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FGB Radio – Super Six World Boxing Classic, Bound For Glory, & Captain Lou

Big D and I return for our first FGB Radio in a few weeks. This is the first in what we hope will be a two FGB Radio week as there are a ton of things to discuss.

In this episode, we talk about the first two fights in the Super Six World Boxing Classic, a bit about Shane McMahon, why I was bothered with the media coverage of Captain Lou Albano, and D goes in depth on Bound For Glory, including high praise for the booking and where the storylines might possibly be going.

Listen below.

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7 comments on “FGB Radio – Super Six World Boxing Classic, Bound For Glory, & Captain Lou

  1. Duan says:

    Just on the subject of a one night boxing tournament, we do have that type of idea over here. It’s a thing called Prizefighter. Basically how it works is that it’s a 8 man elimination tournament like king of the ring. All fights are only 3 rounds though, so to win you have to win three 3 round fights(quarter,semi,final).

    It does really good business over here. The shows are always sold out and is popular on tv. I’m pretty surprised the idea has never been brought to America. It’s exciting because of the 3 round dynamic. Guys can’t afford to hold back at all; they have to just go for broke for 9 minutes. It generally attracts boxers who have either not got a break, or else don’t have all that many doors open to them at the time. Winning the tournament generally gives guys loads of new options because they become something of a name off the back of it.

    It’s also huge for betting because theres always plenty of upsets just because the nature of a one night tournament.

    Regarding super six being live or delayed.. For you guys the German card was on tape delay. That was on here around 10. The Froch fight was live on showtime though. It actually was nearly 3 in the morning when the fighters went to the ring so that it could be broadcasted live over there

  2. GG says:

    Are these guys similar of the caliber who would be on the Contender in the US?

  3. Duan says:

    It’s sort of a mixed bag. The first season (heavyweights) a guy from Belfast called Martin Rogan won it. You really couldn’t think of more of a “Rocky” story. He was a 37 year old taxi driver with only a handful of pro fights (7) prior, and was a huge underdog. He’s just a really gritty determined fighter with natural strength and punching power.

    After he won, he was then put in a bout with 2000 olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison who was in a rebuilding phase after a set back. Rogan was essentially brought in as a name opponent for Harrison to capitalize on the show. What was to follow was the best example of how far heart and determination can take you. Rogan just wanted it more and upset the experience olympic gold medalists by close decision.

    Rogan then fought Commonwealth and European champion Matt Skelton. Skelton had recently challenged Ruslan Chagaev for the WBA heavyweight title. Again Rogan prevailed and became the first man ever to knock out Skelton. Rogan is now a big draw at home, and his fights pack out the Odyssey – Belfast’s big arena that WWE run.

    In the most recent series of Prizefighter. Ironically it was Audley Harrision who won it. After losing to Rogan, he was struggling to find options because he was a big name/money fighter, but had such a devastating set back that it was very hard to market him as a viable challenger anymore. Prizefighter was something of a lifeline. upon hearing that he had entered, his rival current british heavyweight champion and Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams put his name in the hat to. Harrison and Williams had gone 1-1 in a series of fights, and both were eager to set the record straight. Williams was favourite to take the tournament, but was upset in the first round by the biggest underdog in the whole thing. Harrison went on to win easily, and now has opened up some doors for himself now.

    There’s loads of stories like that coming out of it. I just thought the connection there was interesting. It’s certainly been more effective in creating stars than the contender I would say anyway.

    The one Harrison won was at the start of this month. The next one was just announced today for December. Here’s an artical about it , and the fighters who entered.


  4. GG says:

    That is amazing. I never heard of such a thing. Does that show do big ratings?

  5. Duan says:

    Yeah, sky is the premium sports network here. There’s always loads of discussion about it leading up to the show. You have the draw and then people are thinking about how it will pan out, who has the best route to the final etc, and who to bet on and things like that.

    I guess its just something a bit different, and it really captured peoples imagination.

  6. GG says:

    Do you think Americans would look down on it if they did it over here, or do you think they would get into it?

    I can think of a few guys I’d love to see get second shots at doing something.

  7. Duan says:

    It’s exciting TV. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work

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