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New Poll – Who Do You Want To See Anderson Silva Fight Next?

Who do you want to see Anderson Silva fight next?

By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem that Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva will happen immediately next for whatever reason. Dana White says that there are three contenders deserving of a shot.

Who so you want to see face Silva?

– Vitor Belfort
– Dan Henderson
– Nate Marquardt

Vote on the right side of this page and leave a comment in this post if you want to explain your vote.

Photo of Anderson Silva shared via creative commons

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8 thoughts on “New Poll – Who Do You Want To See Anderson Silva Fight Next?

  1. I fail to see how Belfort deserves a shot. It seems the UFC just wants to avoid rematches, which I think is weak.

  2. I really want to see all 3 actually. I think they all deserving of a shot, and I don’t want to see UFC kill off deserving challengers with stupid match making decisions. They need to be very careful how they book the next few matches. A few months ago this was a dead division, now they have a huge surplus of challengers. That’s a good problem to have though. If only the fatal 4 way was an option in mma 🙂

    To address JP’s question about Belfort: I will first admit that i am a little bit biased because i like Vitor and i want to see him get the shot. But He is coming off two very good dominant wins (lindland and Franklin). They are both legit top 10 guys, and since dropping down in weight he is 5-0. I think that’s a reasonable enough run to justify a shot.

    Aside from that, I think there’s a great story of redemption to be told. You have this man who everyone always believed was going to be the guy. One of the most naturally gifted athletes to enter the sport. And now after all this time, he gets the chance to deliver on that promise by taking on the pound for pound best.

  3. JP, I agree. I’ll go further and say that Hendo deserves it. Hendo dominated Belfort in their fight, has beaten Rich Franklin and hasn’t lost since the Spider fight. Marquardt not only lost via first round tko, but has lost in the interim since his fight with the Spider.

  4. I agree with G.G.

    I just want Belfort to actually fight at 185 in the UFC before getting a title shot. I agree that it will be a good story to tell, but Hendo is more popular and would sell better. Use a fight against another 185 fight to help build the Belfort story.

    The UFC needs to find some 185’s though.

  5. i honestly dont think henderson will be able to do anything vs silva. i’ve seen that fight already. i wanna see some fast (i’m gonna punch your face off and end this RIGHT NOW!) type stuff. vitor can bring it. hendo might be able to pull off an upset but i seriously doubt it. he should just give the belt to hendo and stay at light-heavy, then give bisbing a rematch with hendo. either way, after the display silva put on forrest, i wanna see someone do that exact same thing to him. i dont know if anyone can but i’m waiting.

  6. i mean i like silva and stuff but he’s too cocky. i wanna see him get the cockyness punched out of him.

  7. So you think that Vitor’s quick hands is better suited to beat Silva rather than Henderson’s one punch knockout power?

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