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Bret “Hitman” Hart Returns to World Wrestling Entertainment

This story is so big that I just HAVE to talk about it. What we reported here a few weeks ago has indeed come true.

Former Five Time WWF Champion Bret “Hitman” Hart has signed a short-term talent contract with World Wrestling Entertainment according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The contract is apparently starting on January 1st and ending April 10th, 2010, which means the Hitman is likely to be brought back on the January 4th 2010 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, to go head to head with TNA Impact featuring the debut of Hulk Hogan.

Wow… let me catch my breath. I grew up idolizing Bret. This is indeed huge.

Last Monday, Dennis Miller teased Hart as being the one guy who he’d like to see co-host Raw. This story had been rumored for a while. It’s no secret to anybody about Hart’s history with the company, but it’s been well documented also that Bret Hart and Vince McMahon have put that behind them. I just wish wrestling fans would too.

I’m sure most people are wondering if Bret will wrestle or not.

Well I am unsure and it seems most people are. Allegedly, Bret has agreed to wrestle once, so will be going one on one with Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania? Very possible. Will he manage the Hart Dynasty? Maybe. Will he become a general manager? Hey, could happen.

Hart has always gone on record of saying that he will never trivialize Montreal by turning it into a kayfabe angle. Well, money talks and Bret loves the business so much that it wouldn’t surprise me. Plus, money talks, as I said, and we’re talking LOTS of it.

A second Bret Hart DVD is also in the works and is set to be released this year.

Things in wrestling are getting exciting again.

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6 thoughts on “Bret “Hitman” Hart Returns to World Wrestling Entertainment

  1. Crazy story.

    I’d be more interested in him siding with someone against Vince and say, Sheamus or Drew. But there has to be some sort of stip if they want to make this huge.

    If he gets in the ring, that will be insane.

    I really wonder how the fans will react to him. I think they will react huge, but WWE has been bashing him for so long, I wonder how many of the fans even know why he ever left.

  2. WOW!! Did not expect that!!

    The 1 thing this screams to me though is TNA made the first move, and they MADE Vince go out and get bret, WWE were scared there for a minute!!! People say this was in the works since summerslam, the fact is, he’s gonna make his first appearance the night Hogan/TNA re-start the monday night wars??? Coincedence??? I think not….

    Either way this is great for the wrestling business, and has me pumped, pumped enough to watch RAW the first time in at least 4-5 years

    As for the ‘1’ match, its gotta have a great build up behind it, and I don’t want to see him getting hurt so it HAS to be a tag/trios match at wrestlemania, I kinda hope they don’t go the obvious route and have Bret VS Vince singles, perfect to me would be

    Vince/DX vs. Bret/Hart Dynasty – Streetfight @ WRESTLEMANIA

  3. I think the Hogan thing probably made them work a bit harder with Bret.

    Thing is, Vince has to be the heel and I’m not sure DX will be heels anytime soon and also, if it’s truly HBK and Undertaker II, it takes Shawn out of that match.

    It could be another Trump/McMahon thing but there has to be a big stipulation for people to care.

  4. WOW yes the Hitman is back !!! This is gonna be great !! Hey whatever storyline they give him, its gonna work. If they have him wrestle, who doesnt wrestle? how many old wrestlers have wrestled? He isnt that old anyway, look how old Flair wrestled. This is gonna make WrestleMania simply Awesome this year.

    I predit that the Undertaker will stay undefeated in WrestleMania till he reaches 20-0 then he will finally lose.

    Hope they match HBK & the Hitman so Bret can get some revenge from the past, lol, even if its on the Feb PPV or any Raw show.

    All this bringing back so many old wrestlers only shows you how great wrestling was back in the day. Go Hulk !!!

  5. The difference between Bret wrestling and others is that Bret had a stroke. This is not good. However perhaps he is feeling good about it.

    20-0? You mean 20-1? haha.

    Naw but, I dont think he’s losing the streak. That’s his thing.

    I doubt theyll do HBK and Bret in singles. Bret doesnt trust them. If they put Bret vs. anybody on ANY show not titled “Wrestlemania”, they deserve to be put out of business permanently.

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