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Nigel McGuinness signs with World Wrestling Entertainment

Two weeks ago on FGB Radio’s Lunchtime with FGB, I said who was under contract and who wasn’t.

The DC Sniper came on last Wednesday’s episode of my podcast, Superfriends, and confidently cemented what I knew was going to happen soon, but certainly not this soon.

Well it’s done.

According to Ring Of Honor’s website, Nigel McGuinness has agreed in principle to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Nigel, a trainee of Les Thatcher and the Heartland Wrestling Association (a former WWE farm system company), has been on the independent circuits for about a decade or so and is one of the most improved acts ever. A guy who Bryan Alvarez once said was “horrible” went from that to being one of the most beloved and versatile workers in pro wrestling. He was ROH champ for about 16 months and has been on injury reserve for most of 2009. Now he will get the biggest break of his career in WWE.

Danielson, Nigel – who’s next?

P.S. You can stream Superfriends 031 – ROH: Endgame here.

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3 thoughts on “Nigel McGuinness signs with World Wrestling Entertainment

  1. Damn, this still may not be over according to Mike Johnson and the DOI site. Apparantly, some wrestlers can get out with a 30 day notice clause in their contracts. DOI actually mentioned Claudio Castagnoli and The Briscoes as possibilities for WWE. Claudio I can see. The Briscoes? I’m skeptical this would happen for a number of reasons even if they have that 30 day clause.

  2. I’m skeptical about the Briscoes too, simply because of the way WWE treats tag teams. But if you want to bring them in as a reckless rebel team, I think it can work for a short time. But they’d be lost in shuffle quickly I believe.

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