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Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 – Episode 3

Floyd saw footage of Marquez drinking his own urine and said that that he’ll give him some of his own if he wants it.

He says that if you’re in shape, you’re in shape. You don’t need to drink your own urine if you’re in good shape.

He mocks him by pretending to drink urine for the cameras. Floyd better win man, or else he’s gonna get it from people. But hey, he did the same thing to Oscar and Ricky.

Marquez visits his parents’ house as a farewell before leaving to Vegas for the fight, which is a routine. The Marquez parents had five daughters before they got a son.

They talked about Roger’s son who is four, who can mimic Floyd and whether or not he has a future in boxing. Roger just says he doesn’t know yet because he’s too young. The kid hit the speed bag and the crazy bag as a four year old, better than I did when I first tried both at the start.

Eddie Murphy showed up to watch Floyd and says he’s bigger, stronger, and faster than JMM, and that’s why he’ll win. Floyd Sr. made sure Eddie didn’t forget about his being smarter.

Roger tried to school Eddie on boxing trivia, but Eddie got it right because he saw 24/7 from last week.

Juan’s wife says she doesn’t go to Vegas for the fights because she doesn’t want him to mix business with pleasure. She thinks positively about the outcome, but says there’s a risk every time. She wishes he would retire.

They showed a little bit of footage from the media rounds that both boxers did. Marquez went to a soccer match in Mexico. Floyd was shown letting the media into his gym and saying that he doesn’t watch tape, he just reacts in the ring.

Roger says that when people want to talk strategy, he just tells them it’s “bullshit”.

Mayweather thinks that he can’t be beat, while Marquez says that all the trash talking doesn’t help you in the ring.

The fight is next weekend and there’s only one more episode left of 24/7.

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