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Super Six World Boxing Classic – Andre Ward Vs. Mikkel Kessler Play By Play

Andre Ward is fighting in his hometown. Mikkel Kessler is the champion and favorite. This is really the defining fight in the young career of Ward. For Kessler, it’s a fight that will probably give him troubles, but is a fight that the champion wins. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Duan had Kessler winning by KO in the 9th. I have Kessler winning by decision. Tim Kawakami took Kessler by decision as well. But Kevin Iole has Ward winning the entire tournament, and Tim Starks has Ward winning by decision here as well.

Andre Ward vs. Mikkel Kessler

Good round for Ward. He looks quick and is scoring with jabs and left hooks and is staying away from Kessler’s right hand.

Better round for Kessler. He was able to close the distance better and scored to the body. Ward went back and forth between stances. They got into a clinch battle near the end and Ward got off a couple of good shots.

This was Ward’s best round and he’s up 3-0. He’s beating Kessler to the punch and is able to get off punches when Kessler seems to be reloading and not ready for them. He hit him with a nice flush right hand that was the best shot of the fight thus far.

Ward caught Kessler with a great straight hand after they were in a clinch. It’s the story of the fight thus far. He’s throwing punches and landing when Kessler isn’t expecting them. Yet another strong round for Ward. He landed a nice flurry late in the round and he’s up 4-0.

Another round for Ward. Kessler was able to land, but for every punch that he’s able to land, he gets hit with one or two back. Kessler still hasn’t really found his range yet.

Ward was swinging wildly and lunging and somewhat off balanced at times. He was still very much in control in the round, but if Kessler is going to land one of those big rights, it might be with Ward lunging. However, Kessler didn’t do anything at all.

More controlling from Ward. He’s pacing the fight, pushing the fight, and backing Kessler up. Kessler’s not really throwing any counter shots. I’d love to see some punch stats, but I would imagine that Ward is close to outlanding him 2-1.

Ward isn’t just winning the fight, he’s roughing up Kessler. On the inside, he’s doing all the dirty work. There was a point in the round where he just shoved Kessler’s face with his glove. Ward is starting to really dominate this fight.

Kessler said that he’s having a hard time seeing, but the corner sent him back out there anyway. Kessler had a short flurry for about 5 seconds near the end of the round. The rest of the round (2:55) went to Ward. Kessler has a nasty cut over his left eye.

The cut might’ve come from a clash of heads. They clashed heads again and Kessler looked cut on his right eye as well. Ward was really targeting the eys and the blood is coming out even more. He ended the round with his right fist cocked and landing two punches at the end of the round.

After a big right hand that opened up the cut over Kessler’s right eye, the doctor stopped the fight. Because that cut came from the headbutt, they’re going to the scorecard. Ward won’t get the stoppage bonus, but he should win this fight quite easily.

Winner: Andre Ward by way of technical decision

Ward is now the WBA Super Middleweight champion.

The scores were 97-93, 98-92, and 98-92.

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5 thoughts on “Super Six World Boxing Classic – Andre Ward Vs. Mikkel Kessler Play By Play

  1. Great fight with a surprise ending. I had Kessler by decision as well. Was not expecting all the twists and turns last night’s fight had. I was a little worried this wouldn’t follow up the pacquiao fight last week but boy was I wrong. :]

  2. Ward acted like a veteran last night, using a lot of tricks. His speed was too much for a one dimensional Kessler. Fooled once again by an over hyped over rated Euro fighter.

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