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Fun New Welterweight Fights Rumored For UFC 110

February 8th 2010 will be the annual Super Bowl Weekend UFC PPV and there are two welterweight fights that the company is trying to put together that look great.

The first one is supposedly about 80% confirmed. Frank Trigg will square off against Matt Serra. The promos to build to this one should be fun. Serra definitely needs a win so he can rematch Hughes and if he wins there, maybe he and GSP can have their rubber match. Trigg looked awful against Koscheck and really needs this win as well or else it could be bye bye.

Speaking of Koscheck, he called out Matt Hughes and UFC is trying to put Hughes vs. Koscheck together as the co-main of the show. I’m not sure Hughes wants the fight, but I think it’s a good fight for both guys. Both guys were notoriously hated at one point and loved and both are WORLD CLASS WRESTLERS.

Some fun times possibly coming early next year!

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10 thoughts on “Fun New Welterweight Fights Rumored For UFC 110

  1. That card would need a solid main event if Hughes-Koscheck is the co-main event.

    I would personally want to see a Machida-Rampage fight at the top of the card. I’m pretty sure Machida will win Oct 24th, and by then Rampage should be done filming, so hopefully Dana could make it happen.

    I wouldn’t really care if the Jackson-Evans fight didn’t happen until later; if a shot at Machida was a way to get Rampage back, go for it.

    There has to be a belt on the line for the Super Bowl show. Last year’s had the GSP-Penn fight. The one before that had the heavyweight title bout and the premiere of Lesnar. Looking at who would be available for a February fight: Silva fights in January, B.J. Penn fights in December, Lesnar fights in November, Machida in October and GSP is hurt. GSP could headline the show but that would be three major WW fights on one main card. I don’t think UFC has ever done that, which leads me to believe GSP will not be on that card. Lesnar could probably make the turn around against the Cain/Rothwell winner.

    Lesnar would be a huge draw on Super Bowl weekend. But Machida-Rampage would be awesome too. Either would work for me.

  2. I think GSP will probably be the choice for that card, unless, like you said, they don’t want to do three welterweight fights in a row. I wonder if Lesnar would want to fight so soon. That’s only three months.

    Do you really want to see Rampage/Machida before Rampage/Rashad?

    They won’t do that. They have way too much money tied into Rampage/Rashad.

  3. You raise good points G.G., and I revised my thinking.

    I want GSP to be the main event of that card, but I think the UFC needs to find a better opponent than the Hardy/Swick winner. I think Jon Fitch is the second best 170 fighter and really want to see a rematch of that fight. As it stands, Hardy/Swick will be the next fight, but that fight is also in November. So will they be able to go on a quick turn around?

    I think it would be best if Hardy won because he has star power and could be easily promoted.

    If GSP is the main event, I hope the Trigg-Serra fight happens but at an different event. I really don’t think they will do three welterweight matches on one main card; though a Trigg-Serra fight may not be main card.

    In regard to Lesnar, he has only ever fought in Vegas and Minnesota (his home state). With 109 in Ireland and 111 in Austrilia, 110 seems to make some sense. Or hold off until 112, whose location is yet to be announced. I think Lesnar could turn around quickly though; he didn’t take much time between Herring and Couture.

    As for Machida/Rampage, I want to see the TUF grudge settled first, but I would definitely watch. And with Evans set to fight at 108, that means Evans/Rampage could be on hold until May/June. Which could work if Rampage fought the same week A-Team (June 10th) opened or something. That could actually work out chronologically. But who does Machida fight in the mean time?

  4. Trigg/Serra will most definitely be on the main card and it will be marketed hard because both guys can talk.

    As for Machida, if Randy beats Vera, I think it’d be Randy.

  5. Trigg-Serra.

    I can’t see that fight being more than a 3rd fight on a main card, but could make a solid headline for a fight night.

  6. They don’t use the older fighters for those Fight Night card usually.

    I think it’d be second from the top on a shallower card, and like you said, third from the top on a deeper card.

  7. That is a good point about Fight Nights usually being reserved for younger guys who need exposure.

    I suppose if it was the third fight on a major card, like 110 should be, then that isn’t so bad. Especially if the 4th fight is Wanderlei-Akiyama.

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