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WWE Bragging Rights Main Event

According to PWInsider, Randy Orton vs. John Cena in an Iron Man Match is the scheduled main event for WWE Bragging Rights. Yes… again. I’m not sure if its a 30 or 60, but quite frankly I’m not sure if I can handle an hour of Randy Orton. This is scheduled to be announced on tonight’s Monday Night Raw. Yes, the never ending feud… doesn’t end.

We originally heard from all the major news sites that Bragging Rights was scheduled to be a series of Raw vs. Smackdown matches and the winners of the said matches were to team up in a multi-man tag match at the end of the night. I believe this is still scheduled to happen, but obviously Orton and Cena will not be involved.

Update 9:20PM: On Raw, it was made official between Cena and Orton in an angle that was shot in front of the live crowd. The match is 60 minutes, which personally means I won’t be watching. The new stipulation is that if Orton wins, Cena has to leave Raw. They might as well put up a sign that says “CENA IS WINNING THIS MATCH GUYS!” The match is also No DQ and No countout.

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