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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 7

Rampage and Rashad continue to make fun of each other being knocked out, which seems kind of odd when you think about it being that this is a violent sports.

Rampage calls Evans, “Gayshad” while he calls Rampage, “Wahhhmpage, the whiny bitch.” These guys are getting too immature.

Rashad picks the fight and it’s Matt Mitrione, aka “Meathead” versus Scott Junk. Dana says he’ll take the fighter over the NFL guy (Mitrione) any day.

That makes the last fight between Mike Wessell and Marcus Jones.

Rashad tells Rampage that he’s going to make him quit. They get into it seriously and it gets ugly. It’s an awesome segment to set up a fight. Too bad they won’t fight for a while.

Junk says that Mitrione told him that the reason they’re fighting is because Wessell was scared to fight Junk. It went back to Junk and Wessell says it didn’t happen that way at all.

Rashad thinks Mitrione is the one who is really scared. He says that he gets frustrated with him a lot but as a coach, it’s a challenge for him. Mitrione says he fights to stop the voices in his head.

Rashad thinks that Junk is the best guy on Rampage’s team. Junk’s teammates think this is their first win, and part of it is because no one likes Mitrione. Mitrione drinks Jon Madsen’s orange juice and pisses him off. In training, they spar together and start going at it and Mitrione goes crazy. Rashad chews him out for wasting his energy on his teammate rather than saving it for his first fight and then calls him out for sitting out with a shoulder injury and when the opportunity arises is ready to fight a teammate.

Wes Sims must be bored because he puts on a ninja costume to mess with Mitrione. He wants Matt to snap for some reason. We’ve seen Sims fight this year. I’m not sure he wants anyone to snap on him.

Scott Junk vs. Matt Mitrione

Junk looked absolutely terrible. Well, both guys looked terrible. Near the end of the round, Mitrione couldn’t even keep his hands up. But Mitrione won the first three minutes of the fight really easily which was surprising. Junk tried to shoot in and wouldn’t get close and Mitrione put him on his butt a few times in the round. Junk wanted to take him to the ground, but Mitrione wouldn’t go down. Junk started scoring later in the round, but he was still getting hit too. They were open mouthed and sucking wind at the end of the first round.

What an odd fight this is. Junk finally took him down and tried the ground and pound. They got stood up and he never went back for the takedown, which would’ve won him the round easily. He then let Mitrione use his long reach to make him look bad on the feet, though Mitrione has nothing on his punches.

Winner: Matt Mitrione by majority decision

Rampage was pissed and thought the fight should’ve gone to a third round. Rashad is still undefeated.

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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 7

  1. I don’t know what made us laugh more, Wes Sims as a Ninja or the fight. Both were hysterical.

    Fights like this one and McSweeney/Shivers really makes you appreciate the quality of the UFC heavyweights. Conditioning is so important in the 265 class.

  2. This fight………I don’t even know what to say.

    I’m not sure that I can still say that MMA fighters are highly skilled, well prepared athletes after watching this.

    I’m almost certain Kimbo could have knocked out either of these guys, and he may in fact have better conditioning to. What a rip off.

    Also I scored this fight one round a piece, and i’m convinced that my scoring is accurate. The judges may just have decided that a third round of this was seriously not needed, and flicked a coin to pick a winner. I’m pretty sure that the Homer Simpson nudge would have been enough to finish this one off had it gone a third round.

  3. Pathetic fight pretty much. And to JP’s point, I totally agree, but with these guys, I’m not sure it was only conditioning. Maybe they’re just terrible? After being built up so much, I was so disappointed in Junk. He looked like a small version of Prince Albert from WWE fame.

    Duan, don’t you think that if Junk just took him down one or two more times, the round would’ve clearly been in the bag? Why did he keep wanting to take pitter patter jabs in the face?

  4. They probably are just terrible fighters, with terrible conditioning. No doubt Kimbo would have superior conditioning to both.

    One of my friends actually asked if Kimbo was the only guy who went for runs while filming.

  5. I think he was probably just too gassed to take him down GG.
    The thing with Junk is that he had a fight in a prelim at UFC 76 against Christian Wellisch. Now I don’t think i saw that fight, and if I did I don’t remember it. Regardless, the fact that he made a proper UFC card suggests that there is something more there than what we saw on this show. I wonder if that Rampage team is more of a mess than we even think.

    On that note, a lot of the lower level guys in UFC could have really dominated on the series. Somebody like Mostapha Al Turk probably could have kicked some serious ass on this show

  6. It’s too bad that they couldn’t have put someone like Todd McDuffie on here to just let him clean up on everyone.

  7. I heard through the grapevine so I don’t know. I don’t really know how the process works actually. Do they tell you that day or call you back?

    It does tell us that season 11 will be at least part middleweight though.

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