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Backstage Details on the Signing of Nigel McGuinness

Alright folks, here is ALL I was able to dig up (more in the Observer tomorrow):

– Nigel’s new TNA name is Desmond Wolf and he will be facing Kurt Angle at TNA’s Turning Point PPV next month in something of a hardcore fan’s dream match. Nigel came up with this name on his own and was asked to change it so TNA can market him and trademark the name.

– Shockingly, as we speculated on before, there WAS something that World Wrestling Entertainment discovered when they performed the pre-signing physical on Nigel McGuinness and it was enough to freak WWE out to repudiate their initial contract offer. I have no idea what they discovered whether it be a wellness issue or perhaps due to the head injuries and recurring muscle tears. There ARE conflicting stories, but one source stated it was “kinda like Claudio in 06”.

– Vince Russo has been watching Nigel McGuinness and was immediately enamored with his gimmick and workrate and wanted to bring him in for a while and jumped at the chance to do so. Dixie Carter was also a fan of his work and wanted McGuinness to be an original member of the British Invasion.

– This contract was worked out in the past 3 or 4 days.

– As far as I know, Bryan Danielson has fully passed his physical and is still heading in to WWE.

I await tomorrow’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter with hopefully more details.

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