are many

    ways to find out who is on P.E.D.’s and who’s not. It’s that simple Manny’s actions gave him away.

  12. it boggles me why all of a sudden floyds fans have become experts on steroids and PEDs overnight!!!

    if Manny has anything to hide, he would not even entertain any form of random test esp urine

    the blood testing as the more effective method is still being debated. there is no conclusive evidence to back this up yet. in fact accdg to my readings, no olympians have ever been caught by just testing their blood.

    manny has to be an idiot if he would even try to do anything illegal on the those weeks during training when the world world is watching him. Give the guy some credit for goodness sake. why would he risk taking something then agree to be blood tested after the fight.

    I cannot believe that you are all jumping into the floyd senior bandwagon.

  13. and also, everyone is saying that this could just be part of floyd’s gameplan to gain a mental edge over manny. I really am not convinced that floyd is a paragon of fairness in the sport. that is just laughable

    so in that respect, could it be that manny is also playing the floyd game here? they are just as stubborn as each other so the game here is who would buckle first!

    but I know that pac is now angry the way the mayweathers went about the whole thing. by badmouthing and disrespecting him first then demanded the olympic style testing that he just doesn’t want to give the satisfaction anymore

    but it is pretty clear just by his interviews that if it was NSAC’s ruling then he will oblige! He doesn’t want Mayweather to dictate the rules for him. Even Roach said so! When NSAC demanded the random urine test even before any contract was signed, that was a big surprise! And did Manny object to that? Despite the fact that he was enjoying his christmas break with his family? No, because it was an order from NSAC!

  14. If you’ve read this blog and any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I read up on this stuff and am not all of a sudden an expert on steroids.

    I mentioned this very early on that heavy urine testing should be all that’s necessary because no one is catching HGH anyway.

    I think why Floyd is insistent on this is because he wants to curtail possible usage or scare Manny into not using if he thinks he’s really using.

    I don’t think anyone is catching anyone with HGH. It’s the main reason why the NFL doesn’t do blood testing. They don’t think there’s a test that works.

  15. Wow, March 13th Clottey is going to beat Pac Man badly, Clottey walks around at 180 pounds even bigger than Cotto who walks around at 160 pounds. Good Luck Pac Man, trust me your going to need

    it. Clottey has better defense than Cotto and has about the same fire power that Cotto has. This all spells Beat down for Pac man in this fight. Clottey has the type of style which will bother Pac Man

    all night long and HGH or not he will be beat in that fight against a strong defense and speed power counter punching style of

    Clottey. Thats where I see this fight going. Big, Big mistake by the Pac Man team.

    Oh, many people believe Clottey beat my boy Cotto in their fight so that is one of the reasons why I choose Clottey over Pac Man easily.

  16. I think Manny’s way too fast. Clottey is pretty strong and aggressive and can frustrate guys, but he’s going to spend too much of his time trying to keep Manny off for any of that to work.

  17. ok GG I get it, your a pac man fan. However, have you ever seen Clottey’s Guard???????? Pac Man will have serious problems with it along with a quick jab and fast powerful uppercuts that are

    tailer made for a smaller fighter like Pac Man. You know, that brings me to Why Cotto is one hell of a fighter to knock down Clottey with a Jab. Something that Pac Man was able to take all

    night long I wonder why???? Anyway, thats a different story
    I ‘d like to forget. Pac Man won’t do anything close to what Cotto did against Clottey I promise you that.

    Clottey will be very willing to exchange with Pac Man, did you see the Cotto fight. Clottey had Cotto running because like I said before Clottey walks around at 180 pounds and he will be

    more than willing to plow through Pac man just because he can. Once again did you see the Cotto fight??? Clottey didn’t have a scratch on his face in a power fight with a top power

    fighter like Cotto. What does that tell you about Clottey’s Guard??? Clottey also beat my boy Cotto in power punches landed and all around punches landed. So Clottey is not just all Guard either he can beat you by points too.

    I’ll be the first to admit I was pulling for Cotto to win just because of the guts and heart he showed in the Clottey fight but Cotto could have lost the fight based on the final fight tally. Oh well, thats my opinion on Clottey vs Manny. take care

  18. Oh, I forgot, Cotto is faster than Clottey so speed didn’t help in the points department it was Cotto’s power which held off Clottey, I don’t think Pac Man has enough power to hold off Clottey. Speed won’t hold off Clottey only power will. peace

  19. My take is that I saw Clottey fight Cotto and fight very competitively, but still lose. I saw Pacquiao fight Cotto and saw him dismantle a man.

