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Rampage Vs. Rashad Evans Is Delayed

This story came out yesterday and has been confirmed in most places.

Here’s what Dave Meltzer from F4WOnline/Wrestling Observer had in today’s update:

Regarding the Quinton Jackson stuff, we did get it confirmed that Quinton Jackson pulled out of the 12/12 show in Memphis and there is no date for the Rashad Evans match to be rescheduled for. That confirms Jackson did get the Mr. T role in “The A-Team” movie.

In most cases, I’d side with the athlete who has a chance to make it big, as well as making huge money, without getting beat up. But in this instance, it seems like bad timing on Rampage’s end to pull out of a fight that already has television scheduled around it, promoting what would be the biggest fight of his career.

With the UFC as hot as it is and with many weeks of what looks like a very exciting season of The Ultimate Fighter, it very well looked like Rashad vs. Rampage was going to be a huge fight. I don’t really know what Rampage is making for portraying Mr. T’s BA Baracus, so I can’t compare possible dollars. And maybe Rampage really wants to make it in Hollywood. But it just shows a terrible lack of loyalty to your current employer.

I understand people will say that this is a chance that Rampage really couldn’t pass up. But if Rampage is really good, Hollywood probably would’ve been there. Is an A-Team remake going to be a huge money maker with the possibility of sequels? I’m sure that they’re banking on it. It just seems that with the promotional machine already behind the Rashad vs. Rampage fight, Rampage comes off looking bad.

Now maybe Dana White has given him his blessing. I have no clue. But where do we go with Rashad vs. Rampage? If they have some tremendous build up already shot for the upcoming season of TUF, how long can they delay the fight?

Matt Hughes and Matt Serra had some really good build-up for their fight via the TUF engine, but we had to wait over a year for it to happen and it ended up being not as big as it should’ve. That was more because of circumstance and injuries, but this isn’t.

I hope Rampage does a great job and the movie is huge for him. I just wish he didn’t have to do the movie, while also ruining plans for the biggest fight of his career.

Update: December 11

Rampage has stated that he’s going to do the fight, but didn’t give a time table. We updated that story.

Also, Dana White also recently stated that the fight is a go, but also didn’t give any timetable. They probably have to see what Rampage’s schedule is going to be like for promoting the A-Team movie.

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60 thoughts on “Rampage Vs. Rashad Evans Is Delayed

  1. This story is just weird. And as of today, no one has told Rashad that the fight is off and he still plans to fight in December.

    I also doubt Dana would give his blessing after the tirade he went on about how much he f-ing hates how fighters want to be actors, blah blah blah. I can’t see him going off like that, but then saying Rampage can do the movie.

    Plus I also have a hard time believing Rampage will make more doing the movie than fight. Between PPV share, which would be substantial, his contract rate from being the TUF coach and any possible bonus, Rampage was going to cash in. The total wasn’t going to be outclassed by his salary from the movie. Of course the movie is a tie in to more chances and easier work.

    I could on on about this for pages…

  2. I’ve been reading where people are saying that him doing this movie is good for the UFC. Well, I saw the Rock become a big movie star and I don’t think it did the WWE much good, unless you count their movie productions company which doesn’t make them much money.

  3. Another fine point.

    This whole situation is just screwed. And good luck to the movie studio taking a 1st time actor and having him play one of the most popular characters in TV history. I am sure that will work well at thee box office.

    Plus this fight was being held in Memphis just for Rampage. Sort of pointless now if he backs out of the fight. I don’t think Memphis is going to appreciate B.J. Penn quite the same way.

  4. “loyalty to your employer?!”

    you loose a fight or two and there will be no employer loyalty to the figher . . . we’ve seen this before. Ask Jason McDonald for example. This is a doggy dog world and Rampage needs to make the decisions that are best for him, not his employer. Employer loyalty is way over rated from my experience.

  5. how much is the UFC paying for the fight vs the movie guarantee? Which has bigger upside. Does Rampage have a better chance of making money in his 30’s and 40’s as a top fighter or top action actor? All questions that need to be weighed. If Dana want’s to guarantee 4-5 years of fighting at a minimum pay level plus royalties on reairing of each fight perhaps Rampage has an offer to consider. If not, then the Movie deal might be a much better offer. I ask you to put your self in Rampages shoes. It’s not always about emotion. Fighting is a business just like any other job. Rampage may be making very logical decisions that no one else can understand because they don’t have the access to the same facts necessary to make the same conclusions.

