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The Return Of David Tua

David Tua (50-3-1) made his return to the ring earlier today on a big show in New Zealand. The former title challenger had been inactive for over 2 years now, but looked absolutely devastating in spite of the long lay off.

I have always liked Tua, and on the basis of this performance, he still definitely has the tools to be a serious factor in the less than stellar heavyweight division. He looked to be in tremendous shape, his power is still as terrifying as ever, and he showed superb finishing skills.

I am not all that familiar with his opponent Shane Cameron. He had amassed a pretty nice record fighting against weaker competition, but the general consensus was that this was too big a step up for him. Cameron had a decent ranking with a couple of the sanctioning bodies though, so the win should put Tua right back in contention.

The heavyweight division has just been so banal lately, and this is something i can get excited about. An in shape David Tua could be a handful for a lot of guys out there, and at very least his fights should be some fun to watch.

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12 thoughts on “The Return Of David Tua

  1. i agree, I’d like to see him matched up with James Toney as a step up from Cameron, and then have him start fighting the Euro super heavies. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and I hear power is the last thing to go, so I hope he climbs the ladder (again) quickly.

  2. So Tua looked awesome. He looked a tad bit slow early on, but that could’ve just been him kind of getting his rhythm back.

    But that left hook was so quick. And then that right hand was just as devastating. How old is this dude now?

  3. He will be 37 coming November.I reckon this guy still has the x factor. I’ve been following him all along and man this guy is so much matured now, mentally and in all aspects, so focussed and relaxed.he shed 26 kg to get into shape

  4. Yeah, he’s just about to turn 37 as kash said. While that is getting on a bit, the average age in the heavyweight division is much higher than at other weights. He doesn’t look old in there which is the most important thing; so i see no reason why he shouldn’t have a couple of good years left in him at least.

    James Toney would be an interesting step up next as TooDiesel said. I could see him running through the rather one dimensional Alexander Ustinov either, who is ranked pretty high in the wba. That might give him a chance of getting the winner of Haye vs. Valuev further on down the road. I would like to see that to. He opens up loads of fresh matches in the division. It’s definitely a welcome return.

    Just as a side note, I noticed boxrec have put him back into their independent rankings at number 21 in the world.

  5. I would like to see Tua take on Hasim Rahman think same sort of age and condition, Tua needs some stronger competition to see if he is up with it all still. Cameron was outclassed and way out of his league.

  6. That’s a good option to NZb. I think Tua would deal with the Rahman we have seen recently quite handily, but it would be a good test. It would put the winner right back into the title picture

  7. Tuas definatly back. Watching him brutally punish shane cameron in that fight was Scary!!!…for someone whos had a two year lay off and is 37 years of age isnt bad at all. he trained hard for this fight he shed 26 kg’s and he looked good he was fast and his power is still there if not i rekon he’s alot faster an stronger than hes ever been. While most boxers would be winding the clock down and calling it a day in ther career as a boxer. Tuas actually trying to get back in the rankings and fight for the world tittle. with that hungar he has I hope he can pursue his dream and hopfuly capture the holy grail of boxing.
    If anyone can shake the heavywight division and put it back on the map again, you would have to consider Tua with a good chance or david haye.

    You would have to consider Tua because he has an iron chin, Punching power in both hands 2nd to none and is quick. And the fact that he’s never been Knockd out or hurt in his boxning career . He fought lewis with a few disadvantages he was too big, too slow, shorter reach and had a rib injury that caused him pain during the fight. You cant take anything from lewis he was a good fighter and he by far is the man of the era in the late 90s to 2000…

  8. Excellent points Jay

    I have to agree about big Lennox. He sometimes doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he was an absolutely superb heavyweight boxer. He completely dominated every fighter of his era, and new the right time to call it a day. There was certainly no shame in Tua losing to him.

  9. Sup Duan thanks mate. I wasnt a fan of Lewis but i agree with you Lewis didnt get the regignition he deserved he fought smart and he was no push over he had a devastating right hand and i guess the only real challenge he had was againts Vital the current champ before he called it quits. It was a good fight i actually thought that if vitali didnt get the cut on his eye he may have taken the fight to lewis and maybe cause an up set, but than again it could of gone either way especially when you got two giants in the ring.

    Also on the subject about Tua i rekon a fight with rahman would be good they have alot of past together and im sure Tua at his current weight would be able to handle rahman an take the fight to him. I guess for Tua he’s gotta throw in the combos an try be unpredictable cuz alot of the time he was only throwing the left hook but who knows hopfully he climbs tha ladder quick cuz one thing which isnt on his side is Time!!!…..

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