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The Ultimate Fighter Sets A Record Rating

This past Wednesday’s The Ultimate Fighter, which featured Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice, broke all kinds of ratings records for a MMA show.

According to Dave Meltzer, the show did a 3.7 rating and 5.3 million viewers. The fight itself did 6.1 million viewers, which is the tops in the US for any MMA show.

What’s most impressive is that they also broke a SpikeTV record by doing a 6.9 rating in the males 18-34 demographic. No SpikeTV show has ever done that kind of rating in the demographic. What I’m not too sure about is that if Raw did a bigger rating than that in the demo when it was TNN, which was before SpikeTV.

Only Monday Night Football beat it in the males 18-34 demographic this week.

By doing a 3.7 rating, it also beat WWE Monday Night Raw this week, which is a first. Raw, featuring the Reverand Al Sharpton as guest GM, did only a 3.1 rating. But you also have to figure in that Raw went heads up against a Monday Night Football game on the East Coast which did a 11.5 rating for the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Carolina Panthers. The Ultimate Fighter didn’t have the same kind of competition.

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Sets A Record Rating

  1. I don’t think the rating was built around whether the fight was good or not. It could’ve added to the overall viewers, but a “good” match wasn’t necessarily important for this rating.

    If they had a more competitive match, I think they would’ve been able to build a rematch, and they still might.

  2. I hope there is no rematch.

    On skills alone I think Kimbo may be the worst fighter in the house. He is interesting to watch for 30 minutes of TV but when it comes to fight time, he is tough to watch.

    He simply won’t last in the UFC. He will be used simply to get other fighters air time.

  3. I’m not so sure I totally agree, but I see where you’re coming from.

    I think there are several fighters in that house right now he could beat. But Rashad knew who’d give him the most trouble.

    I think he’ll be booked more smartly by Dana and word is that he’s been working out with Greg Jackson, so at least he’s getting good training.

  4. I don’t know that he’s officially with Greg Jackson and company, but read that Rashad wanted him to come train with them.

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