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Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 2

If you missed Episode 1, we have it on the site for you to watch.

Pacquiao is leaving Baguio because of the storms, and is training in Manilla before flying back to LA. Roach says his focus just isn’t there training in the Philippines.

They show Cotto with his son spending quality time. Again, when are we going to see this guy as a killer who has a chance to win this fight? I don’t really care about sensitive Miguel. In fact, I want to see someone who can compete with Manny and this show isn’t convincing me based on what they’re showing.

We get to see Manny singing karaoke on a TV show in the Philippines. This might be the greatest thing from the 24/7 series thus far.

Michael Koncz, one of Manny’s advisors and Alex Ariza, Manny’s trainer aren’t getting along, creating something unnecessary going into such a big fight.

Finally, we get to see some Cotto action in the round, but it’s only in still shots because he doesn’t like people shooting his sparring.

Manny acknowledges that being in his hometown is a bit hard and training in LA gives him a chance to focus.

Michael Moorer isn’t around this time and Roach says that he needs to work on his people skills. He threw some folks out of Manny’s room and he didn’t ask Manny first it seems. Not good, says Roach.

Hey, we get more jumping off diving boards like last week. That’s what I want to see that’s going to give me an idea that Cotto has a shot here. Good grief HBO.

Part of the reason that Cotto let his uncle go from his camp is because he wanted to be in Tampa and his uncle thought the camp should be in Puerto Rico. I don’t know if this is the reason, but the show makes it seem as if he wants to goof off a bit more in Tampa, when I’m guessing that’s not the big reason.

This was very much another nothing episode of this show. It’s amazing to me that Cotto is the family man who goofs off, while Pacquiao is a diva who has a hard time staying focused. Even if this was true, why would they hype the fight this way? How about you have two of the greatest fighters in the world and work from there?

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8 thoughts on “Pacquiao/Cotto 24/7 – Episode 2

  1. Wow… To be honest, you post or write articles like you were a 5 year old boy… seriously you need to do better… you just wasted 3 minutes of my life

  2. I thought last weeks episode was fine, but I have to agree with you on this one. It fell completely flat.

  3. Hey Michael,

    You just made my morning. I cracked up.


    I hope they have something for the home stretch. This was my biggest worry because there wasn’t a big personality, or at least, it looked like that on the outside. Cotto seems to be really private and if that’s the case, probably not a good idea to do this show with him again.

    Even with supposedly a bad camp (or at least Roach is making it seem that way), Pac still looks great. And what we’ve seen from Cotto, he looks really good too.

  4. I think the angle they might be building to is that Manny is weak to the body, and that Cotto is a fantastic body puncher. They showed that clip of Team Cotto watching the Marquez fight, and acknowledging that it was the body shots were causing him discomfort.

    That’s always been the theory on how to deal with Pacquiao anyway, so i am assuming that they weren’t just discovering that now. That leads me to think that they may start playing that up next week. It’s not a bad idea. There’s enough evidence to support a semi convincing argument of it anyway.

    On a side note, I’m not altogether convinced by Cotto’s coaching team. I think I would rather have a man who has proved himself as a top coach in his corner. I also don’t like the fact that he has no experienced training partners since removing Figuroa. I hope he knows what he is doing.

  5. You sound hurt by this episode. Be thankful that HBO does 24/7 and delves deeper into the lives of competitors….that’s the point, not to show them training for 30 minutes.

  6. Hurt? Maybe hurt in that I don’t think they’re utilizing the right stories to sell this fight. 24/7 in all of its glory is just a well done marketing campaign. That’s what it should be. It should be to sell this fight to the general public. And I’m just tired of seeing Cotto and his fat friend jump into the swimming pool. Give me some stories. Give me some insight into why Cotto can win. Give me some insight into why Pac can lose. That’s all I ask.

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