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HBO Boxing – Glenn Johnson Vs. Chad Dawson Play By Play

In the first fight, Alfredo Angulo beat Harry Joe Yorgey by a nasty third round knockout. Yorgey was completely out-classed for all three rounds and was scarily out on his feet. Thankfully, he was up after a minute or so. Craziness.

Glenn Johnson vs. Chad Dawson

Good first round for Dawson. He’s being patient and not wasting punches. Everything he threw looked strong. Johnson’s punches didn’t look as strong and he looked a little unorthodox, but that’s kind of his style.

Better round for Johnson, but Dawson is being very methodical. He’s pulling the trigger with his left hand and finished off the round with a nice flurry.

When Dawson decides to engage, he makes Johnson looked slow. Probably his best round thus far as he had a few flurries and looked good. Johnson is game though.

Dawson isn’t really hitting Johnson with staggering shots, but he’s clearly winning this fight. He’s starting to turn Johnson around and making him miss badly.

After his corner told him that he lost every round so far, Johnson picked up the pressure on Dawson and pressed him. Dawson danced around a lot and didn’t look as good as he had been looking.

Johnson had another good round, but Dawson landed the best shot of the fight with a big straight left and made Johnson shake his head a bit and that changed the story of the round. Johnson looked a little frustrated after that shot.

Bit of a frustrating round to watch. You get the sense that if he wanted to, he could make Johnson miss nearly every punch. But Dawson just sat there in his stance and allowed Johnson to hit him in the face a few times.

Dawson had a much better round. Johnson is starting to get tired, or just looking slow all of a sudden.

Dawson looked fast and was crisp with his punches. Johnson is game, but is just not able to stalk him like he wants. Dawson has maybe lost one round this entire fight.

Dawson is looking just as good in round 10 as he looked in round 1. Johnson is still pressing as much as possible, but he can’t keep up.

Not much to say in this round that I haven’t already said. Johnson needs a knockout to win this one.

Johnson came out swinging and looked for the knockout, but there was no way he was catching Dawson. He might’ve won the round through.

Winner: Chad Dawson by way of unanimous decision

Two of these scorecards were pretty ludicrous at 115-113, which means they gave Johnson five rounds each. The other scorecard was 117-111.

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