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HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Paul Williams Play By Play

On the undercard, Cris Arreola overwhelmed a very game Brian Minto who was smaller and didn’t hit as accurately or as hard. He had to resort to taking a big shot in order to throw some big hooks, but he finally went down for good in the 4th round.

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez are happening because Kelly Pavlik tried to postpone his original fight with Williams twice. Pavlik has had a few issues with staph, and simply not being physically ready, and some think that he really just didn’t want to fight. Thus, Martinez is in and stepping up a bit in weight against the pogo stick up and down weighted Williams, though they’re generally the same weight in the ring tonight.

Shout out to our good friend Tim Starks at his boxing blog Queensberry Rules. He is live at this fight and he’s also moved his site over to a new blog host.

Sergio Martinez vs. Paul Williams

Williams has some of the ugliest ring gear that I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s wearing metallic purple trunks with orange trim and purple gloves and shoes. It took all of a minute for Williams to put him down with a left hand on the top of the head. Martinez’s best shot was a lead overhand left that stung Williams a bit. It looks like that’s going to be his go-to punch for the fight as he’s thrown in another time. Wow, right before the bell, Martinez put Williams down with a big right hook. Amazing first round.

Harold Lederman gave the first round to Martinez even though both guys put each other down. It’s based on the idea that Martinez’s shot was more hurtful to Williams than the other way around. I doubt all three of those judges saw it that way because it was an easy 9-9 to score. I can definitely see his mentality on that.

Martinez opened up even more in this round. Every time Williams comes in Martinez has a left hand waiting for him. He’s also throwing a great jab. Martinez had Williams’ off-balanced and out of whack. Strong round for him.

Williams is back on his game, though Martinez is still hitting him. But this round was much more at his pace. Martinez complained about a head butt, which seemed to bother him and allowed Williams to land. I think Williams is just trying to overwhelm Martinez like he does everyone, but Martinez is hitting him at times where Williams is leaning in not ready for it. Martinez right hooked him to death.

(Lederman explained that someone has to earn 10 points in a round, which makes the first round either a 10-10 or a 10-9, so my thought that it could’ve been 9-9 was incorrect. It’s called 10 point must for a reason and I just had a loss of logic for a second.)

There’s no way that both of these guys can fight at this pace. The round was a little sloppy, but these guys are throwing punches. Williams is leading the charge, but Martinez is letting him get inside and then throwing his big shots. Martinez looks to be getting tired and might’ve lost this round. Williams stung him at the end of the round, but has a cut on his left eyelid. Great action packed round.

Fights can ebb and flow many times throughout, but if Williams comes back to win this fight decisively, that fourth round could be the turning point.

Martinez really got the round started with about 80 seconds left in the round. He woke up Williams with a big shot and Williams started to throw heavy punches. This is turning into much more of a slugfest than I anticipated. I thought this would be an entertaining fight, but one that was more of a punch/counter punch battle, but these guys are really engaging and throwing big shots. Williams just won his second round in a row.

The round was close but it was a round in which Williams’ controlled and thus, I think he won it. Martinez definitely looks like he’s more tired of the two.

Martinez probably landed the best shot of the round, but cumulatively, Williams landed more good shots than Martinez did. Near the end of the round, they both landed shots at exactly the same time. I think Williams is starting to pull away a bit.

(Because both of these guys are avoided, I imagine that as long as this fight stays competitive, we could probably see a rematch and maybe at 154.)

Martinez was doing something brilliantly this round to take his first round on my scorecard in a while. He was lowering his body to throw body shots and then when it wasn’t expected, he went to the head and nailed Williams and wobbled him. Williams took the shot, but was vulnerable. It looks like something that Martinez could utilize for the rest of the fight.

It was a bit of a down round compared to the rest of the rounds. Williams controlled it with his type of round, but neither guy really did much.

Strong round for Martinez, but Williams got in some big shots inside too. Martinez landed two big lefts, but Williams was busier and pretty in control with the exception of those two shots.

Some of this round is simply that Martinez as the small man looks more impressive hitting Williams than the other way around. I still think it’s Williams’ round, though Jim Lampley and company are definitely building up Martinez as the story of the fight. This is either a draw round for me, or slightly with Williams.

Williams has a cut over his right eye too. Martinez looks really tired but it still fighting in a spirited manner. Williams hooked him to the ground but it was more of Williams pushing him to the ground and it wasn’t ruled a knockdown. To me, Williams looks stronger whereas Martinez is throwing more punches in desperation, probably because he’s so tired. It’s definitely a style that fans can get behind, but I like the guy who is controlling the fight. I gave it to Williams again.

