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UFC 107 – B.J. Penn Vs. Diego Sanchez Play By Play

This is our UFC 107 play by play.

We’ll update after just about every round. If you want to talk about the show as it goes on, you can leave a comment below.

1. Stefan Struve vs. Paul Buentello

Struve makes Buentello look like a luchador mini.

Struve threw a nasty uppercut that rocked Buentello, but he swallowed it fine. Struve wrapped his long legs around Buentello while Buentello was still standing and locked in a body triangle. He got Buentello on the ground and worked the rear naked choke with the body triangle for like three minutes and didn’t get it.

Struve is fighting a weird and sloppy fight. He went for a jumping knee and Buentello put him on his butt with a big right hand. Every time Struve tries to come in from long distance, he’s heavily telegraphing it and Buentello is landing a right hand. When they stand toe-to-toe, Buentello has the heavier hands. Struve pretty much grinned and admitted it after one exchange before the tapped fists. Struve is showing a pretty good chin. The first two rounds are split.

I think whoever is most tired here is probably going to lose. Struve played it smart and went with the leg kicks for the entire round. Buentello definitely made it a close round though. I think Buentello just earned himself another UFC fight.

Winner: Stefan Struve by way of majority decision

One judge had it 28-28.

2. Clay Guida vs. Kenny Florian

Guida got the first real blow of the fight. Florian went for a kick and Guida threw a left hook that put him down. Florian didn’t seem to mind going to the ground. Florian was tagged with something that caused some redness over his left eye and then they went to the ground again and I thought he was dripping with blood, but it was actually Guida that’s opened up, and probably from an elbow. Florian came back to win that round. He had a takedown and then was landing some nasty elbows.

The blood was bothering Guida’s vision. Florian dropped him with a right hand to the jaw and quickly transitioned to a rear naked choke and tapped him. Wow.

Winner: Kenny Florian by way of 2nd round TKO.

3. Mike Pierce vs. Jon Fitch

Fitch tried to do exactly what Struve did to Buentello. He put on a body lock and was working for the rear naked choke. Pierce was holding his own on the feet.

The second round was all trading on the feet. Fitch looks like he’s much better on the feet, but Pierce is hanging. Fitch probably wins the round, but it’s close. Pierce is hanging much better than I’m sure anyone thought.

Both guys worked tremendously hard, but but for 4 minutes, they were trading, but nothing really hard. But then Pierce wobbled Fitch and by the end of the round, he looked worse for the wear because of cuts on both eyes. I think it’s 2-1 Fitch.

Winner: Jon Fitch by way of unanimous decision

4. Cheick Kongo vs. Frank Mir

Mir came in with an overhand left that was so quick that Kongo didn’t even see it coming and it knocked him half way across the cage. He immediately went on top and Kongo got up. But Mir sunk in a guillotine and eventually Kongo just went out. That was fast.

Winner: Frank Mir by way of 1st round submission

Mir called out Lesnar. Smart man.

5. Alan Belcher vs. Wilson Gouveia

Belcher is wearing corn rows and pink trunks.

Quick fight but it was all action. It went back and forth but Belcher finally put him out with punches.

Winner: Alan Belcher by way of 1st round TKO

How is the vote only 55-45 B.J.? Was the hype special that influential, or do people really think Diego has a chance here?

6. Diego Sanchez vs. B.J. Penn

Sanchez’s stare is too much. It’s not intimidating. It just made everyone laugh in the room.

Sanchez just learned what great boxing in MMA is all about. Sanchez tried to rush Penn and was caught with a right hand and went down. Penn hit him with about 15 straight punches on the ground and it was close to being stopped. Every time Diego tried to throw his straight left, B.J. countered with a right hand. Near the end of the round, Diego tried to switch to southpaw because he didn’t want to be open to that right hand. Diego’s stand-up is just way too predictable at this point.

Sanchez is mentally done. Everything he’s tried, Penn has countered. He’s not even really throwing strong punches anymore for fear of eating Penn’s big right hand. Diego tried for two takedowns, but neither was from an outside shot. He tried to get Penn against the cage and couldn’t even come close.

Give Sanchez credit for standing in there even though he’s not landing anything and can’t come close to taking Penn down. It was a down round as B.J. was just waiting for Diego to make a mistake and Diego didn’t really try anything.

Penn was trying to do a few more things as he threw some knees and tried to catch Sanchez, but Sanchez isn’t giving him many opportunities. The fight has become a bad boxing match. Sanchez needs to knock Penn out.

Penn landed a high leg kick and then four straight upper cuts. Sanchez came out of it with a huge gash on his forehead. He needs super glue. The fight is over.

Winner: B.J. Penn by way of 5th round TKO

Penn and Sanchez were both in tremendous shape. Diego is going to the hospital after this fight. Penn is the number two fighter in the UFC. If it wasn’t for GSP, he’d probably be able to go back up to 170 and get that belt too.

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15 thoughts on “UFC 107 – B.J. Penn Vs. Diego Sanchez Play By Play

  1. Kongo didn’t even see it coming. Loved Mir calling out Lesnar. Smart, smart man. That’s money if Brock gets better.

  2. I am glad that Mir called out Lesner again, this way Lesner can pound on him some more. As Lesner develops more skill he will be an unstoppable wrecking force in the UFC.

  3. Lesnar will find a long line of foes waiting for him once he regains his health.

    At the top should be Mir now that he won.

  4. I think Mir-Carwin happens sometime in the future. Brock still has a long road to recovery and the UFC will need fights in the meantime.

  5. You know, if Brock was ready today, I’d skip Carwin/Velasquez and do Mir again. There’s still buzz for the guy after last night. But since Brock isn’t ready, I imagine Mir will have to win again.

  6. I’m glad you have finally come around in saying a third fight must happen. I’ve been saying it since before 100 even happened.

    I am interested in seeing Carwin fight him though simply because I think it could turn Carwin into a popular guy.

  7. Mir Lesnar III is the BIG money fight right now, although Cain/Shane should both get shots wayyyyy wayyyyy before bighead Mir….

    I say Mir VS. Roy Nelson and Cain VS. Big Nog, giving us 2 intresting fights, then the 2 winners face each other, and the eventuall overall winner to face the winner of Lesnar/Carwin (too many winners??? lol), then everyone hopes for it to be the $$$$$ fight that is Mir-Lesnar III (Where Mir gets snapped clean in 2 and never fights or speaks ever again…..)

    Some other notes:

    – Get Struve back in there as quick as possible, maybes against Kongo??

    – and Bj is the KING, seriously needs to move up, fuck Edgar and Maynard, 2 absolutley great fighters, they just are’nt in the league of King Bj

    – Bj VS. Thiago Alves is a fight I would love to see, although I get the feeling Koscheck would want first shot of Bj moving up

  8. I don’t think Lesnar/Mir had any heat until now. Even though a healthy Lesnar destroys him again more than likely, Mir is doing a great job at keeping people interested in him.

    Dana White said that the plan is for BJ to move up, so you may get your wish.

  9. I think Big Country will need at least one UFC fight before being included in the HW tournament to take on Brock once he returns. I like Big Country vs. Struve actually.

    There are a few fights at WW i want to see Penn take before getting shot 3 at GSP. Koscheck, Alves and Fitch.

  10. What will be interesting is to see how BJ adapts to 170 this time. It was always about his immense talent, but he overpowered and because of that, would always gas.

    With his new regimen, I think he won’t be overpowered as much and as you grow older, you can increase strength.

    I’d love to see him against guys like Fitch and Hughes again. Well, he probably schools Matt Hughes now.

    I don’t know that I want to see him with GSP again.

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