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Super Six World Boxing Classic Preview – Carl Froch Vs. Andre Dirrell

When the participants for the Super Six were originally announced, my first thought was that the two young American hopefuls are in over their head here. My opinion has not changed. They have been matched up pretty soft since turning pro, and I think the step up in standard is just too steep to overcome.

Dirrell, although supremely talented, has not been tested yet. He is going to find out quickly that he is in a real fight on Saturday night. In Carl Froch, he faces a man who has been there and done that. Froch will also have the home field advantage in front of what is sure to be a packed out arena in Nottingham. You wonder how Dirrell will respond to being put in this type of environment for the first time.

Dirrell’s best weapon in this fight will be his outstanding hand speed. When Froch fought Taylor earlier this year, I expected Taylor to have the advantage in this area, but I was surprised by how great the gulf between the two was. Dirrell needs to use his speed to get in, get his shots off, and get out again. If he can do that and not get drawn into trading, he can possibly outbox Froch.

Carl Froch has two distinct advantages in every fight: Devastating knockout power and a granite chin. He has the heaviest hands in this tournament, and he’s confident that he can take shots in order to land with his own. I don’t believe Dirrell has the type of power that can truly deter Froch. Even if Andre can stay out of range early, he won’t be able to do it all night. Froch has superb stamina, and he maintains his composure better than nearly anyone in boxing. He won’t be rattled if he loses a few early rounds. He will stick to his gameplan, and he will eventually get to Dirrell.

Froch has had two fight of the year candidates back to back, and this could be another cracker, but ultimately it will be a case of too much too soon for Dirrell. Froch takes the bonus point.

Prediction: Froch by KO within 8 rounds.

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