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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 2

Kimbo thinks he’s a marked man in the house. He wants to prove himself. Roy Nelson wants Kimbo and thinks he can beat him.

Rampage says he sees a little bit of himself in Kimbo and wants to give him some things that helped him.

Rashad thinks that Roy Nelson makes a lot of excuses and goofs off a lot. One of Rashad’s coaches says he’s uncoachable and asks him if he wants to work his own corner and get knocked out by Andrei Arlovski again. Nelson agreed to listen and be coachable.

Rampage chooses Rashad’s number one pick James to fight against Wes Shivers. Rashad looks pretty happy.

James says real fighters don’t choose to fight. Fighting chooses them.

Rashad’s team went overtime with their training and Rampage said that he should’ve pulled down his pants and farted on them. He called it the “ghetto blaster”.

They play up Wes as a nice story, but as a Johnny come lately, while James is portrayed as a real fighter.

Wes Shivers vs. James McSweeney

McSweeney is huge at 6’4, but Shivers just towers over him.

Shivers isn’t crisp with his punches at all and is really awkward in the cage.

They went to the ground and Shivers tried to pass, but he couldn’t. McSweeney has some great kicks, but he can’t get inside because Shivers is waiting to throw the right hand. McSweeney started to score with the low leg kicks, but Shivers had a straight right hand ready for him. Close round, but I’d probably give it to Shivers because his style forced James out of his style.

There’s a ton of blood in the cage, which makes me think that they had this fight happen right after the first one. Wes got a takedown and went into the mount and started hammering him. He sunk in a rear naked choke, but McSweeney got out of it. McSweeney is exhausted and Rashad is screaming for James to crazy. Such a weird round. McSweeney throws a leg kick, Shivers catches it and throws a right hand, and then both guys just walk away tired. With 45 seconds left, McSweeney threw a punch and kick that knocked him a bit woozy and he fell into a guillotine and somehow got out of it. Shivers can barely stand he’s so tired.

Winner: James McSweeney by majority decision

I’m not so sure I agree with that one. At the very worst, that fight need to go to a third round. At that point, McSweeney probably takes him out, but Shivers has to get that chance.

Rampage’s crutch is, “You know what I’m sayin’?” He says it after every sentence.

For the next fight, Rashad chooses Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice. Roy wanted it and Roy got it. And it’s the worst possible fight for Kimbo. I’ll be very surprised if he beats Nelson.

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 2

  1. Wes got robbed. I think he either won that fight, or it should have gone to another round. I don’t see how McSweeney won it in two. He also didn’t fight like the top pick. I also think his listed 6’4 is an exaggeration.

    G.G., your assumption that this fight happened right after the first is accurate. According to Big Country’s blog it was only about 30 minutes between.

    Wes showed some good potential though. Improve the cardio in time for the Ultimate Finale, and he could have his shot at the UFC.

  2. Have you watched that show on Spike afterward? I thought about logging on and checking it out but I was way tired.

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