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Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 3

After not being too happy with Pacquiao’s training on the last show, Freddie Roach is happier with Pacquiao now.

Jeremy Piven comes to the gym and asks Roach about Pacquiao’s lead wide left.

Manny did a movie in the Philippines and plays a super hero. Roach says Pac does these things to amuse himself and has fun with it.

Cotto’s team member Brian Perez was first a fan who met Cotto in the boxing circles. They’re like brothers according to both. Perez must weigh over 400 pounds and was the guy in the earlier episodes jumping into the water.

Manny was on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show and looked to be a fan favorite. You can watch his apperance here.

Roach says that Cotto does have bad habits and Pacquiao is going to take advantage of them. He also says that he’s glad no one fixed those bad habits.

Pacquiao team member Michael Koncz says that Roach got Pacquiao to where he is today, but also he’s where he is because of his pupil. He thinks it’s more Pacquiao than Roach. Roach says Koncz kisses Manny’s ass to make him happy and calls him gopher.

Cotto’s sparring partner says that as Cotto’s dropped weight, he’s become stronger which isn’t usually the case.

Cotto and Brian compared underwear size. Their relationship is a bit weird.

Manny discusses his relationship with Buboy, who he befriended and lost touch with for a bit. He found touch with him and was disappointed to see him not doing much. He then brought him to his camp even though he had to teach him boxing. Roach says that Buboy is closes to Pac so he gets yelled at a lot, but also said that he needs him in the corner.

Freddie Roach’s mom says that she’s seen a lot of boxers in her day and Manny has a real gift.

Cotto is in Vegas more than a week out before the fight because he wants to get adjusted to the Las Vegas air. Manny is coming to Vegas a week out.

Bob Arum says that Miguel is better than he’s ever been. He also says that Joe Santiago may not be as veteran of a trainer as Roach, but he knows his fighter better than Freddie knows his.

This was the best of the three episodes thus far. Watching this, you got the idea that both guys were going to be at their peak and I’m sold that Cotto is back. Even though he hasn’t said much and even though they keep on talking about his goofy relationship with his friend Brian, there is a swagger that Cotto has now. Manny also has that swagger. I can’t wait.

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5 thoughts on “Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 3

  1. I just Love ur blog. Your stories are very interesting.
    I wanted to know if ur gonna post part 2 & 3 of the 24/7 HBO show ???
    Im a Cotto fan and I think he will hurt pacman late in the fight and win by TKO. I feel Cotto is more hungry for this win then pacman.
    Keep up the great work on ur blog !!!

  2. Hey GG……. thanks for the Link, they had alot of good videos there. The fighters are both looking good for saturday but Im afraid of the Vegas judges, Cotto fights better in MSG NY. I just loved the scene in epi 3 when cotto’s mama was cooking and everyone was eating, it reminded me of my family. Im puerto rican from da bronx.

    Hey JP….yes Jeremy Piven pops up everywhere it seems even when he’s not promoting a movie. I saw him in the Big Brother show when his last movie was out.

    Lets Go Cotto…….cant wait till Saturday !!!!!!!

  3. We need all the Cotto fans to represent. Manny’s winning the poll on the site by way too big of a margin. This should be a great fight.

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