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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Miguel Cotto Live Play By Play

Because of my son’s birthday party, I missed the first two fights.

According to SC at Bad Left Hook, former Contender fighter Alfonso Gomez beat Jesus Soto Karass in a fight that was stopped before the end of the sixth round on a cut.

From SC:

Soto Karass lost two points to low blows in the third and fourth rounds, and it wound up costing him what would have been a draw. Gomez won on scores of 58-54, 57-55 and 57-55. Bad Left Hook had it 57-55 for Gomez at the time of the stoppage.

In the second fight, Yuri Foreman won a decision over Daniel Santos after knocking him down in the 12th, which was his second knockdown of the fight.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Troy Rowling

Rowling is using his jab, while Chavez Jr. was throwing hooks to the body and also leading with his right hand. Chavez landed more punches that mattered in the round.

Chavez is throwing the heavier shots, but Rowling is hitting him a lot. Both guys are just hanging in there and slugging away.

Rowling is quicker to the punch than Chavez, but I’m not sure how much he’s hurting him. But he’s scoring points. I have him up right now 2-1. Lederman has Chavez up 2-1.

Even though Rowling is hitting him, Chavez just looks stronger and his punches are harder. He’s walking through a lot of Rowling’s shots. Good round for Chavez.

Chavez is standing right in front of Rowling and throwing hooks and big right hands. One of these rounds, he’s going to land that right hand and hurt Rowling. He just has to set it up better.

There’s not much boxing going on here. If you want to see two guys stand in front of each other and throw slugging punches, this is your fight. It will be much different from the main event. Chavez’s round again.

A couple of guys watching with me just said that this fight is reminiscent of plodding heavyweight fight. Chavez landed some big shots and he looked to hurt Rowling a little bit. Strong round for him.

The crowd is getting restless. Not the best fight to put before a long and restless crowd. Rowling had a good combination that connected, but Chavez still walked through it. He landed an awesome overhand left near the end of the round.

There’s absolutely nothing going on that hasn’t been going on. Both guys are just slugging and sluggish.

I have Chavez only losing two rounds. Save for a knockout, easy win for Chavez, but yikes, what a boring fight.

Winner: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Pacquiao came out to “Eye Of The Tiger” while Cotto came out to Kanye West’s “Stronger”. Cotto looks decidedly bigger.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto

Cotto is all business. His jabs are looking strong. Pac is trying to work the angles, but he’s getting caught. It was a tone setting round for Cotto. Pac didn’t run circles around him like he did with Hatton and De La Hoya. Cotto’s round.

Pac looked much better in that round. He was countering and moving and making Cotto look slow. Pac’s straight left is devastating. He started to lead with his jab more and then would hit a counter and move and Cotto was a step behind. Pac’s round all the way.

Pac put Cotto down with a short right. He didn’t go all the way down but both gloves touched the mat. Cotto landed some great shots too, but Pac is landing great flurries that are easy to score. Cotto landed a great uppercut to end the round. Pac’s round because of the knockdown.

Pacquiao put him on the floor again. After a pretty even round in which Pac nearly gave away from hanging out on the ropes, he put Cotto down with a left uppercut. Cotto’s in trouble and was saved by the bell.

Pac’s strategy seems to be to flurry and then lull Cotto to sleep and then come back with another flurry. The round was pretty close and Cotto’s best round since the first, but I’d still give it to Manny. Cotto did snap his head back with an uppercut against the ropes.

Pac dominated the 6th. He probably hit Cotto with 3 or 4 times as many punches that Cotto hit him with. He’s using a right hook that Cotto can’t even see. Cotto’s face is already read and swelling. Pac nearly put him down at the end of the round. If judges gave 10-8 rounds for non-knockdown rounds, this would be it.

Pac’s round all the way again. Earlier in the round I thought it was going to be over for Cotto, but he absorbed the shots and had a decent second half of the round. But again, Pac is outlanding him 4-1. Cotto’s getting weaker, Pac’s getting stronger as the fight goes on.

Cotto spent a lot of the round on his bicycle and moving backwards. Pac caught him a few times against the ropes and I got an eerily familiar feeling of watching him against Margarito. He’s standing in there and taking so much punishment. He has a ton of heart, but he’s taking a ton of punishment. I never thought I’d see him beat the way Margarito beat him. I was wrong.

I can’t believe Cotto lasted. I thought he was out twice. Pac hit him with a shot that looked like he had him on his feet and he fell towards Pac which seemed to keep him up. The corner has to think about stopping this thing.

Cotto was on his bike again and Pac took the round off and pretty much let him survive. You have to give credit to Cotto for being in such tremendous shape to take this punishment and still come out like a professional and stick with his game plan. Unfortunately, the game plan is losing.

It’s really unbelievable that Cotto is going to finish this fight. Manny’s not pressing him like he could if he wasn’t ahead by so many points. Cotto is in complete defense mode and Manny still landed over 50% of his punches for the round.

With Manny’s first big straight left of the round, Kenny Bayless stopped the fight.

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by 12th round TKO

Since the first round, which was Cotto’s only round, Pac knocked him down twice, and simply overwhelmed him in every way. He out-boxed him, out-hit him, and did everything except stop him until Bayless had mercy for Cotto. Simply amazing.

Now all that’s left is for Manny to end the night at karaoke and sing “My Way”.

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18 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Vs. Miguel Cotto Live Play By Play

  1. Momoski – Pac hasn’t really made any mistakes.

    Stevie J – You’re right. Cotto has wilted in later rounds before.

  2. It’s hard to know, but Cotto took a great beating in that fight. I never thought I’d see him get hit like that again, until tonight. But give him credit. He’s determined to finish this fight.

  3. Lots of people think it will be made because it’s just too big not to be. I’m not so sure. It’s a little hard because Mayweather won’t settle for 50/50. And neither should Pac. They both deserve to be the higher paid fighter, but it doesn’t work that way.

    And you have De La Hoya trying to work with Bob Arum to get it done. I hope it gets done. I just don’t know for sure that it happens.

  4. Pacquiao had Cotto’s number in every way tonight. Despite its obvious one-sidedness from the get-go, this was a very enjoyable bout that kept the live crowd hot throughout. To Cotto’s credit, as GG said in an earlier post, he truly was determined to see this fight through to the final bell, which is admirable (and despite my shouts of “Give up, already!” in the 8th Round) and especially says a lot about his heart and work ethic.

    All in all, this was a great fight from start to finish. Kudos to both fighters.

  5. The round by round recap has me really hyped to see the replay. Tremendous job tonight GG. Trying to watch it via alternative means failed hard – good ways got ixnayed quick and the bad ones were so lagged that reading your report was faster and more insightful. I always expected Pacquiao to win, but what I didn’t know was that Cotto would turn in such a gutsy and endearing performance in defeat. He’s clearly the best Pac has fought so far, which leaves only Money Mo to possibly steal the show. The fight MUST happen.

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