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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 3 (Kimbo Slice Vs. Roy Nelson)

I have to apologize because my DVR wasn’t set to record this show (of all shows) for whatever reason, but I double checked it and had to manually record it. I missed the first few minutes.

Rampage and Rashad are arguing because Rampage thinks that Rashad ducked him in March, but Rashad said he was supposed to fight him in May so really he ducked him. Then Rampage went with the bad breath jokes. He said that it was really Rashad’s breath that knocked out Chuck Liddell.

Rampage saw James McSweeney shaking his head and Rampage wanted to know what he was shaking his head for. They nearly went nose to nose before Rashad jumped in.

They talk about Kimbo’s beard and how long it took him to grow it. Rampage asks him if he’s a Black Jewish because he wears the cap on his head. Rampage says Kimbo is humble.

Rampage wanted Kimbo to work with someone bigger in mount defense because Roy Nelson’s stomach is so big.

Marcus Jones walked off the mat because his knee hurt and Rampage wanted to push his fight out and Marcus blew up because he didn’t want to get skipped.

The guys are ragging on Marcus for being sensitive. The house calls him Big Baby. He says he’s a softy at heart.

Marcus and Kimbo talk about Kimbo’s street fight tapes and they look like they’re getting along pretty well.

Kimbo weighed in at 230 and Nelson weighed in at 264.

Rashad says that even though Roy looks out of shape, he’s not out of shape. He says he’s one of the best guys on the ground and can bang a bit.

Rampage let his hair grow a bit so that he could leave some hair around the side like Kimbo’s.

Roy says he’s paid his dues more than Kimbo, but he knows Kimbo is going to bring it. Roy just wants to get it to the ground.

Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice

Kimbo has the height and reach on him, but Roy is younger by a few years.

Kimbo got the best of it on the feet. He had Nelson up against the cage, but Nelson was able to lock him up and hold him against the cage. Kimbo used a lot of energy to try and get out and then Nelson took him down. Nelson was immediately in the mount and little brothered Kimbo for about 30 seconds before the bell sounded.

The round was the same. Kimbo hit Nelson with a great shot but then Nelson took him down again. He just laid on top of him and little brothered him again.

Dana White doesn’t seem to be all that impressed. He says he did just enough to win and not get hit. But the punches he hit him with weren’t much.

Nelson thinks he’s the number one guy. Dana says Kimbo needs to use the time in the show to become a better fighter. Kimbo says he feels badly, but he’s going to learn from his mistakes.

The fight was pretty much what you expected it to be, but Nelson doesn’t seem to be the kind of fighter that fans will get behind. But he does have a great knowledge of what he can do with his body. But you can’t really figure out how good he was because Kimbo was so one dimensional.

Next week, Marcus Jones looks to be hurt and they tease that Kimbo may fight again. Also, there’s a traitor on Rashad’s team.

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 3 (Kimbo Slice Vs. Roy Nelson)

  1. This season seems great for ratings but not so great for finding contenders for the heavyweight division.

    Jon Madsen was solid at exploiting his opponents weaknesses, so I have hope left for him. Abe had zero ground game. Kimbo has zero ground game. Big Wes Shivers wasn’t awful, just has no tank. McSweeney is all leg kicks and lacks stamina too.

  2. The fights are going to be bad. I think Roy Nelson can win fights, but based on how Dana perceives him, I wonder if he starts him at the bottom because of how he fights.

  3. I think that they will do something to get kimbo fighting again before its all over with. Its all about ratings and if kimbo is out this soon it will definately affect ratings. They will probably have him take marcus jones spot then kimbo will destroy someoNe and then dana will do the once in a lifetime seccond chance for him.

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