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Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 4

It’s the go home show for 24/7. Their last shot to sell us on this fight. Well, not me since I was sold when it was signed. But to the rest of the general population who weren’t had at hello.

Ok, I think the show has peaked. Freddie Roach meets up with Sylvester Stallone and Sly tells him that it’s all about the trainer and that he won’t want to be Cotto’s insurance agent. Mickey Rourke also meets up with Fredrick and it’s not quite as cool, but it’s ok. Roach shows him the international cover of Time Magazine which features Manny on the cover.

Wayne Newton, looking very Planet of the Apes-ish, talks about Vegas. Carrot Top, looking very Rocky Dennis-ish, says the same thing. And then some magician talked as well.

Cut-man Joe Chavez is now in Cotto’s corner but was once in Manny’s corner. Team Cotto thinks that is to their advantage.

They still have spit buckets? Why did I not know this?

Hey Windows fans, even Miguel Cotto uses a Mac.

Bob Arum says that with Pacquiao and Cotto fighting, it’s like the 80s all over again, like when Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Roberto Duran were fighting.

Arum says it’s going to be bittersweet come fight time because one of his guys will win and one if his guys will lose.

Roach’s brother passed away this past summer and it’s his first trip to Vegas since his passing. His brother was a Vegas businessman.

Cotto says that he’s winning no matter what, and he’s coming home with his title. And then for some reason, we see Cotto in the shower, naked butt cheeks and all. The only positive coming out of that is that it wasn’t his cherubic friend Brian in the shower.

Manny’s dad is making his first appearance in Las Vegas at his son’s fight. Just make sure he doesn’t mention what he did to Manny’s dog.

At the weigh-ins, Manny weighs in at 144 while Cotto at 145. Roach and Joe Santiago have words, probably having to do with the fact that Roach mentioned that if Cotto didn’t make weight, they were pulling out. That’s pretty impressive that they put that footage into the show being that the weigh-in happened only a few hours before showtime.

Tomorrow night, it’s go-time.

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2 thoughts on “Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 4

  1. This was by far my favourite episode of the season. This was the intricate style of story telling that 24/7 handles so well. It came good when it needed to.

  2. I really liked the last two, but still, you never heard one fighter call the other guy out. If it wasn’t for Freddie Roach you’d never know these guys were fighting each other.

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