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Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 – Episode 2

The first shot is of Marquez throwing heavy rocks in high altitude in order to build muscle. And the second shot was of him drinking down 25 quail eggs. He truly is the Mexican Rocky Balboa.

His trainer, Nacho Beristain thinks that his speed isn’t where it needs to be in order to beat Floyd. He needs to be more explosive.

He ends his workout by sucking up pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber. He says it helps him recuperate better after a day of heavy training.

Roger says that he doesn’t tell Floyd how many rounds to spar or how long to hit the bag because he’s going to do it anyway. He wants Floyd to win his 7th world championship so he can tie Sugar Ray Robinson.

Marquez studied accounting before he became a boxer. He’s also his son’s match tutor.

They show him hanging out with his family, which is different than many fighters who go away for training camp. He would rather be with his family. Though, the family won’t be joining him in Las Vegas.

Juan’s wife’s sister is married to Juan’s brother Rafael. It’s all in the family with the Marquez family.

They show Floyd getting a pedicure. What’s up with these athletes getting pedicures? First TO, then Chad Ochocinco showed us the hammertime in his shoes. And now Floyd.

Floyd has a specific guy to take care of his hands because he used to have problems breaking his hands. He says he doesn’t let anyone else wrap his hands.

After a hard workout, they show Juan drinking his own urine. How can the same guy who sucks pure oxygen out of a hyperbaric chamber be the same dude who drinks his own piss?

He says he’s done it for the last five or six fights and does it because a lot of unused vitamins and proteins go through your waste. How about this Juan? How about you just take some more vitamin C and drink a protein shake. Your body can’t use it, which is why it’s in your urine bro.

I don’t think jump roping skills have ever one anyone a fight, but watching Floyd Jr. skip rope is a true pleasure. He and his dad are comparing biceps.

Floyd Jr. says he regrets not being the bigger man and getting back with his dad before he did, especially because of his dad’s lung disease, which Floyd Sr. says there is no cure for.

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3 thoughts on “Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 – Episode 2

  1. Who wouldn’t watch that? I’d be all over that. But I wonder how many Marquez fans groaned when he took Duran over Chavez. Does being Panamanian count as Latino?

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