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A Possible Solution To This Pacquiao/Mayweather Drug Testing Predicament

I’ve added my two cents about the Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather drug testing situation a couple of times recently (here and here) and I have a possible solution that may pacify both camps.

The latest word that I’ve read comes from Dan Rafael.

When HBO televised “Pacquiao/Hatton 24/7” — the four-part series that followed the buildup to Pacquiao’s second-round knockout of Ricky Hatton to win the junior welterweight title in Las Vegas last May — it aired footage of Pacquiao taking a routine blood test as part of his pre-fight medical exam in Los Angeles.

The blood test was conducted approximately 14 days before the fight; it punches holes in Pacquiao’s argument that giving blood inside 30 days of a fight negatively impacts his performance.

The time line of all of this so far has been odd to say the least.

Originally, when Mayweather came forward with his request for a more stringent drug testing with blood testing included, Pacquiao’s camp balked for many reasons, one including the idea that Pacquiao didn’t want to take a drug test so close to the fight. When Team Mayweather pulled back a bit on how stringent they wanted the drug testing, Team Pacquiao balked at the idea of having the US Doping Agency do the tests because of how inflexible they were. And then, Team Mayweather said that it didn’t have to be the same agency that tests Olympic athletes in another attempt to compromise. At that point, Bob Arum back tracked and said they would only work with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which doesn’t even do blood testing.

Now with this latest news, Bob Arum is losing the footing to continue to back track.

But I have a solution.

Let’s say that from here until the fight, there can only be three blood tests and they will be at least partly random. There will also be one blood test right after the fight is over. Let’s say that the blood tests before the fight have to be at least 5 days apart and the first test has to be early on in training camp, preferably during the first week. The last day that you can be blood tested before the fight is from between 48-72 hours before bell time.

The agency won’t be the US Doping Agency, but whichever agency that does blood tests and works with pro organizations.

We know that since Manny Pacquiao more than likely took a blood test at least 14 days before his fight with Hatton, whatever excuse they’ve been using is probably bunk.

Here’s a possible schedule for the blood work if they agreed to fight in early March which has been the plan:

1st test: Last week of January
2nd test: First week of March
3rd test: 3 days before the fight
4th test: Immediately after the fight

If Team Mayweather is serious about the possible HGH usage, this won’t totally make them happy, but it would discourage usage (at least some) by any fighter to be blood tested that many times partly randomly. It’s not truly random because I put a 5 day limit between tests, but it does discourage usage.

As for Team Pacquiao, it’s not as invasive as once suggested and it limits the overall times of blood being draw to four maximum.

Is it perfect for both camps? Probably not. But it does show compromise with both parties’ concerns being thought about.

Do I expect it to happen? Probably not. I think that if this fight does happen, it will be because Team Mayweather compromises more than Team Pacquiao and this entire blood testing thing may even go away. But they definitely have put doubt in the eyes of the public both about drug testing in sports and also how scared athletes are of drug testing.

Again, as I’ve stated before, I have no idea that Pacquiao is doing anything, but his reaction has definitely added doubt in my eyes.

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22 thoughts on “A Possible Solution To This Pacquiao/Mayweather Drug Testing Predicament

  1. Perfect Solution CG, Hope the Pac Man team listens to you. However, my theory is they still will walk away from the Mayweather fight.

    I hope Pac Man proves me wrong because I’d like to think he beat my boy Cotto fair and square. I don’t know, there is so much doubts about Pac Man I really don’t see him changing my mind at this point.

    Just look at how much time has been spent on waiting for Pac Man to agree to a simple blood test.. My God you would think he was going into surgery.

    Well that’s my take on things, Have A Happy 2k10 everyone.

  2. Based on what I’ve read today, this thing is pretty far away from happening. Even though GBP stated that they never said Manny was taking anything, only that they wanted a clean fight, Pacquaio said something to the effect of liars go to hell or something like that.

    I’m not sure that Pac and May understand how epic of a fail this will be if it doesn’t happen.

  3. From what I understand, Floyd Jr. never said a thing about Manny, it was his father Floyd Sr. and Uncle Rodger who accused Manny. So, I don’t know why Floyd Jr. is even being brought up???