  6. No, Rampage wouldn’t be dropped like McDonald. Rampage can draw. There’s a huge difference. If I were in Rampage’s shoes, I’d have taken the movie too. But if you want to talk money, he’d probably make more for the fight. It’s the future royalties that he’s banking on, especially if they do a sequel.

  7. i can’t help thinking that rampage didn’t just cancel due to his acting career. personally i feel rampage hates rashad so much to the degree that if he did take the fight and lost, it would do him more damage mentally than physically. at least now he can still act like he the bigger man while rashad rubs his face in it for backing out.

  8. That’s an interesting thought, but I’m not so sure that’s the case. Rampage would hate to lose for sure, but he’d make so much money from this fight, it wouldn’t even matter.

  9. Rashad is too cocky for his own good, while Rampage is just a Jokester. Rampage would own Rashad !!! Rampage you should definitely go do the movie opportunity, and reschedule the fight soon, and settle the score!!! You owe it to yourself, your fans, and your Ultimate Fighter Team that has failed you !!!

  10. I think nobody would pass an opportunity to star in a big film. Nobody with a brain. You can only take your fighting career so far. You have to think of your future and think of more than just fighting. I completely agree with Rampage even if it means to upset Dana. I am sure that if Dana understands the opportunity that Rampage has, he wouldn’t care.
    On top of that this is like free promotion for the UFC.
    I don’t really like Rashad but I see good in him. He is a good guy deep down. He has to grow up. Be less opinionated.

  11. After all the marketing and TUF shows, I doubt Dana gave him the blessing. Maybe in public Dana will play it cool.

    Simply….Rampage CHICKENED out! All this tough talk in TUF shows are all BS and can’t back it up. His coaching and attitude sucked in the show. I did like him and was rooting for him, but after watching TUF, I hope Rashad kicks his butt when they do fight.

    I’m not interested in the A-Team movie and definitely won’t watch it just because Rampage is in it. Dumb move.

  12. I don’t think it’s a dumb move at all. It was kind of a move that he didn’t really have to think about. If he says no to the UFC and yes to the movie, he can do both. If he says no to the movie, he can only do one. That’s an easy move.

  13. dana’s a smart dude so he is probably going to benefit from it financially. Here’s what I think is going to happen: Rampage is going to make the movie and then after the filming he will fight Rashad. Dana will probably get some sort of agreement with SpikeTV for a revenue share of the promos for the A-team before and during the fight. The movie will most likely tank but Rampage will have signed on for a sequel. Also, there will be a rematch after the movie. Now with rampage’s popularity as an actor, the rematch will get a larger audience and more money for Dana, Rashad, and Rampage. This is a pretty good deal imo.

    Rampage is 31 right now and it will be at least 1 – 2 years of winning fights before (if) he gets another title shot. Which would make him a pretty old dude in UFC terms. I think he knows his days in the UFC are numbered so I credit him with using his current popularity to find another career opportunity.

  14. I don’t think this movie is going to tank. There are too many really good people involved. I think that’s more Dana’s issue. He sees a vehicle that could be attached to a sequel, which means Rampage will miss time again. When you’re a control freak like Dana, you don’t want to work around schedules.

    And what if the movie hits huge and Rampage is the star? He’d probably stop fighting.

  15. It does not surprise me that Jackson would find an excuse to not fight Rashad. This jerk made a complete a$$ of himself on The Ultimate Fighter series. He proved he had no skills or understanding of how to be a coach, had no concern about anyone but himself, was totally immature, and seemed to be more interested in playing with another man’s tits than he did about coaching his team. It amazed me that his team was as loyal as they were for him, because he sure as he// didn’t show any loyalty to them. Good riddens to bad rubbish. He is a sell out. And he knows if he went through with the fight, Rashad would embarassed him even more in the octagon than he did as a coach. UFS is better off without this selfish, childish a$$.

  16. Just remember that we only see what the cameras want to show us. They’re creating a show around both guys and definitely playing them against each other.

  17. The last time Rampage talked this much smack before a fight was back in 2004 before his second meeting with Wanderlei for the PRIDE FC middleweight championship. He spewed crap about Wanderlei for months before the fight, then got utterly embarassed via a vicious knockout. Wonder if he was afraid the same thing was going to happen again?

  18. It’s all about building a fight. The trash talk is to get people interested. I’m sure he means some of it, as does Rashad, but doubt they truly hate each other as much as they say.

