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FGB Radio – Lesnar Out Of UFC 106 And UFC 104 & WWE Bragging Rights Recaps

It’s our third show in eight days and Big D and I have quite the debate about whether Shogun was robbed or whether it was just the wrong decision. We also talk WWE Bragging Rights and fantasy book how Big Dave Batista should’ve turned on Rey and how Ted DiBiase should turn on Legacy.

But before that, I talk about the breaking news that Brock Lesnar is out of UFC 106 because of an illness.

It’s another fun show.

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11 thoughts on “FGB Radio – Lesnar Out Of UFC 106 And UFC 104 & WWE Bragging Rights Recaps

  1. I watched impact this week for the first time in months.

    It was a really a mixed bag. I liked a lot of the matches, and i thought the Nigel thing was decent enough. The DQ in the cage match really pissed me off, and every person on this show shouts out every single word. After the first segment i was like, My God, please shut up. Rhino just screaming for several minutes straight was too much for me to sit through. A calm Jake roberts style promo is seriously needed in that company.

    Regarding Taz mentioning the name change, I thought that it was what GG said about google. There were probably a good few people who saw Nigel’s name on sites during the week, but had never actually seen him before, and they wanted to just insure that they were capitalizing on that hype.

  2. Thanks for listening man. I’m very scared of Kongo beats Mir. Shouldn’t Mir just be able to take him down and finish him?

  3. If Mir can’t get Kongo to the ground he is foolish. He made it known he intends to add bulk up and improve his striking, but against Kongo he should work for the sub.

    Mir’s greater eye (so to speak) is fixed upon Lesnar. I believe Mir will tear through the heavyweight division in the meantime. But that is just me.

    I think the Mir we will see at 107 will be a beast.

  4. I’m not sure Mir can handle guys who fight like Brock, who are guys like Velasquez and Carwin. Brock showed those guys how to beat a jui-jitsu guy with wrestling.

  5. Mir is a spent force. His career was prolonged because he had enough cunning to catch a rookie in a leglock. That’s it.

    He’s not got the mindset nor the dedication to compete at the highest level anymore. With Kongo you know what you get. He’s not a complete fighter, but he’s very physically strong and has decent take down defense unless he’s being matched with elite wrestler types. Also it’s worth noting that he has never been submitted in MMA despite his questionable ground fighting skills.

    My feeling is that he has more than enough to deal with Mir. The only way i see him losing this is if Kongo gets overzealous with ground and pound and Mir catches him. Otherwise Kongo picks him apart and causes him to quit

  6. I think the desire for a rubber match against Lesnar will fuel Mir. But that is just my two cents.

  7. I am a Mir fan, I confess. Doesn’t mean I can’t be right though lol

    That is the fun of the sport. Who knows what will happen.

    As for the UFC 100 DVD, is it true they edited out Hendo’s flying elbow?

  8. If you’re right, we’ll go back to this comment section and say that you called it. JP called it here!

    I’ll try to watch the entire 100 show again here soon and I’ll let you know.

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