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Mayweather/Marquez Undercard – Rocky Juarez vs. Chris John

Michael Katsidis beat Vicente Escobedo by split decision in the first fight we covered.

Rocky Juarez vs. Chris John

Juarez is rockin’ the Mohawk tonight. And I had John winning their first fight if anyone cares.

Juarez was more of the aggressor, but John threw the best punch which was an uppercut. Nothing much to the round.

John is a bit sharper and quicker, at least early on. He probably won the first round, and it was close, but I’d probably give him the second too.

John outlanded Juarez something like 3-1 in the round and just looks faster and sharper. He’s making Juarez miss a lot. Though, Harold Lederman did give Juarez this round.

This is going to be interesting because John is strictly the counter puncher and he’s landing more punches, but Juarez is the aggressor. I have John winning every round so far.

I thought that was Juarez’s strongest round. John had a bit more trouble handling him and countering.

That was a pretty good round and it was close. Juarez looks a lot better and it’s making it harder for John to land his counter shots. He’s moving his head a lot better.

John was pretty pinpoint with his shots. Juarez looked to be shaking his head a few times because he couldn’t get out of the way. John’s round.

It was a pretty close round, but John was still in control. He looks like he’s really comfortable right now.

This is a different fight from the first in that these guys are patient, waiting for their shots to open up, where as in the prior fight, those guys were just throwing punches in bunches. John probably wins another close round here and has more bounce than Juarez right now.

John looks strong in the later rounds, while Juarez has slowed down considerably. The fight isn’t as good as the first fight.

Juarez rocked John a bit early and might’ve won the round. John came back and picked it up, but I’d still give it to Juarez.

John’s left eye is cut. Wow, what a round. These guys slugged it out and Juarez nearly put him on the ground. John gave out punishment too, but definitely ate the harder shots. If this thing went a couple more rounds, Juarez might’ve had a shot to put him out.

John should win the decision, but Juarez was the better fighter at the end.

Winner: Chris John by way of unanimous decison

It was an easy decision for John.

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