  19. I don’t really care for either fighter, but to dismiss Rampage as a bitch makes you a bitch. Who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity to make a movie of the A-Team? I grew up on the show and loved every episode. Rampage is the ideal candidate for BA (that’s short for Bad Ass), who’s tougher and funnier than him? Back to the fight, Rashad’s a good fighter compared to the people he’s fought, but I wouldn’t give him any more credit than that. I’ve seen him dish out his best and it didn’t impress me at all. However, Rampage has done things to great fighters that made me cringe and say “DAAAAMN!” He’s a beast and when he wants to stomp a mudhole in someone’s ass, that’s exactly what he does. Rashad can play coy and cool all he wants, but in reality, once that cage shuts, his ass is owned by Rampage. The only way he could possibly win is to take 5 or 6 years off and disappear into a VERY intensive training regimen. And just so you know I’m not some scrawny keyboard cowboy, I’ve been training for the last 2 years at 6’5″ 268# and been around physical combat since the age of 17. I’ve seen some really good fighters, Rashad’s just good, nothing really about him.

  20. The only way we’ll know is when they get down to it finally. I’m hoping for May since I’ll be in Vegas for that show.

  21. WTF? I Cant Believe It. I Been Waiting For This Fight For Months. People Everywhere Has Been Discussing This Fight And Their Views. Im SOOO Upset!

  22. That pissed me off hearin Rampage tell Rashad over and over that he was going to kick his ass, when he anded up turnin down the fight, I think he’s going to regret his decision.

  23. Seems to me that if Dana signed Rampage to a contract that allowed Rampage an “out” in terms of delivering on the ultimate (highly touted and advertised) fight…. without some kind of clause that allows him to sue for losses in PPV revenue and UFC credibility…. well, Dana… you’re getting soft!!!!

  24. The question wasn’t whether or not they’d do the fight, it was just the time frame in which Dana wanted it done. If they do it this spring (which I think is the goal), it will still be huge.

  25. PS… to leave the UFC for a role in a second class “B” movie based on a “C” rated TV series… well Pink Floyd Lyrics come to mind… “Did you give up a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage”. Rampage, even if you’re personally better served (probably) by appearing in a mediocre movie, you’ve failed “business ethics 101”. For what price is sold a reputation and the respect earned over years of hard work?

  26. Actually, Rampage didn’t a business ethics class, he went with the idea that the only reason to fight is to make money and if he can make just as much or more money without having to get punched in the face, it’s probably a good play.

    But he also knows that his branding is with UFC and fighting again a couple of more times is only going to help him.

    It’s a very smart move. It was just bad timing.

  27. I’m thinking that the value of a strong and respectable UFC career (including the punches in the face) is in the endorsements, favorable public opinion, fight training gyms. I’m thinking that Randy Couture will be bringing in benefits long after Rampage has been forgotten. The A Team movie is (Ithink) destined to be forgotten…. if Rampage appears in any other movies, I’ll be amazed that he beat the Hollywood odds. He was already near “Hall of Fame” status when he pulled this unexpected move, leaving hoards of UFC fans “en attente”.

  28. Ya, I disagree. The only guys getting true endorsements will be guys like GSP and Brock Lesnar. Couture is smart because he’s a businessman. He has his own clothing line, his own gyms and things like that. Rampage is just a fighter. He’s a fighter with a lot of charisma but also a fighter who has been in wars and has maybe 2 years left in the business.

    After he’s gone from fighting, what’s left? That’s why the movie role is key. He has to give himself a chance to have a career after his fight career is over.

  29. It is kind of a let down but, who gives a shit if they fight now or tomorrow…. just as long as they do. Good for Rampage, do the damn movie and come back to beat Rashad’s ass!!

  30. People, … thisis Mr. T we’re talking about. An icon. Of COURSE he HAS to take it. He can fight Rashad anytime, and shouldn’tlet that little weasel keep him from getting to play Mr. T’s character on the Freaking A-Team! Are you kidding?!?!?! Please,… turn donw plaing MR. T just cause A little bitch called you a lttle bitch.

    They’ll fight later and he won’t have had to pass up the movie and then we’ll all get what we want want.

    But come’on, he HAD to,…. It’s MR. T for God’s sake! MR. T!!! He IS Mr T!!!