    I am in no way a huge Pacquiao fan and just because I think the guy is going to win, all of a sudden I’m a big fan? Nope. I just think he’s better.

  20. Well, you will see what I’m talking about on March 13th. Styles make fights and Pac Man’s style is tailer made for Clottey.

  21. If it’s on PPV, I won’t see it because I’m boycotting paying for May and Pac’s next fights.

    But if Clottey somehow defeates Pac, I’ll let them know that Dave called it first!

  22. You don’t have to do that. This is your blog. Thank you for the platform to speak my mind. It might be pay per view and I to

    won’t pay for a Mayweather fight unless it’s with Pac Man. And I
    really won’t buy a Pac Man fight unless he takes the dam blood tests and fights Floyd Jr.

    Once again, thanks for the consideration. I’m really not one of those I told you so type of people. take it easy

  23. UPDATE, bigger fight than Manny pac man vs Clottey,
    Mosley VS Mayweather Jr. Wow, what a counter to the pac man fight. My guess Floyd wins by split decision only because Mosley is much older now. And, Floyd Jr. vs Mosley grosses a hell of a lot

    more money than Manny vs Clottey that’s for sure. I’m sure Floyd Jr. won’t have blood testing problems with Mosley. Mosley is a real champion and will take any testing unlike the now cheating

    Pac Man. Oh, by the way Pac Man is not on HGH, HGH leaves the body in 24 hours, Pac Man is on something much stronger. So, even Floyd Jr. was being nice by giving him a 14 day window to

    get rid of HGH. Fortunately for Floyd Jr. Manny is taking a substance that takes a whole lot of time to leave his system. That’s the reason for the 24 days that Pac man wanted.

  24. I’ll probably write about this soon, when we get full on confirmation.

    I don’t think it’s a bigger fight than the one with Pac. Could be a better fight though.

    We don’t know if Pac is taking anything really, but if he was taking something, HGH would be the thing to take because he would never fail a drug test, but I see your thinking.

    Generally, he could take designer drugs that he wouldn’t fail for. I’m not sure that’s a clear cut thing, but again, I don’t want to make the guy guilt, even though it was head-scratching.

  25. Makes a lot of sense why Manny did not want random blood testing. Because he would get caught by not being able to tell when the blood testing could begin. Floyd Jr. had it right, Random Blood testing is the best and only way of discouraging Drug use and catching the cheaters out there. take care

  26. GG, Mosley vs Floyd Jr. is over 10 years in the making. Who do you think people will want to see??? Pac Man vs little known Clottey or Floyd Jr. vs Very well known Shane Mosley??? I think you know the answer.

  27. I’m not arguing with you about that. Shane/Floyd is the much bigger fight over Manny/Clottey. But it’s not bigger than Floyd/Manny.

    And I wouldn’t say Clottey is little known. He’s just not really a contender anymore.

  28. I will buy Mosley vs Floyd Jr. but I won’t buy Pac Man vs Clottey. Like I said before, I would only buy a Foyd Jr. fight if he fought Pac Man, now being that the Berto vs Mosley fight is off due to the earthquake in Haiti and Berto being affected by it, enter Mosley vs Floyd Jr. wow, something great coming out of something tragic like the earthquake in Haiti.

  29. I agree. I’ll get Floyd/Mosley too, but not Pac/Clottey.

    I think Berto should get the winner of Floyd/Mosley. I feel badly for him and his family.

  30. May 1, 2010 Super Fight, Mosley vs Floyd Jr. Interesting how Floyd Jr. had such an easy time of getting this fight done so quickly compared to Pac Man. I like how this is making Pac Man

    look, Floyd Jr. is fighting Mosely a man that Pac Man said no to. This shows that Floyd Jr. isn’t running from Pac Man and it also proves that Floyd Jr. was not the cause of their fight falling apart.

    It was Pac man’s fault all along, how else do you explain the Mosley fight being completed so quickly???? I think this says it all about who Pac Man really is.

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