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FGB Radio – Strikeforce Recap, Pac/Cotto, And UFC 105 Preview

Big D and I are back to discuss the big Strikeforce show from the weekend, whether or not Fedor or Brett Rogers came out stars, the build to Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto, and we also preview the UFC 105 show.

Listen below.

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2 thoughts on “FGB Radio – Strikeforce Recap, Pac/Cotto, And UFC 105 Preview

  1. If Randy loses to Vera, he should definitely retire. At that point he will just be another guy and a name opponent for upcoming fighters, and nobody wants to see that.

    Are we all on the same page on this matter ???

  2. It sucks because if Randy can’t beat Vera, it means that he can’t beat someone who is a slightly above average light heavy, and the only way he should still be fighting is if he’s in the top top class of the division.

    With his now third divorce looming, I wonder how much of this is fighting to keep his living?

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