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Super Six World Boxing Classic – Jermain Taylor vs. Arthur Abraham Play By Play

Jermain Taylor is coming out to Michael Jackson’s Bad.

For some reason, the Scorpions are playing live for Abraham’s entrance.

Abraham weighed in right at 168, while Taylor weighed in a pound and a half lighter.

Taylor looked decidedly taller at the stare down.

Abraham hides his face behind his gloves in a peek-a-boo type defense. Taylor had troubles landing anything up top so he started landing body shots. Abraham wasn’t busy but threw the hardest and widest shots, which were hooks. He looked strong throwing them, though didn’t land flush.

Abraham started out well throwing a strong jab and also finished it well, though he hit Taylor in the back of the head twice. Taylor completely controlled the middle of the round by going to the body. He did hit Abraham very low early in the round.

Abraham’s punches are wide, and when they get inside, he’s hitting Taylor to the side and behind the head at times. Taylor got upset at that near the end of the round. Taylor is trying to counter with an uppercut when Abraham comes at him. This is probably Abraham’s first round of the fight. He started to push Taylor back near the end of the round.

Sloppy fourth round. It looks like the left hook is there for Taylor when Abraham throws his right hand, which is pretty deliberate. But you can tell he respects his power and is looking to simply get out of dodge. Taylor was warned for another low blow, but that’s going to happen with Abraham’s style of defense. Taylor looked like he was fighting with a bit of anger that round.

Abraham was much more busy in this round, but it was still a sloppy round. These guys just don’t mesh well in the ring together. Abraham is opening up his guard and letting his hands go more and he landed the most punches so far in the fight, in this round.

The referee took a point away from Taylor for hitting below the waist, which means this is a 10-8 round. It took Taylor out of the round and Abraham is starting to wear him down a bit with body shots.

Great round for Abraham. He put together some fantastic combinations and staggered Taylor late in the round. He’s really coming on now.

Pretty close round. For some reason, Abraham was holding his gloves low which allowed Taylor to get his jab in. Not sure if it’s because he’s tired, or if he’s just trying to get Taylor to mix a little bit more. Abraham landed more good shots, though a Taylor right hand was probably the best shot of the round.

Abraham nearly put Taylor down with a right hand, but he also caught him with his elbow at the same time. I’m not sure if the elbow helped in staggering Taylor. Abraham couldn’t follow up and Taylor jabbed his way back into the round.

Taylor stayed away from the power shots, but still lost the round. Abraham was the busier fighter and continues to pile up the rounds.

Abraham pushed the pace for the entire round and threw some impressive combinations. He didn’t hurt Taylor, but Taylor wasn’t able to get off a lot because he was back pedaling.

Abraham flattened Taylor to win by knockout. It was a busy round and Abraham was getting the best of him. Taylor was fading and caught a straight right flush on the mouth. He immediately went down and it looked like he banged the back of his shoulders or head on the mat. He looked hurt, but was able to pick himself up.

Winner: Arthur Abraham by way of 12th round TKO

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3 thoughts on “Super Six World Boxing Classic – Jermain Taylor vs. Arthur Abraham Play By Play

  1. Abraham really impressed me. He showed that his power has definitely carried up in weight, and that he’s dangerous from the first till the last. And to give the guy credit, he has landed several devastating late KO’s in a similar vein to this one in the past. He has a way of figuring guys out as a fight wares on, and just taking over. He’s also not above mixing in his fair share of illegal blows, but thats neither here nor there. Getting the KO bonus point means he’s nearly through to the knock out stages already.

    I felt disappointed for Jermain. He gave it his all, and certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. He didn’t gas this time either, he just got hit with a picture perfect shot. I felt that he deserved to make it to the final bell.

  2. Who is the best counter puncher in the field? While I was really impressed with Abraham, some of his offense is so wide, I wonder if you have a slick guy in there who can just counter him because he can see it coming. Then again, Abraham’s defense is good.

    Abraham looked good and he definitely hasn’t found his best fight yet.

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