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Aftermath – WWE Hell In A Cell 2009

The first annual WWE Hell In A Cell PPV is in the books. We have a full play by play recap of the show here on FightGameBlog if you missed the show. While the match placement was certainly unorthodox, it was tough going in considering WWE creative had to book different finishes for three Cell matches. A lot of experts in the business felt this show hurt the overall Hell In A Cell gimmick for the future, specially with the fact that there was no blood. Today, the FGB Crew gives our thoughts on the show.

Best Match – Jeri-Show vs. Batista/Mysterio
Worst – Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James
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Let it first be known that I hate the themed PPV concept. The Hell In A Cell match has always been a good draw for WWE because they have used it sparingly. Last nights show completely over exposed it, and I guarantee it will hurt the long term appeal of the gimmick.

I complained about the peculiar match ordering at Breaking Point, but good grief…they took it to a new level here. They managed to ensure that every undercard match fell flat on its face. I felt particularly sorry for R-Truth and Drew McIntyre because they did a brilliant job building that feud, and the crowd never even gave them a chance. Neither of the title changes registered with any kind of impact either due to their positioning on the show. The tag title was excellent, and was the only thing that saved this show from being a complete failure in my eyes. There wasn’t even anything particularly bad from a wrestling perspective; the booking just killed it.

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Best Match – Jeri-Show vs. Bats/Mysterio
Worst Match – Drew McIntyre vs. Ron Killings
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This show just felt a bit disjointed. The match-order completely threw me off and it really pissed me off that Triple H, who is always talking about the importance of putting the title on last despite a bigger main event on the undercard and when he has it’s flopped (see Wrestlemania 18 and Wrestlemania 25) and yet tonight, DX HAS to main event. Fuck that guy – seriously.

Everybody worked hard for the most part and there really weren’t that many boring moments other than the heat during the Cena/Orton match and Drew/Killings. Jeri-Show vs. Batista and Rey was a picture perfect tag match that was about as fluid as it got and concordingly, the three-way for the US title felt like the most choreographed match all year. You can tell the boys were getting into position to do moves and it fell flat. The three Cell matches were fine, but unspectacular considering the history of the HIAC gimmick and all of the incredible moments and matches that it’s given us. This just felt lackluster.

Best Match – Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
Worst Match – none
Thumbs in the middle

This was a weird show for me. I didn’t hate anything in the ring. But nothing got over and everything felt so flat at the end. Even Ziggler and Morrison wasn’t super fantastic or anything, but it was really the only match intrigued me more and more as it got going. I think they should do a best of seven series with the guys just so they can continue working with each other. I like seeing them wrestle.

Of the three main events, I probably liked Cena/Orton best, but still, the finish was hokey. I don’t mind Orton’s stalling tactics so much, but I wish the finish was different. That kick of doom looked bad too. Punk and Undertaker was just getting going and it ended. I liked the tag match a lot, but only when Rey was in it. Rey’s my favorite worker right now. He’s just so good. But Batista was terrible. The main event was fine, but it was way laborious. It felt like work getting through the end of the match. I also really hate the fact that they can’t use blood, but they can kill each other with chairs and sledge hammers. It seems so hypocritical to me.

We’ll see you at Bragging Rights.

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