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The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights – Episode 1

The beginning of this show is just awesome.

Rampage and Rashad are just cracking on each other, talking about why they don’t like each other and Rashad says he’s going to beat Rampage because he’s too easy to hit.

Roy Nelson says that he thinks he’s the top dog of the house. Former NFL players Wes Shivers and Marcus Jones are very happy to be on the show.

Rampage wanted to know what Rashad was saying when Lyoto Machida knocked him out and then started to make fun of him. Dana White told them to cut it out.

Dana is ready to bring the last guy in the house and Rampage asked if it was Tank Abbott. Nope, it’s Kimbo Slice.

Rampage wants Kimbo. Brendan Schaub, who is also a former NFL guy, doesn’t seem to like Kimbo.

Rashad doesn’t even want Kimbo on his team. Rampage says he’s always been a fan of Kimbo. Rashad thinks there are more well-rounded fights than Kimbo.

Greg Jackson is with Rashad. I pick Rashad’s team to win the season. Rashad wants his teammates on his squad. Rampage thinks that Roy is fat with a big belly.

Rampage calls one of the pudgier guys by the name of “titties”.

Rashad wanted to see the guys work the bags and such, but Rampage wanted these guys to spar with each other. Rampage liked Kimbo’s stand-up. But his ground and his wrestling was lacking. Still, I think Rampage is in love with Kimbo.

Rashad took his teammate first and Rampage pretended as if he was going to call “titties” first, but he called Kimbo.

Rampage took Wes Sims. I think Wes Sims is legit crazy. He and Rampage and Kimbo all on the same team is all kinds of crazy. Rashad took Roy Nelson fairly late. Rampage took big Marcus Jones. Then Rampage had the last pick and there was only one guy left and he decided to take the camera man.

Rampage says that Wes is known to be a dirty fighter and they want to coach him away from that.

They did some cardio drills and Marcus Jones looked like he was about to die.

Rampage picked John Madsen to fight Abe Wagner. Rashad said that Rampage put his number one wrestler against a guy who doesn’t have a ground game and mocked him.

Madsen says he works out with Robbie Lawler and Matt Hughes. Abe Wagner says that he does it because he wants to, not because he has to. And then to show his nerves, he puked in the bucket.

Abe Wagner vs. John Madsen

It absolutely didn’t take long for Madsen to take him down. Madsen is working the ground and pound and Wagner simply can’t keep him off and is busted wide open. There is a mess of blood on the mat.

Madsen put his hand out to shake to start the second round and when Wagner stuck his hand out, Madsen took him down. That was kind of punk-like, considering he can probably take him down at will at any point. What a terrible fight this was. Madsen just took him down, they’d get stood up, and he’d take him down again. Rampage walked off after Wagner was taken down for the last time.

Winner: John Madsen by way of unanimous decision

The cut was deep and nasty. Rampage blamed himself for the loss saying it was a bad match-up.

Next week, Rampage tries to get Kimbo ready while Rashad and his team try to give Roy Nelson an attitude adjustment.

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