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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 6

Rashad brings in Phil Nurse to help the guys work on their stand-up.

McSweeney rats Darrill out and tells Rashad that he drinks too much. Rashad tells him it’s killing his conditioning. Rashad thinks he’s a diamond in the rough.

Darrill tells Rampage that he’ll cut to 205 and beat Rampage too. Rampage says that the only thing he’ll win is a wet t-shirt contest.

Rashad picks Darril to fight Zak Jensen.

Darrill gets in Rashad’s face and Rashad tells him that if he walks up on him again, he’ll be in trouble.

Rashad tells him that it’s all about disrespect. Rampage says he’s doing it to have a good time. Dana White says he might just want to be ok with the joking.

Team Rampage picks on Zak and are pushing him hard and they think he’s going to snap.

Rashad says that Darrill has a serial killer look. He says he also has some hands and wants him to push Zack up against the cage and just let the hands go.

Zak got cut in practice and Kimbo threw his hands up as if he was next in waiting to fight.

Team Rampage had someone put together cartoons to make fun of Team Rashad and they hid it from Darrill because they gave him breasts and a bra for his guy.

Dana says Zak is the worst guy in the competition.

Kimbo and McSweeney bet each other Tap Out shirts that their guy would win.

In a great bit of editing, they show Rashad pumping Darrill up by telling him that he’s going to be born on this day (which is also his birthday) as a UFC fighter, while Rampage is only telling his fighter that he can’t let a guy with titties beat him.

This one isn’t going to last long.

Zak Jensen vs. Darrill Schoonover

It was fun while it lasted. Zak actually got a few shots in, but Darrill did exactly what Rashad told him to do. He grabbed him, pushed him towards the cage, and just started to tee off. Zak shot in and got the takedown, but it looked like Darrill simply pulled guard. Darrill put in a triangle for what seemed like a minute and a half and finally went out.

Winner: Darrill Schoonover by way of 1st round submission

What’s going to happen when some of Rashad’s guys have to be cornered when they’re fighting each other?

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 6

  1. I find myself liking Rashad more and more each episode. He is definitely a guy who will help the sport grow.

    It should be interesting when Rashad’s guys have to fight one another. Though I think Page gets Big Baby in (just a gut feeling). It would interest me even more if Dana made McSweeney fight Schaub since they are both Greg Jackson guys. That would be good TV.

    Schoonover’s future is at 205. He and Justin Wren should look to cut in the future. Both are soft 230 fighters that could get down with a good camp.

  2. Correct.

    My hopes are Big Baby vs. Meat Head with Big Baby winning; then Mike Wessel (least talked about guy on show) vs Scott Junk.

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