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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 5

Rashad is enjoying his 4-0 start, but doesn’t want to get ahead of himself.

Matt Mitrione says he jarred his shoulder up in practice. He tried to play through it and wants to get a cortisone shot. Rashad says it’s a bad idea to get a cortisone shot.

Marcus says he wants to fight next. He was trying to goad Rashad into putting his guy within him next.

Rampage says this losing streak is messing with his sex life.

He was teaching his guys the wall walk which is trying to scale the cage while being in your guard and Zak can’t do it. Zak says he gets frustrated on his back, which pretty mean means that he’s getting subbed this season. Rampage says if Zak’s fighting for him, he won’t get his hopes up too much.

Wes Sims says that he rolled his ankle in the shower because Zak sploogied on the shower floor. Zak says he didn’t do it. The guys say that he can’t joke around and he’s socially awkward. Brenden says he shouldn’t even be on the show.

Rashad calls Matt out for his shoulder and says that he’s got to practice first before he can fight. Because of his shoulder, he hasn’t been able to spar and train. The rest of the guys think he’s going to get out of dodge at the first chance.

Sims and Zak were training and Zak ended up passed out from a triangle. Rampage says he would’ve been embarrassed and moved to another planet.

Everyone thinks Matt (aka Meat Head) is trying to fight last so that he can fight someone easy. Matt wanted to ice the shoulder and only work one side while doing bag work. Rashad told him to ice afterward. He’s coming off like a major baby.

Rashad chooses his guy Justin to fight Wes Sims. Marcus was upset because he thought Rashad was going to pick him to fight.

Justin Wren trains out of Travis Lutter’s jui-jitsu school.

Kimbo says he likes Wes and that he’s not a tapper. He didn’t know what Justin’s strengths were. But he was adamant that he was going to fight again. He wants to figure out how he can get back in the cage.

Wes says he trains at Hammer House with Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. Hmmm. I’m not sure that’s a good for 2009.

Dana says Wes should have the advantage from his experience fighting Frank Mir and also because Justin Wren isn’t built like a heavyweight, even though he did weigh in at 237. Wes weighed in at 251.

If I were to make a prediction just based on what I know right now, I say Wes gets gassed and Wren outlasts him for two rounds.

Wes Sims vs. Justin Wren

I was wrong. Justin took him out in a hurry. He took Wes down way easily. And then he sunk in an arm triangle. The referee tried to check his arm like old school wrestling and finally he called it off.

Winner: Justin Wren by 1st round submission

Wes said that if he could remember what happened, he’d tell us.

After the fight, Rampage and his coaches didn’t support Wes in the cage and Rashad was in there to help Wes up. He talked to Rampage about that after the fight and Rampage agreed that he wasn’t a coach, and Rashad said that he still should support his fighters. And then they talked trash for the rest of the episode. It’s really a crime that we won’t see this fight happen in December.

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 5

  1. Justin Wren is my pick to win the season. I think he could be a beast in time. I believe he is currently training with Greg Jackson after the show.

    I hope Meat Head and Big Baby fight; that way a complainer is guaranteed to lose.

  2. I like your Big Baby/Meat Head thought.

    Wren looked good, but it was against Sims. I loved how Dana White said that he doesn’t look like a heavyweight, so he picked Sims. Dana White = Vince McMahon

  3. I won’t pretend like my support of Justin Wren is anything more than the fact that we share a first name. It just happens that he is good. I also like that he is only 22 which gives him time to develop rather than guys like Kimbo and Marcus Jones who are both 35.

    One thing about Wren, he is smaller than I thought. His Wiki page lists him at 264 but he weighed in at 237 and still carries a lot of spare tires. I wonder if he could get down to 205.

  4. I liked this one much less than the other episodes. I guess they were trying to showcase some of that whacky characters, and i found them to be annoying. The story about that drama queen with his shoulder injury really began to irritate me.

  5. Sort of, but i don’t really see this as good heat like say Koscheck had. I guess i sort of found it frustrating to sit through, and wanted to stop watching the show.

    I know a lot of people warch TUF for the whacky hijinx, and thats fine, but that element of it really doesn’t appeal to me. I would rather see fighters carry themselves like professional athletes

  6. One thing this season has made me appreciate is the conditioning of the current UFC heavyweights. There really is no comparing; the guys on TUF have some work to do if they want to go three rounds with the top 10-15 UFC boys. Though I do expect that to come once these guys get contracts.

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