    Where is there any audio or video of Floyd Jr. accusing Manny of anything??? I don’t think Pac Man understands how epic a fail this is because he looks like he has something to hide by

    not taking a simple blood test two weeks from the fight. Pac Man did it for the Ricky Hatton fight WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM???

    Floyd Jr.’s only statement has been that he wanted a fair fight and that was the reason for the blood tests.

    This is getting more worse for Pac Man as the days go by. In my opinion, I feel in light of what Manny is doing with regards to going to court, I believe the boxing commission should now

    more than ever impose blood testing on Pac Man. Manny really is giving everyone a reason to doubt his innocence on the HGH topic. This would be the ideal solution for me as far as I’m concerned.

    Fair and Square is how you get respect.

  4. (Pro Facts)
    1. Mayweathers are not from the boxing commission and thus does not have the authority to dictate the procedures and rules of a fight. Pacquiao is not required to abide by Mayweather conditions.
    2. Roach said in an interview that he agrees to:
    a. Urine Testing
    b. Blood Testing 5 days before the fight
    c. Blood testing right after the fight.
    3. Mayweather is hiring the drug company himself.
    (Con Facts)
    1. Interviews:
    a. In an interview, Roach agreed to the testing.
    b. In another interview, Roach said he agrees to testing 5 days before the fight and right after.
    c. In a third interview, Roach said he won’t let Pacquiao get tested at all.*(Fact check, this may be wrong).
    1. What is the basis of Mayweather accusation?
    2. How much blood will be taken anyway? Will they take a pint or a drop?

    (In My Mixed Opinion)
    1. Pacquiao camp should not have bitten into Mayweather trash talk. He never did, before this. He shouldn’t have.
    2. If Pacquiao is not on steroids/drugs, then he should not have anything to fear. He can be proud and prove to the Mayweather camp wrong.
    3. Pacquaio does not have to prove anything to anyone. He does not abide by Mayweather’s rules. Mayweather is not associated with the boxing commission and does not have the authority to dictate rules and procedures of a fight.
    4. If both fighters get blood tests, then they’ll still be at par. They’ll both have the handicap, thus it will be a fair fight.
    5. Mayweather should not be the one hiring the drug testing company. Either fighter should not have any affiliation to the drug testing company whatsoever.
    6. The fact that Pacquiao camp is willing for Manny to get tested right after the fight seems reasonable and should quell Mayweather camp accusations, but it is generally preferable to have a clean slate before the fight, and not after.
    (My Conclusion)
    Both fighters should take a blood test (a miniscule amount of blood, preferably a drop) a day before the fight by a drug testing company not associated with anyone from the Mayweather camp. Since it is a miniscule amount of blood, then it shouldn’t bother the fighters too much. Both fighters will have drawn the same amount of blood, so any handicap effect, mental or physical, will still be equal on both parties. Although Pacquiao has all the right to refuse Mayweather’s request, and it is a lot to ask, Pacman ought to take one for the team. It is unfair that he does, but it’s a compromise on his side to solve all this bickering. Do the test, beat Mayweather and his big mouth to a pulp and get on with life.
    Better yet, the drug testing should be done DURING the fight. They can get the blood right off the ring floor.

  5. Hey Marc,

    Thanks for commenting and for putting together some great thoughts there.

    Here are my thoughts on some of your thoughts.

    1. The basis of Mayweather’s reasoning is simply that the drug culture in sports these days is hot and heavy. Mayweather isn’t the only fighter to have these thoughts about Manny. Paulie Malignaggi has come out with similar thoughts about Manny.

    2. From what I gather, it’s just a vial. I thought earlier that it would be much more, but learned that it’s not really a lot.

    I very much agree with your first mixed opinion that Pacquiao should’ve never bit. Once he blinked, it set everything off. I believe Camp Mayweather has come off their stance on having the agency who tests the Olympic athletes as the agency to test them both. The last I heard was that Mayweather’s team was fine with Pacquiao’s team choosing who would be doing the blood work. The reason why you’d want to test before and after the fight is simply because it gives you more randomness. If they only tested blood right after the fight, you could time the test to where you could be certain you wouldn’t fail it.

    And I cracked up at your last point. That was funny.

