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WWE 2009 TLC – DX Vs. Chris Jericho And Big Show Play By Play

This is the last of the new gimmick PPVs for WWE. It looks like the Hell In A Cell show did pretty well while the submission match PPV didn’t do well at all. And the Bragging Rights show did somewhere in between. I imagine this show should do closer to Hell In A Cell as it’s been one of the better pushed shows of the year and has the right main event.

1. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

This is a ladder match and it’s the perfect match to open the show. Most people think this is going to be the best match of the night, but I don’t think it will be given enough time. We’ll see.

They did a spot early in the match where Christian had the ladder over his head and Shelton tripped him, causing the ladder to fall on Christian’s face and it opened him up. The doctor came out to glue the wound shut while the referee had to hold Shelton back. It very much halted the flow of the match.

Shelton did a crazy dive from the ladder to the floor when they were outside. Christian didn’t really catch him and he did what we break dancers used to call the suicide right on his back. Ok, I sucked at break dancing.

Shelton is doing some great stuff with the ladder. He was on the top rope and Christian tried to spear him with the ladder, but Shelton fought it and rode the ladder to try to get the ECW title. Christian teeter tottered it and sent Shelton spilling towards the ropes. But instead of crotching himself, he pushed off the ropes with his feet, caught us balance, and used the falling ladder to clothesline Christian. Just a tremendous few spots.

Shelton is an amazing athlete. He did the sunset flip spot off the top of the ladder and stayed on his feet so that Christian could turn it into a hurricanrana. There was a ladder placed on the outside edge of the apron and it made a little walkway between the apron and the announcer’s table. Christian hit the froggy splash on Shelton on the ladder. Sick stuff.

After that splash, Christian grabbed the belt and won the match. Great opener.

Winner: Christian

2. John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre

They messed up a Starship Pain as Morrison didn’t even touch him and McIntyre got his foot under the ropes. He pulled Morrison’s belt buckle off in something that seemed unplanned. Then as Morrison took off his belt, McIntyre poked his eye and hit him with the old Foley DDT for the win and he’s the new IC champ.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

3. Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

This match was way too long. The entire match built to when Layla interfered and the had nothing to do with the finish. Michelle accidentally kicked Layla off the apron and then Mickie went for the roll up but Michelle kicked out. Then Michelle won with a big boot. It was pretty bad. They were repeating spots.

Winner: Michelle McCool

There’s a moral here. The skinny girls who unnecessarily tease the not as skinny girls win anyway.

4. Sheamus vs. John Cena

This was pretty fun. I have no idea what they’re going to do with Sheamus as the champion, but give them credit for giving the guy the ball. There were some pretty cool table spots, but the match was kind of slow. The finish was that Cena was on the top rope trying to superplex Sheamus through a table. Sheamus “pushed” Cena off the top, fell backward, and then Cena went through the table. I imagine they’ll play this thing up on Monday.

Winner: Sheamus

They didn’t give him the Brock Lesnar push and had this been a regular match and Sheamus actually pinned Cena, this would’ve worked better, but again, they’re trying to push new guys and we have two new guys as champs in Sheamus and McIntyre.

5. Batista vs. The Undertaker

Striker said that because Batista eats more protein and thus his muscles are more dense, a chair shot won’t hurt him as much. Hmmm. I can already tell that Batista’s slow motion-ness is going to bother me throughout.

Undertaker had the gogoplata on Batista, but Tista found the ropes. He pushed the Taker into the ref but Taker stopped himself just enough for Tista to give him a low blow and then blast him with the chair for the victory. He was even announced as the new world champion. Then Teddy Long came out and said that while chairs were legal, a low blow wasn’t. Try to make any sort of sense out of that considering that the referee didn’t see it and how they’d have to restart every match and how they won’t restart any matches in the future.

Tista had to come back in the ring, get hit with the chair and then was hit with the Tombstone. Game over.

Winner: The Undertaker

6. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

If I didn’t worry that they’re just going to kill of Kingston, I’d think this was well done. Both guys were even throughout. At one point, Orton was done after The Trouble In Paradise, but he was able to grab the rope. He DDT’d Kingston who was coming into the ring. Then he went to do the kick of death, but Kofi used his arm to block his face. Orton did an arm breaker and then Kofi whiffed on the Trouble In Paradise again before hitting the RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

7. DX vs. JeriShow

This is a TLC match.

The match wasn’t as good as the first ladder match because they had to figure out to do with Show, but it had a great finish. During the match, Show kept destroying ladders and in the end, they only had half of a ladder to use. Jericho went up on Show’s shoulders to grab the belts and HBK super kicked him which caused Jericho to go over the top and he didn’t quite reach the table. Then they dumped show over the top and HHH held up the 1/2 ladder for HBK to go up and grab the belt. Fun finish to the match.

Winner: DX

Now with DX holding the titles, it keeps them out of the singles main events and now you can continue trying new guys in upper card singles spots since the tag titles will be the most important titles.

It will be interesting to see what they do with Sheamus tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “WWE 2009 TLC – DX Vs. Chris Jericho And Big Show Play By Play

  1. dx is the funniest mens in the world and i love to see dx in a fight with the jerishow and in the name it self there is jeri_show that means jeri is chris and show is tom the big faty boy mr pig show no no sorry it is big show

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