I have it 116-113 for Williams. Harold Lederman had it 115-113.

Here were the rest of the scorecards: 114-114, 115-113, 119-110

Winner: Paul Williams by way of majority decision

119-110? Wow.

I’d love to see these guys do it again and at 154.

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12 thoughts on “HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Paul Williams Play By Play

  1. That was one fantastic fight but the big thing about the fight was the 119-110 scoring of that judge. What fight was he watching? How did he give Martinez only one round. I gave Martinez the first round also 10-9, and I gave Martinez the fight at 115-113 by winning the last two rounds.

    IDK, but to me the punches that Martinez was throwing were so much stronger then Williams. Hey GG, how did u see the fight 116-113 for Williams? I was wishing the fight would be a Draw but like u said I think they will fight again. and Yes it was so wierd watching those purple gloves flying all over the place, lol.

    Great PBP GG like always.

  2. I thought that later in the fight, Williams was fighting the entire round, controlling it, being the initiator and the one who just looked more fresh/stronger by the end of the rounds.

    The difference in the early rounds to me was that Martinez was more throwing shots and hoping to knock Williams out rather than really putting combinations together. Many of the shots were flush, but they seemed more in desperation.

    I will agree that some of those rounds were very close and I could see them going to Martinez. Duan scored it 7-5 for Martinez and I can see it going that way.

    What I definitely thought was interesting was that late in the fight, I saw Williams hitting Martinez and just overall throwing and landing more punches. And then Lampley would squeal because of a counter shot by Martinez, not even noting the two or three punches Williams just landed. Martinez’s punches were louder and flusher, but I don’t know what we can discount Williams’ punches because of it.

    I’d love to see these guys lace them up again at 154. Just a really good fight.

  3. Williams won this fight. The term ‘robbed’ does not belong in the Williams-Martinez fight!!! The horrible final score card should have been more like 113-115 for either fighter and people wouldn’t complain. Williams showed us what a true champion is made of! Kelly Pavlik (who has been ducking him for a year now!) escaped a SURE loss to Williams by pulling out of the fight to challenge some ‘scrub’ instead of a REAL champion! Williams on the other hand said.. hey.. if this so called “champ” won fight me I’ll fight the next best champ in the junior welterweight division..Martinez! Martinez has gained me as a fan for sure and I agree that he hit Williams with the cleaner harder COUNTER shots, but Williams pushed the fight and adapted to his opponent and won MORE rounds! There were rounds that could have went either way, how ever you look at this fight, you could make a case that Martinez could not finish Williams off!! Williams showed all of us what a true champ is made of by getting off the canvas (1st career knockdown) and winning more ‘COMPLETE’ rounds. Hats off to both these warriors!!

  4. Agree with just about everything you said.

    As for Pavlik, the latest thing that I’ve heard is the reason he’s even scheduled to fight is more because of technicalities than anything else. I heard he still can’t fully close the hand that he had the infection in.

  5. I heard the same thing, that Pavlik’s hand is still bothering him.Still curious though.. It makes you wonder why he couldnt fight on the 5th, but he’ll fight 2 weeks later with an unknown fighter that is 20-2…. I could see if he waited til Jan. or Feb to fight, but 2 WEEKS LATER.. give me a break!!

  6. Definitely not!!.lol

    However, Pavlik shouldn’t be fighting anyone if he’s still hurt! I want to see Pavlik at his best.. not a injured fighter. Kelly’s excuse reminds me of a relationship where one person dumps the other one and says.. I’m not ready for a relationship right now.. but has a girl friend a couple weeks later..lol. that person just did NOT want to be in that situation..lol

  7. Hahahahaha! Great analogy.

    I do wonder if he was forced into this fight somehow and given a “soft” opponent. Seems like it. Hopefully he can come out unscathed.

  8. I just accidentally screamed out loud at work because of how the fight was scored. I have love for both fighters but i found Martinez had the important calculated blows while williams’ were a lot more “rubbery”. These guys are what warriors are made of. Reminded me of the Gatti Ward fights too.

  9. I think Martinez got robbed. I threw a pillow at my brand new 55″ Samsung LED! A classic example of a more marketable fighter given the win. And that judge should be tied to the stake over an ant hill drizzled with honey, and then set on fire before being pulled apart by horses. Apparently he couldn’t keep his eyes off the girl’s boobs in the second row. In all honesty I think Paul put pressure on him the whole fight which was perfectly countered with authority. Martinez Rocked him time and again.

  10. I think robbed is a bit strong. Could the decision have gone his way? Most definitely and I wouldn’t have flinched. But robbed? Do you really think it was true robbery? But yes, that one judge was either in the pocket, or one of the worst judges on earth.

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