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WWE 2009 Breaking Point Play By Play

This is WWE’s first post Jeff Hardy PPV since he became their hottest babyface. With the Undertaker back, we’ll see if he can take Hardy’s place.

1. Chris Jericho and The Big Show vs. MVP and Mark Henry

Henry and MVP have matching body suits. On the back of MVP’s, his has the letters MVP going vertical down his back. Henry’s has the same except it’s the letters WSM for World’s Strongest Man.

The match had a good story, but it was hurt by some sloppy work and it seems, MVP just being overly excited. He and Jericho didn’t really work all that well together early on. But they did some good stuff later. My favorite spot in the match was Show doing a Stinger splash in the corner and MVP catching him repositioning him in the corner.

The finish was Show punching Henry in the face after Henry doing some impressive power stuff with Jericho and Jericho getting the pin. MVP came in for the save, but too late.

Winner: Chris Jericho and The Big Show

2. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

The story of the match was that Miz did everything he could to beat Kofi and he couldn’t. The match was pretty boring and featured some terrible close pins, including a messing up of roll-ups and reversals. Kofi finally won when he hit his enziguiri like kick. I missed Dolph and Morrison for this?

Winner: Kofi Kingston

DX already?

3. DX vs. Legacy

The “You Screwed Bret” chants started during the “suck it” speech. HHH said that it was all Shawn’s fault.

This is the first “submission” match of the show where submissions count anywhere in the building.

They immediately went into the concessions and DX put on the double figure four. Back in the ring, HHH put on the worst cross face ever. Cody did a surfboard type submission on his shoulders with Shawn. Try getting HHH up like that.

HHH’s cross face is getting better. He’s the kind of wrestling who wrestles in such a way that working a submission should be a part of his style. HBK was taken out of the match and Legacy worked on HHH, knocking him out with a cooler and chair to the head.

The story is that they’re trying to get one guy out of the match so that they could work two to one on the other guy. Cody busted out an ankle lock, and I immediately remembered how well HBK sold Kurt’s from their Mania match.

Cody busted out the figure four on the post. I think that was for Bret. Then DiBiase put on the Million Dollar Dream at the same time and HBK tapped out. HHH was trying to come down the ramp to break it up but he was too late. That was such an awesome finish and a really good match.

Winner: Legacy

Orton did a great, though longer than necessary, and creepy promo based around getting Cena to say, “I quit”. I swear that this dude is watching Harry Potter movies and trying to take bits from Voldemort.

4. Kane vs. The Great Khali

Kane won with a chokeslam after already hitting Khali with a Singapore cane from the top rope.

Winner: Kane

Punk did a promo where he mentioned Hardy and his mug shot. Wow. He also said he’s not afraid of the Undertaker and then Jimmy Wang Yang turned off the lights, and Punk and Eve got scared because they thought it was Taker. Then he beat poor Jimmy.

5. Christian vs. William Regal

Regal took nearly the entire match with some really great offense. He pulled out an awesome Regal-plex that nearly killed Christian. He also did a rolling senton for a near pin. Christian kept working for the kill switch, got it, and finally got the pin. Regal looked pretty awesome.

Winner: Christian

Pat Patterson came out because they were in Montreal and then Dolph came out. Pat made fun of him, then Dolph made fun of him, and the crowd hated it. And so did I. This was all a set up for him to kick Pat and get some heat. Waste of time. Morrison came out to save Pat. Hopefully we don’t get a tag team match out of this.

6. John Cena vs. Randy Orton

This is an I Quit match and Cena has guaranteed victory.

Orton went for the RKO on the chair, which was so devastating the first time that Cena didn’t come out for this match with any kind of injury. Cena moved and started offense, but Orton was back in control.

Orton keeps pounding Cena’s head, and then getting him to quit. But if he got a concussion, how could he say that he quit? Hmmm. He’s hit him with steps, stomped him on steps, and Cena still just says, “No.”

Orton then handcuffed him to the ropes and continues to beat him. He draped him over the post and was just bashing him badly. If you want to show how fake wrestling is, hitting Cena with chairs and kendo sticks and steps on the head and Cena getting up like Jason from Friday The 13th is the way to do it. To me, this is silly.

I thought the finish was kind of weak. Cena got the key to the cuffs and handcuffed Orton to himself. He then used Orton’s own arm to do the facelock part of the STFU as he pulled on the arm with the handcuff. I can see if Orton’s wrist was hurting and that’s why he quit, but we’re supposed to think that Orton basically gave himself a rear naked choke.

Winner: John Cena

7. CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

Looks like this match will only have 15 minutes max.

This PPV has made me exhausted with all of the pretend violence that looks like too much violence. I’m spent.

The Undertaker just put Punk in the gogoplata he immediately tapped. Wow. All the great work that Punk has done this year and they job him quickly.

Wait, Teddy Long just restarted the match because Taker’s gogoplata was banned by Vickie Guerrero.

The match restarted, Punk put Taker in the Anaconda Vice and we got another Montreal. He didn’t even have it on all the way and the bell rang.

The silliness of this match and the crazy head shots in the prior match left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Winner: CM Punk

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