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2009 Fight Game Blog Awards – MMA

This is the MMA installment of our 2009 year end awards. We gave out the pro wrestling awards on Tuesday. We’ll hand out the boxing awards next.

Friend of FGB, JP joined us with his awards.


Fighter Of The Year
Big D – Jose Aldo

The man is a machine. Had Lyoto not lost to Shogun, he would’ve secured this spot.

Alan – Jose Aldo

Fought more than most other contenders and looked spectacular every time out. Win over Mike Brown cemented him as legit.

Duan – Lyoto Machida

Machida went 3-0 against top competition in 2009, and picked up the UFC light heavyweight title along the way. He proved himself as the division’s best by outclassing Silva and Evans. A near perfect year was only marred by a disappointing performance against Rua in October, but he still left with his undefeated record intact.

JP – Lyoto Machida

The Dragon and B.J. Penn were the only two champions to fight three times in 2009 and Machida won all three of his matches. He showed he had knockout power when he handed both Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans their first career losses by way of KO. Then he won a close decision against Shogun Rua in one of the most technically astounding fights I’ve seen. 2009 saw Machida claim the belt, defeat three talented opponents, and has put Lyoto into the Greatest Ever debate.

Cactus Jim – Gegard Mousasi

3-0 this year, not just beating, but finishing Hunt, Sobral and Sokoudjou. He won the Strikeforce LH title and successfully defended. This man may be part terminator.

GG – Georges St. Pierre

He only fought twice because of injury, but he fought the most dominant rounds of the year. And I think his star hasn’t peaked yet.

Fight Of The Year
Big D – Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera at UFC 102

Epic is the only word I can describe it. These guys went toe to toe and Couture showed so much heart (like he always does) and Minotauro reclaimed his spot at the top.

Alan – Hideo Tokoro vs. Abel Cullum

Easily the most dramatic fight I’ve seen this year. So back and forth and topsy turvy. Loved it.

Duan – Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Hideo Tokoro at DREAM 11

These are two incredibly entertaining featherweights who I look forward to seeing much more of in 2010. Takaya may have also had the second best fight this year on that very same night.

JP – Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson at WEC 43

This fight was so much of everything, it was impossible not to be entertained. They would go at it on their feet, takedowns by Henderson would lead to Cerrone going for every submission in the book and Smooth would find a way out, even when it looked like his arm was breaking. None stop action for, not three, but five rounds.

Cactus Jim – Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida at The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale

This fight was non-stop action, back and forth battle and had me on the edge of my seat the entire fight. Lots of good ones this year across numerous orgs, but this is the one that stands out for me.

GG – Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida at The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale

There were three fights that were close for me (Cerrone/Henderson and Thomson/Melendez), but I went back and re-watched the first round of this fight and I had to go with it. It was just an amazing back and forth war and Clay Guida took so much punishment and kept coming forward, like a real life Rocky Balboa.

Card Of The Year
Big D – UFC 102

Couture vs. Noguiera’s epic battle and the rise of Todd Duffee, Aaron Simpson, and Jake Rosholt. Plus, Demian Maia’s 360 TKO and Thiago Silva’s slaying of Keith Jardine are the icing on the cake. Get this DVD!

Alan – DREAM 11

God so much to love. Minowa-man’s big win, the FW Tourney, the Aoki/Hansen match, Sakuraba tooling a washed up boxer! So entertaining.

Duan – DREAM 11

Dream consistently put on the best MMA shows this year. The best of which was the Dream 11 card back in October. The Featherweight Grand Prix delivered two of the years best fights, and it was supported by some fantastic undercard battles.

JP – UFC 100

The milestone moment for the UFC lived up to the epic hype. The undercard featured quality fights: Belcher-Akiyama for three rounds including the coolest Superman Punch ever, and then the real stars came out. GSP put on a clinic in his toughest fight ever. Dan Henderson nearly killed Michael Bisping with the biggest knockout of the year. And Brock Lesnar became a star by cursing and spitting into the camera. Huge night for MMA as a sport.

Cactus Jim – UFC 100

There were quite a few good cards and quite a few stinkers this year. I’m going to give UFC 100 my nod for a couple reasons. First, I think the matches they put together were excellent and the buzz for this card was incredible. Second, I think the fact that we have an MMA company that has made it to the event century mark (actually more at the time) makes me feel good about the sport and its longevity. I think it really was a milestone for the sport regardless of what anyone might think about the organization. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing Henderson decapitate Bisping, not because he’s a Brit, but because he’s an a-hole.

GG – UFC 100

It was the perfect card on the perfect night with the two most perfect stars in the spotlight.

Most Memorable Moment Of The Year
Big D – Dan Henderson turning Michael Bisping’s jaw into sawdust

I LITERALLY heard the entire world yell in pleasure.

Alan – Brock over Mir and Minowa-man over Hong Man Choi.

Duan – Kimbo’s UFC debut

This time last year, I never would have guessed that Kimbo Slice would be a part of UFC’s plans.

JP – Brock Lesnar’s postfight antics at UFC 100

On MMA’s biggest night, Lesnar stole the spotlight. Not because he won his fight but because after during Frank Mir’s face into a bloody mess, he began shouting at the defeated man, spitting into the cameras like a wild beast, bashed a big time sponsor, and told the fans he was going home to have sex with his wife. Oh yeah, and gave the audience the double finger. What a moment.

Cactus Jim – Brian Bowles destruction of Miguel Torres

At 36-1 with a 17 win streak coming in, Torres looked unstoppable and Bowles proved otherwise.

GG – Brock Lesnar’s postfight antics at UFC 100

It was the crescendo of the biggest night in the history of US MMA. When Lesnar won, he became the single most talked about fighter in years. And this is bad for the sport?

We’ll be back later in the week with the boxing awards.

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