  6. Yeah, your right GG, Marc has a very funny comment at the end, he really has a good imagination. Pity that seems to only be possible in his dreams. Reality bites doesn’t it. Come on Pac Man stop holding up the show.

  7. As far as Floyd Jr. is concerned, he’s probably laughing at a law suit which doesn’t hold any water or shred of evidence against him.

    My guess is Paulie will be Floyd Jr.’s next fight. Seeing that
    Pac Man won’t take the blood test Paulie would also demand before the fight. Oh well, at least Paulie won’t have to worry about HGH and Floyd Jr.

  8. Paulie doesn’t have the stroke to demand a blood test to fight Manny. He’d take the fight in a second if they could put it together because it’d be the most money for a fight that he’d ever earn in his career.

    Looks like they are moving towards a mediator this week to put this thing back together.

  9. Well, if you read what Paulie has told the press you will understand why he won’t take the fight unless Manny gets tested 14 days before the fight. Please understand that it is taking a mediator just to put together the fight everyone want’s to see.

    Why??? because a fighter from the 116 pound class kept his power through 7 did you see that 7 weight classes. This has never been done before and team Mayweather has all the reason

    to question Pac Man’s integrity especially when Pac Man insists on knowing the cut off point of a random blood test. Why would he want to know the cut off point of a blood test especially a random one??? Could it be that he is timing the blood exam to fit his HGH use??? Who knows???

    Something is going on with this fight, I have never seen anything like this before. A boxing fight stalled because of a refusal to strict blood testing. Usually, fights are not made because of money disputes not blood testing disputes. What is going on with Manny???

  10. Very early on I noted that Floyd was trying to strong arm him into something he didn’t need to do based on what the current rules were. I can see it from that perspective. Why do the rules change all of a sudden?

    However, I think it’s a positive advancement for the sport. These things are necessary.

    However, if you look at what the NFL Player’s Association is trying to do, blood tests are now on their radar, but they still don’t think there’s a true test for HGH. This is the NFL and they don’t think they can test for it.

    So if they don’t think they can test for it, why does Floyd want it? He probably thinks Manny is beating regular steroid tests and HGH is just the new drug word of the day.

  11. That’s a great story. Thanks for the link.

    But where does Paulie say he won’t take the fight with Manny unless he tests? Paulie would be wise to not play into that and just take the fight. It would be the largest pay day of his career.

  12. Cotto tells it like it is. Just like I’ve been saying all along. Integrity is everything.

  13. Yeah, now he lost his father to a heart attack. What a bad year for Cotto. He questionably lost a mega fight to Pac man and now loses his father, wow, tough year for a nice and respectful fighter.
    Never a dull moment with Cotto, What Drama.

  14. The fact that this fight is not happening in March is the biggest disapointment ever…as far as sports are concerned. The line is drawn by which fighter people like. Pac fans think Floyd is scared and Money fans think Pac is cheating.

    This is the truth…almost everyone in boxing circles…trainers, commentators, media and fighters believe Manny is own PEDs. The fact that he won’t submit to a test that Floyd must take as well is absolutely ridiculous!! He’s used every excuse under the sun. Scared of needles (but has tatooes??), superstitious, it takes away strength?.?…

    Find out for yourself and you will see the FACTS. HGH can only be detected in blood in the first 24-48 hours…hence Floyd’s demand that the blood test be Random. Pac and his handlers know this that’s why they said they would take 3 bogus test that will show nothing…and they let 40 million walk out the door with the fight.

    Plain and simple it’s Pacman’s fault this fight hasn’t happened. Any clean fighter would ake the tests and punish Floyd for talking trash…but a guilty fighter would walk away from 40 million and fight Joshua Clottey.

    Please read…

  15. I think history is going to look at it the way you’re looking at it, but if you look at our poll, the guy who decided not to take the drug test is the guy people are behind. Odd world we live in.

  16. Well the guy a.k.a (manny pacquiao) is someone that I DEFINITELY AM NOT, I REPEAT NOT BEHIND. The people in your poll need to stop drinking too much hyped COOL AID and start seeing the facts and the truth about boxing and Manny Pacquiao (A.K.A.) Cheater.

  17. Great article Slynbryn, you see GG, there are still people who have a brain and can come to a conclusion just like Slynbryn did. We don’t live in such a crazy world after all.

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