  31. Good Lord… never had I thought that MrT would become a Hero of American culture…. To give up something REAL and truly worthwhile (like a reputation as a fighter and a man of his word… Like Randy the Natural) for the role of a bit “token” player in a second rate TV series… geez… hopefully he doesn’t choke on the stereotypes he’ll be forced to voice as “lines”…. Guys… while UFC fights won’t change the world… you’ve got to rate them as higher in importance to “gimmick” movies. Rampage is a child at heart and shows his lack of maturity (and foresight) in this decision.

  32. Rampage vs Rashad would’ve been free to watch on Spike TV. It doesn’t benefit Dana White or UFC. Dana White knows this fight is worth being on PPV, that’s why it’s been delayed. I’m sure Dana White and Rashad already knew about Rampages offer to role in a movie prior to TUF. Also, Rampage wouldn’t back out if there was a contract agreement to fight after the TUF series. They will fight, and it will be a PPV event for sure.

  33. Actually, all of that is incorrect.

    Rampage vs. Rashad was scheduled to be the main event at UFC 107. They would’ve never scheduled it for a free Spike show. Not in a million years.

    Rampage backed out of the fight, but I don’t think papers were signed. I’m actually not sure how the contract process works. Of course they’ll fight later in 2010.

  34. GG you must be right in terms of the contract not being signed… the only way I could see Dana letting Rampage renege is if Dana, Rashad and Rampage were orchestrating some “WWE worthy” bit of dramatic staging for the sake of publicity… I imagine you’re right in that they’ll fight later in 2010… I bet Dana takes the “fool me once..” approach to the fight contract negotiations….

  35. Their scenes together in TUF 10 were WWE worthy, but that’s what hyping a fight is all about.

    Rampage has gone on his blog and said that he’ll fight once more in the UFC (against Rashad) and then do something else. He’ll probably change his mind, but at least it’s on record.

  36. okay, i know rampage seems like a bitch because he backed out, and we’ve all affirmed that he’s no coach, but seriously guys, lets be mature here and leave the A-team out of this argument, okay?
    Lots of people enjoyed that “second rate show” and it’s a pop culture icon in todays society in America. And as much as i hate to say it, i think rampage will be an awesome BA Baracus. The only other person who i think would be better is kimbo, because with his torn bicep, arthritis, and uhm…”blood and bones”, his career might be over before it takes off…

  37. Leaving the A Team out of the argument??…. It’s the whole basis of contention…. how the heck can you leave it out…? A choice to leave/jeopardise a UFC reputation in order to be mediocre in a mediocre movie… We’ll see what kinds of box office data the A Team drums up… Probably not alot… And lots of people enjoyed the second rate show? Lots of people voted for Bush….. The masses are particularly undiscriminating when it comes to TV on a Wednesday night… It’s not hard to be an awesome BA… when BA was as unidimensionable as a character can be…. angry stares and impatient/moronic lines….

  38. *smile* OK… it’s a bet… my pride and reputation (of which I have little… πŸ™‚ ) against your confidence and optimism… (of which you have lots…)…. I predict that the movie will be forgotten within 6 months or release… and Rampage will be forgotten within 12…

  39. That’s actually not a fair bet. Most movies are forgotten within 6 months of release.

    Let’s have a friendly bet in terms of how much money this movie makes in the US.

    I’d say that if it did just “ok”, we’re talking 75-80 million. As long as it does more than that, I win the friendly bet. If it does less than that, you win the friendly bet. How does that sound?

    As for Rampage, he has a big fight with Rashad, a possible rematch with Forrest, and even a fight with Machida if he wins. It’s highly unlikely he’ll be forgotten.

  40. Probably right.. still some sour grapes on my part… Rampage may not be forgotten BUT… you’re on for less than 75 milliion!!! If it grosses more than 75 million (in the first 6 months πŸ™‚ )I will publicly hail you as the grand master of “prognostication” and will debase myself to the level of apprentice “crap for brains”!! If it grosses less that 75 million…. you must copy and paste 50 “I am wrong and you (Mark) were soooo right” statements to the blog….

  41. PS…. Rampage has no chance against Machida…. the “to yield” element in Machida’s game neutralises Rampage’s natural strength. Machida’s reflexes will do the rest.

  42. We’re on! I will definitely type that if the A-Team doesn’t gross 75 million in the US. In fact, I might even create a new post about it if it happens.

    As far as Machida, I think you’re right.

  43. πŸ™‚ It’s a gentleman’s bet !! *sigh* now for the wait…… Have you got a direct line to Dana? Be nice if it could happen sooner rather than later!

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