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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 11

We had a one week break for the holiday and the show is back with a vengeance. We get back to back shows to finish up the season. The finale is on Saturday.

Dana says that no one wanted to push Matt Mitrione out of his spot and he was surprised.

Kimbo says he has a knee injury, but he doesn’t want to get a cortisone shot because he thinks it will screw him down the line. Dana says he never expected Kimbo to turn down the fight. I think Kimbo thinks McSweeney would just kick him in the knee all fight long.

Mitrione says he feels better and he’s ready to throw hands. He’s 100%. McSweeney says he’s just going to keep moving and wants to kick his head off for the knock out. That’s why this sport is so brutal. The guy had a near concussion and the other fighter’s game plan is to kick him right in the head. Scary stuff.

Mitrione admits that he was working his injury a bit to keep James off-guard. Awesome.

Scott Junk says his fighting career is over. He had two tears in his retina and had to get laser surgery. He doesn’t believe it.

Marcus heard that Junk’s injury was from an eye poke in the Mitrione fight and he went up to Mitrione and told him he was going to kill him. You have to have a screw loose to be a fighter. Wow.

Rampage says that Marcus is the nicest guy in the world who will kill you. Awesome.

Junk went back to the doctor and the surgery was a success and he can start training again in two months and can fight again. Big Baby almost went buck wild for nothing.

At the stare down, McSweeney pushes Mitrione, nearly turning him baby face.

Matt Mitrione vs. James McSweeney

It was a pretty good little battle for the first few minutes. McSweeney came out loose and upset. He got the better of Mitrione early on and then Mitrione caught his foot and threw some big shots. McSweeney took him to the ground and Mitrione tried some half-hearted submissions on the floor and gave him his head and McSweeney got him in a guillotine. Mitrione almost tapped the second he got caught.

Winner: James McSweeney by way of 1st round submission.

Dana seems to like Mitrione.

Now we turn our attention to Big Baby vs. Titties. Sounds like a porno.

Marcus Jones vs. Darrill Schoonover

Big Baby was just too strong. Big Baby put Titties in a bear hug and just threw him down for the take down. He was going for Titties’ arm. Titties pulled guard and then Big Baby threw two punches from the guard that just knocked him out.

Winner: Marcus Jones by way of 1st round TKO

It’s Titties’ first loss ever.

Dana set up the semi-finals.

They are three five minute round fights.

The first fight is Roy Nelson vs. James McSweeney and the second is Brendan Schaub vs. Marcus Jones.

Marcus Jones says that he can still move and once caught Barry Sanders in the open field. They want to get him to take Brendan down immediately.

As a prank, they painted Team Rashad’s green room in the gym pink and put stuffed animals in there and a disco ball.

Team Rashad wasn’t too upset about their room. But they were got.

James McSweeney kept picking on Zak Linderman and he finally exploded and they had small fight, with Zak ending up in a guillotine and McSweeney forcing him to quit. I wonder if James gets kicked out of the competition for fighting?

Roy Nelson vs. James McSweeney

McSweeney came out cocky and was in and out. He was throwing a lazy jab and then getting out of there, daring Roy to hit him. And then, Roy hit him with a right, took him down, little brothered him and pounded him bloody to win the fight.

Winner: Roy Nelson by way of 1st round TKO

Dana says that Roy finally impressed him. Roy says he puts on a show and is fun to watch. I’d disagree there. The only reason he’s halfway intriguing is because he fights with an enormous belly. However, you do have to give it up to him. He’s run through three guys without much trouble.

Rashad and Rampage got in each other’s faces for a second time. Lots of jibber jabber.

Marcus Jones vs. Brendan Schaub

Schaub is probably the best match-up for Jones size wize. Jones is only two inches taller than him.

Jones did just like with Titties and and takes him down immediately, gets side control, the full mount, but Schaub bucked him off. Jones got a knee in, but Schaub hit a big right hand and Jones fell down like a tree. He followed him up on the ground and put him out.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by way of 1st round TKO

Schaub was my dark horse because I thought he was very well rounded as well as one of the bigger guys in the tournament. But if he gets set up by Nelson like he did against Jones, I’m not sure he gets up.

Here are the fights that Spike TV announced for the finale:

Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub
Matt Hammil vs. Jon Jones
Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione
Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander

2 comments on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 11

  1. JP says:

    Big baby can not take a punch.

  2. GG says:

    Well, that shot was right on the money from a good striker. I’d say more so that he doesn’t know how to defend well.

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