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UFC Fight Night – Gray Maynard Vs. Roger Huerta Play By Play

We’re not necessarily live because this already happened on the East Coast, but I’m doing my best here with what I got.

There are some good fights on this card and I’m excited to see what’s expected to see Roger Huerta’s swan song.

Kenny Florian is standing in for Joe Rogan, who is doing a movie.

1. Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur

Credeur’s getting his shots off quicker and is connecting with more than one punch. Quarry is a far more predictable striker, but he’s a tough dude. Credeur knocked him down with a left/right combo and almost had a rear naked choke. Quarry looked shaken up, but he lasted.

It was a completely different round. Credeur came out a bit more relaxed and Quarry caught him with a right hand and he went down. He followed up with ground and pound but Credeur defended well. The rest of the round was like this.

Quarry got Credeur again, but both guys are exhausted. Credeur was knocked down, but also tried to pull guard. He got a second wind late in the round, but the fact that he hit the mat a couple times is probably going to be enough in the judges eyes for Quarry to get the decision.

Winner: Nate Quarry by unanimous decision

2. Carlos Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger

Ellenberger knocked Condit down twice and Condit had to cover up more than once. He took advantage when Ellenberger was tired and tried some submissions, but to no avail.

The second round was interesting. Ellenberger immediately took Condit down and held him there. Condit was able to turn the tables a bit, but he’s just getting over powered and outmanuevered.

Condit finished the fight strong. Ellenberger was getting the takedown, but Condit was the one throwing the shots from the ground as the round ended.

I think Ellenberger probably wins 2-1, but we’ll see.

Winner: Carlos Condit by way of split decision

Well, I was wrong about that one.

3. Roger Huerta vs. Gray Maynard

Pretty good first round. Maynard looked to be getting the better of the stand-up, but Huerta rocked him and put him on the defensive. Near the end of the round, Maynard finally shot in, but Huerta sprawled and Maynard couldn’t get him down.

The second round was pretty close. Both guys landed shots and there was no wrestling. Huerta was either slipping out there are getting the worst of some of the bigger shots. I think he was just knocked off balance a couple of times, but that’s not to take away from Maynard’s shots.

Maynard had a sick kimura on Huerta and Huerta’s shoulder looked like it was going to pop out of it’s socket. Maynard was stronger in the third and was able to get a takedown. The kimura probably won him the bout.

Winner: Gray Maynard by way of split decision

Maynard won two rounds by the score of 30-27. Hmm. I know the first round was close, but I had it for Huerta.

4. Melvin Guillard vs. Nate Diaz

I expect this one to be a complete mismatch, but we’ll see.

Really good round for Guillard. Guillard knocked Diaz on his ass in the first few seconds with a right hook. He used really good head movement to avoid most of Diaz’s shots. And he was landing some nice punches, and opened up a cut near Diaz’s right eye. Diaz took him down a couple of times, but it was Guillard’s round.

Oh man. Guillard is going to be studying this one at home. He was doing so well with getting in and getting out and avoiding any sort of spots where Diaz could put him in a hold. Diaz punched Guillard and he faked like he was hurt and fell backwards against the cage. He then came off the cage and threw a big right, and then shot in for whatever reason. Diaz fell back and stuck him in a guillotine. Game over.

Winner: Nate Diaz by way of submission

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