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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 10

Meat Head says he had brain swelling that turned into a migraine. He’s not sure if he wants to fight. He feels slow. Rashad thinks he had a concussion, he doesn’t think so.

Trevor Wittman thinks that Mitrione is making up excuses. Rashad says Mitrione has to want it more than Rashad and the team want it for him. McSweeney thinks that Matt is showing his true colors and it’s disrespectful to his opponent.

Rampage thinks that Kimbo can beat McSweeney if Mitrione pulls out. Kimbo hurt his knee rolling though. Rampage says if he was fighting Kimbo, he’d go right for the knee.

Brendan Schaub is facing Jon Madsen and and he thinks that Madsen is one-dimensional and he’s only looking for the takedown. He asked Rashad for help, but Rashad isn’t helping, so Big Country helped out as the defacto coach.

Kimbo is missing cartilage in his knee and is going to need to drain his knee. He doesn’t want to cortisone shot.

It’s the coaches’ challenge. It’s Tiki and Rampage vs. Rashad and Mike Van Arsdale in beach volleyball. Team Rampage wins the first game 15-8 and these guys are tired. Team Rashad wins the second game 15-10. Team Rashad wins the last game 15-13 and Rashad wins $10,000 and each member of his team wins $1500.

Rashad tries to get Rampage to give his players some of his money since he lost, but Rampage is the pied piper with his team. He asks them what they would rather have, the money, or to see him knock out Rampage. Of course they go with Rampage.

They stick Kimbo in an ice bath and Big Baby says that Kimbo won’t be able to handle it because he’s from Florida and is a tropical brother. Kimbo still thinks that he’s eventually going to fight.

Brendan says that Rashad taught Jon a few things and said that wrestlers stick together. But he was still a bit upset that he didn’t work with him.

Rashad asks Mitrione if he’s ready. Mitrione says he has to fight and feels like the coaches are forcing him to fight. He says he wishes that this show was over and he just wants to get back home to his normal life. Rashad says he’s going to call Dana and let him know that Mitrione isn’t ready.

Dana lectures all the guys and says that no one is going into the octagon 100%. He says they will never force anyone to fight. He says if you don’t want to fight, you came to the wrong place.

Dana says Mitrione is going to need a gut check.

Brendan Schaub vs. Jon Madsen

Schaub got a front facelock and Madsen picked him up for a huge over the shoulder body slam. But he didn’t do anything with him on the floor. Took him down again and held him down for the rest of the round. Not much action.

Schaub caught Madsen going backwards and missed a right hand, then landed a right hand on the chin and Madsen went down and he was out.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by way of 2nd round TKO

The next show is a two hour special with the last two quarterfinals. We still don’t know if it’s going to be Kimbo or Meat Head who is going to face James McSweeney. But Big Baby fights Titties in the last quarter finals.

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