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Possible Changes in WWE coming early 2010

WWE met with officials from SyFy a few times throughout the past few weeks focusing around shutting down the ECW brand, removing the letters ECW, and repackaging and rebranding their Tuesday Night timeslot into another wrestling show. The talk is to move the big names such as Christian, Regal, Benjamin and others to Smackdown or Raw and the idea of the show is to focus on up and coming young talent, which, other than the established guys, is exactly what that show has turned into.

Syfy and WWE’s Kevin Dunn both feel that the ECW brand is not strong enough. Kevin Dunn has been against ECW since the onset of the brand. Shane McMahon’s original plan for the ECW brand was to bring back the hardcore original ECW fans and use the ECW originals to do so, then slowly fade them out to bring in the new stars, which is sort of what they did in 2006 and 2007. In addition, they were supposed to run small arenas and compete against indy groups in the northeast (ROH, JAPW, etc). Shane’s plan was crushed by the narrow-minded Kevin Dunn, who feels WWE needs to be more sizzle than steak 100% of the time, as well as Stephanie and Vince McMahon who stuck their fingers in the pot and made it like every other WWE brand.

The current ECW on Syfy deal ends in December, so this move is not scheduled to take place until the first quarter of 2010. It will be interesting to see how they do this in storyline too.

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5 thoughts on “Possible Changes in WWE coming early 2010

  1. Every fighting game; virtual fighter, firtst person view or whatever you want to call it is not quit the real deal.

    When is the fan really gonna be in control, besides, wanna!, who wants total control of the different brands and in reality wanna control a new brand, a new breed of fighter or the next superheavy weight, whether it be wrestling, boxing or ultimate fighting a super brand that combines almost everything, a game that can be imposed to a possible generation of more than just one game.
    Get the idea folks, we want a game that can be played for a few more upgrades, not just a one buy deal and a character that can be takken to the next level and next generation of video games, you are talking to thee generation that created the video gamer, when will the corporations listen, if not there will be a major take over in the next five years; the brand name will manifest if it is not taken seriously…yes I will be a major factor and more of my generation will look for a shift in corporate structure…Down with Microsoft and what Bill Gates stands for…prepare corporate scum…

  2. I know exactly how they will do this in storyline. They won’t make a big deal about it and it will just end. Or, maybe they’ll dress up a fake Paul Heyman and throw him into a garbage truck.

  3. The original ECW is what got me into wrestling in the first place, ever since the beginning this was FAR FAR from the original ECW, this was WWECW.plain and simple.

    Shame really, because it could of been soooooo much more, the only good thing coming out of the whole deal is that most young talent will now have a place to shine, and not share with the spot light grabbing ‘superstars’ of RAW/Smackdown…

  4. I never cared for the ECW from the beginning, I only wish if they get rid of it that they continue the “Abraham Washington Show” The only reason I watch ECW is to watch this segment which almost always opens the show. this guy is so funny, its really intertaining, I also love Atlas, I just love his laugh, he makes the whole segment rolling.

    If they get rid of ECW, I hope they put Christian back together with Edge. They were one of the greatest tag-teams EVER. and i have seen them all, I go way back to the Bruno Sammartino days in the 60’s. I feel that Raw and Smackdown will get better now with ECW out.

    Thankx Big D for this great information on the WWE.

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