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2009 Fight Game Blog Awards – Pro Wrestling

This is the pro wrestling installment of our 2009 year end awards. Later in the week, we’ll give out awards in MMA and pro boxing.

Pro Wrestling

Wrestler Of The Year
Big D – Christopher Daniels

Consistent tremendous matches and great promos in a company which is usually ridiculous and proving that he belongs in the main event by having two match of the year candidates back to back makes Chris Daniels my pick for the Wrestler of 2009.

Alan – KENTA

Fairly simple reasoning. No other wrestler has entertained me as much as this man did before he got injured in October. An absolutely stunning year from not only my Wrestler Of The Year, but my Wrestler Of The Decade.

Duan – Chris Jericho

It was a blessing having Jericho on both shows for the last several months, and his series of matches with Mysterio earlier in the year was my favourite thing in WWE.

GG – Chris Jericho

He didn’t need any world title to be significant, was the most entertaining wrestler in the company so they stuck him on two shows, and single-handedly made the tag belts meaningful again.

Match Of The Year
Big D – Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25
Alan – 2 Skinny Black Guys vs. The Young Buck$ (PWG Threemendous 2)

Glorious glorious match. Bucks as heels is just like the best thing in wrestling right now. They get ludicrous amounts of heat. Generico is his usual bump machine self and Tornado brings his usual charisma. It all combines to make one of my favourite tags ever.

Duan – Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho at The Bash

The best match from a great rivalry. I could watch these two wrestle every show and never get sick of it.

GG – Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25

I caught some flack for not thinking it was worthy of five stars and I’ll stand by that statement. When you know who will win before the match starts, it’s hard to buy into any near falls. I never bought any of HBK’s near falls and thus, I couldn’t completely get into it in the way that I wanted to. However, it was still one of the greatest WrestleMania matches in history.

Card Of The Year
Big D – WWE Backlash

Top to bottom my favorite wrestling show of the year. Every single match was fun to watch and great in a different way. A perfect pro wrestling show.

Alan – PWG Threemendous 2

With the effort that guys are putting into their craft these days it seems like the mantle of “my favourite show ever” keeps getting passed around. This was the latest show to take said mantle and it’ll take something special to top it. The top three matches are absurdly good and everything on the undercard is fantastic.

Duan – WWE Judgment Day

What I liked most about this show was its simplicity. There was no saturation of gimmick matches, and it wasn’t hampered by moronic booking. It was just seven basic singles matches, and it was great.

GG – WWE Backlash

I’m going with D here. Backlash was simply a fun wrestling event. It wasn’t the biggest or most important show of the year, but maybe that’s why it was so good. Looking back at this show, it’s amazing how much they’ve screwed up Jack Swagger.

Most Memorable Moment Of The Year
Big D – Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon on RAW

Best angle WWE has done in years, but too bad Orton would be killed dead two weeks later.

Alan – I have to go with the death of Misawa and the surrounding events. That’s probably what I’ll most associate this year with.

Duan – The Undertaker’s big dive at WrestleMania 25

GG – Stone Cold Stevie Austin coming out at WrestleMania 25

I was at WrestleMania 25 live and when Austin came out and did his beer drinking routine, it was the single loudest pop of the night and one of my favorite wrestling memories ever.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our MMA awards.

2008 Fight Game Blog Awards

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