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Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 – Episode 4

Marquez left Mexico for Vegas and yes, we know it’s hard leaving your family. You’ve told us for the last three episodes.

Mayweather arrived in Las Vegas for a public workout. He also did the show Chelsea Lately, which was just an opportunity to make fun of Marquez drinking his urine.

Floyd says that Marquez wants Pacquiao, but Pac doesn’t want him for a third time, and that’s why Marquez targeted Floyd.

Nacho is still in Mexico, cornering other fighters, while Marquez is already in Vegas. He says that he can’t help Juan in the press conferences, but he can in the locker room and ring.

Floyd had to take an eye exam and had his eyes dilated. The eye doctor told him to stay away from the speed bag and he immediately went to hit the speed bag with his sunglasses on. He then did a terrible Ray Charles impersonation.

Marquez runs to keep a sweat, but is done with the hard training. Nacho finally makes it to Vegas and Marquez is restless.

Mayweather says you can never get overconfident. You just believe in yourself. Marquez says that he’s not going to expect to fight someone with the heart he has.

They talk about Floyd missing weight by two pounds, but Marquez says it won’t be a problem. Interestingly, they had the footage, which was just yesterday, which is an awesome turnaround considering the show went on just hours after the weigh-in, but nothing was said about Floyd missing weight. It’s such a big story that’s being hushed by both parties.

Marquez says he came after Mayweather because he thinks he can beat him.

The show ended with a great package that showed Marquez as a clear underdog who is fighting with heart, and Floyd as someone who comes across as unbeatable. No matter what happens tonight, that’s the story that needed to be told.

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